What Would You Do: Man Refuses Service At Car Dealership From Woman Employee

While at a car dealership, a man refuses service from an employee, simply because she is a woman.
5:46 | 08/13/16

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Man Refuses Service At Car Dealership From Woman Employee
Reporter: We're at the BMW dealership in bridewater, new Jersey. Good afternoon. I'm here to see Kris. Kristen, your appointment is here. Wait, you're Kris? Kristen, Kris for short. Reporter: And our customer, Ben, is not too keen on having a woman salesperson help him buy a car. What do you know about cars? Reporter: That sexist attitude has been around a long time, take this buick ad. It aired more than 50 years ago. A great and rare machine that a woman can admire and enjoy to the fullest. But only a man can understand. Reporter: And Ben is suspicious about Kristen's motivation. I know how it works, they bring in a pretty lady like you, milk me for all my money. Reporter: Our hidden cameras are rolling, and we're wondering, how will people react when a customer insists that selling cars is a man's job? Hi, Ben. I'm Kris. Oh, wow. You're Kris. Yes, well, Kristen, it's Kris for short. You're going to sell me a car? I am. What can I help you with? But you're a girl. Reporter: This woman is signing up to test drive a car and at first, seems amused by Ben's attitude. I was expecting a guy. Are you serious or are you kidding? Reporter: But it soon becomes clear that Ben is driving her to distraction. No offense. But it is offensive. That I don't want to buy a car from a girl. Yeah, you think they would have someone here that doesn't know something about cars? Would you buy a car from her? Yes, absolutely. I've worked here four years. My father owned a body shop. Haven't you seen "My cousin Vinny?" Watch this. Chevy didn't make a .327 in '55. The .327 didn't come out until '62. And it wasn't offered in the Bel Air with the 4-barrel carb 'til '64. She's acceptable. Would you buy a brides dress from a guy? That's a little different. Reporter: Ben thinks he's finally getting his point across, until -- But, yes, actually there's lots of guys in the fashion business. I mean straight guys. Straight guys too, yeah! He's not going to back down. I'll talk to the manager, thanks! Reporter: Ben slips away -- Reporter: Sorry, he's a jerk. I don't know what to say. Some guys live in the dark ages. Don't let it under mine your confidence. Most guys would be thrilled to have you sell them a car, right? Thank you. Reporter: I'm johones. They were actors pretending to be a sexist pig. Are you kidding me? Reporter: Tell us what was going through your mind. I said, "Look, it's not worth dealing with a jerk." Reporter: And this is Ben, he's really a nice guy. I am. My mother raised me much better than that. I was gonna say you were right outta the past. Reporter: But as the day goes on -- Is there a guy I could talk to? I don't think this lady knows how to sell cars. Reporter: Ben's attitude about who should sell cars -- It's absurd that she's selling a car, right? Reporter: Is a tough sale to female customers at the dealership. I think it was very wrong. Sometimes the women know a hell of a lot more than men. Reporter: But women aren't the only ones who stand up for Kristen. Would you buy a car from a woman? I did, my first BMW. Give her a chance to see what she knows. I mean, they got a pretty girl, they want to take your money. I know how it works. Reporter: And as our bully leaves the building -- I'm gonna go somewhere where I can talk to a guy. I think you should. Reporter: He even accuses him of misrepresenting the BMW brand. That's not a BMW type person, sorry. Reporter: As the showroom nears closing time, in walks Mary darbuto. You're a woman, so what do you know about cars? You're kidding? If I could speak to a guy that would be great! Reporter: If looks could kill -- she doesn't confront him but, instead, shares what she's thinking with Kristen. You can't change the guy if he's sexist, he's an idiot, and you can't change that. I'm shocked. Yeah, well, I know, I know, but it happens all the time. My cousin is a mechanic, she's a female. She can build a car from scratch. I love that. She's exactly like that, yeah. See, I've never experienced that. Well, he's an . He's, he's purposefully being a . And you're better off not pushing yourself upon him and just saying you know what? You're an idiot. Reporter: Well, he just won't go away. He's back for one last dig. Sorry to interrupt. Were you able to get someone for me? No, no one is available right now. I'm sorry, I can still help you if you're interested? That's all right. I'm gonna spend my $90,000 where I can talk to a man. Don't comment on him. He doesn't have $90,000 the way he was dressed. You can't change stupidity. Reporter: And she can't change the fact that she's on "What would you do?" How are you? I'm John Quinones. It's "What would you do?" Oh, my goodness! Reporter: That was great. You were really angry. I was angry. Reporter: What would you say to men who think that car-buying is a guy's thing? Rethink that because women today are doing exactly many of the jobs that men are doing. They're fighting for the country, our country and they're building cars and doing everything. Reporter: So what is the moral of the story? The moral of the story is you can't teach stupid.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"While at a car dealership, a man refuses service from an employee, simply because she is a woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"41347459","title":"What Would You Do: Man Refuses Service At Car Dealership From Woman Employee ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-refuses-service-car-dealership-woman-employee-41347459"}