Man Tries to Back Out After Losing a Big Bet

When a man loses a large bet at the pool table, people watching offer their advice.
7:06 | 08/14/15

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Transcript for Man Tries to Back Out After Losing a Big Bet
It's Friday night and Jonathan and Meredith are out, shooting some pool at qzone billiards in Edison, New Jersey. I could have made that shot. Reporter: But there's a backseat player nearby, and he's been drinking. Dude, dude! You should have split 'em. He should have split 'em, babe. I know. That's a rookie mistake. Dude, you couldn't make that shot. Reporter: Suddenly, a challenge. You want to bet on it? Reporter: And before they know it, there's a $400 bet on the table. Whoo! Let's do this! Watch and learn, my friend. Reporter: But our drunken challenger, Dan, misses the shot, and then, doesn't want to pay up. We were just joking, man. Reporter: Does being drunk really give you the right to go back on your word, and back out on your bet? What would you do? If you put a little bit of backspin on that you won't scratch. Just mind your own business. You scratched the last three shots. I appreciate it, just sit there and drink your beer. Reporter: Right away, Dan is testing Jonathan's patience. I can make that shot with my eyes closed man. Ten bucks you can't make that shot. Are you kidding me? No. Make it a real bet, 20 bucks. All right! Reporter: Already, this man notices the challenge. All right. Make it 200! What?! No. 200 bucks, if you make that shot. All right, there's a bet. 400 ailer to. Reporter: Everybody is watching, as Dan lays out his plan. You didn't get close to anything but I'm going to put it in the corner pocket. Reporter: But now, it's time to put his money where his mouth is. You're about to get schooled! Reporter: Or maybe his foot where his mouth is. Sorry, man. Reporter: Jonathan thinks he's $200 richer, but wait a minute. Let me do it again. No, we're not doing it again. That 200 bucks is mine. Reporter: He looks around for support. You saw him put his money on the table, right man? Thank you. I didn't invent that right? You didn't invent it, but he's clearly way past toasted. Reporter: Andrew trger sympathizes with our drunk. He made an -- of himself. They're all embarrassed. So just let it go. Reporter: And so does this man. Just let it go, he's wasted. But he put money down! Let it go, I would let it go. It's just 200 bucks. Reporter: Let it go. But our relentless drunk just won't let it go. Hey, do you guys want to bet? Are you Serious? I got money now. If you have extra money, just pay this dude, right here. I mean if you have money, just pay him. Or you can just -- Reporter: Justin Chen makes a motion to zip it. It was a joke, it got out of hand. Reporter: All joking aside, it's what would you do? Clearly he's drunk, his girl felt like an , he looked like an . Just leave it at that. You're already the bigger man. Just walk away. That's how I felt, yeah. I'm not going to feel better taking their cash. Then he tried bet you. It's like crazy. Ridiculous. Reporter: A crazy bet and a crazier shot. Boomerang it! Boomerang it! I don't need your help, man. I got this. Ooh, another swing and another miss. You think you could make that shot? Reporter: And again, the money is counted and lost. Oh, ho ho ho! Oh, that was spectacular! Reporter: This man has something to say about that. I'll tell you what, if that was me in that situation, I would have got my money, that's what I'll say. A bet is a bet, drunk or sober, he says, you can't just back out. He would not have taken his money back on me, personally. I would have gotten my money if I made a bet with somebody. You would have physically got it back? I would have got it one way or the other. One way or another, Dan keeps the bets going. I could make that shot with my eyes closed, man. Reporter: And no one tries to stop things faster, than this next man. Yo, you're up. He wanted to bet. That guys up, you're up. Just chill. You're adding fuel to the fire by even saying hello to him. Let him do his thing, you guys keep playing. Just leave it at that. Reporter: Well, like it or not, that bet is on. Dan, don't do this. Yo, let me take the shot for you. I'll make this shot, all the time. Not when you're up. No, this is me and my girl's money. Well, now it's his. Reporter: And now, one last time, the moment of truth. Ready to see your money go down the toilet? Whoo! Yeah! He misses. And again, Dan tries to get away with the cash. Oh, dude. It was a joke, man. Come on! You don't play like that! It was a joke. Ah, that's not cool. You can't do that. It was a stupid bet. Yeah, well a stupid bet that's gonna come back to haunt you. Everybody here thought it was a real bet. Reporter: Things are getting out of hand, so Mike Greer offers a compromise. $20 is fine, bro. You took a dumb bet, he's drunk. You don't think that if he made that shot that he would have made me give him that 200 bucks? Come on. But, would you give it? Nah, you'd be like me, man! But we never shook on it! The shake Yo, this is grown man, this is real man. Give him $100. Reporter: With things getting out of control, these two bystanders take our combatants to separate corners for a little managerial advice. I told you to settle for twenty, because you knew he was going to miss. Look, the guy's up, just let him. He's going to wake up tomorrow and be like Yo, where'd all my money go? I've been there before. He knew it was legit, right? Nah, bro, you called him out and everything, come on. Yeah. Tomorrow you're gonna feel good about it because y'all just gave him a break. Reporter: Jason price convinces Dan to negotiate. His best offer? $40. The bet was for 200. Leave it, leave it. Maybe he didn't give you the full 200 but guess what? Be the bigger person. That's how life is. Reporter: Two strangers - putting off their own game to deal with a bad situation. But now, how will they deal with this one? I'm John Quinones, with the TV show "What would you do?" "What would you do!" Holy I'm on TV. Them. Are you kidding me? Are you drunk? Do you guys censor this? We better. Can you send this toy my college propsers so I don't have to take my finals? This guy was playing pool and now he's got a camera! Are you kidding me? Why get involved? I don't like seeing problems develop. I like mediating, I'm going to school for psych, I like mediating. Well, let's see you take a shot, if you want to show off here. Come on, do something. You want me to take a shot? How about you folks at home? Wanna take that bet? 200 bucks. Well, maybe not. Doebl or nothing?

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{"id":24242062,"title":"Man Tries to Back Out After Losing a Big Bet","duration":"7:06","description":"When a man loses a large bet at the pool table, people watching offer their advice.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-back-losing-big-bet-24242062","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}