What Would You Do?: Off Key

Who will step in when this pushy parent sets prodigious standards for their musical child?
7:26 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Off Key
Or some. Ultimate need to be a law. And so it is for little Lear and swim. She's out with his mom looking for a new guitar at Sam ash music stores. Send me he loves music but his mom she's not his biggest fan knows no. Try it again better. She looked for him to be a star but tough love is the only country knows. And. Do better next time I watch Steve use all mom checked more. That's unprofessional T acting like this you can't do this you're going to be a failure of your whole life when you gonna cried. Stars don't cry what would you do. Stop groping around okay. Do you want that you won a new guitar. She wants him to prove that its. Teens. Men and aunts. Singing a game. Do you play at mile inside it and and then and is still in the same time. Scott. Started again it didn't sound right you sure you're practicing this man here's Diana do rate leave it sounds lousy tried again. And the bad one out of the listed in. He would. It's not. At first he can only shake his head right you know you stop stop. OK don't cry okay stars don't cry but when mom steps away he offers leave him some support your thing that a man. They just didn't practice. You get. There. But now Williams impatient mother's bank I don't hear you practicing. Project I can't marry you and this man cannot help but confront her. Here's up like that. News. In a haystack and he's gonna throw an entirely she needs to hear the truth the truth is and it's good. And that everybody in some practice. And enacting its Amal it is important. That's it got so Phoenix as he leaves the store and we catch him within and outside. What does that do to a to a child. He would. Crossed his mind and engineered to support irritates you told him he was driven down wasn't as good. As it turns out he is only one on this Indians fans why he sounds terrible use. Well it's serious concerns over. He deserves this he's never going to be good unless he practices harder. We think this is talent. Disgusted this man exits stage right a and this man takes a more hands on approach we remove its. You can read about him. Rose by one and to be the next Justin Bieber. This sounds like trash to me it's an hour mom makes that clear again and again how that is seen. My how bad is he. It was pretty much extra there's no progress he's not improving he's no good because surrendered when Gonzalez. And yes there. Now he can sing and what not. Thoughtful as Diana walks out this man comes in with some encouragement. In the Georgian crisis. Given that parents are looking. So I still have a chance to be dead at music. Time to. Good man. Thank you know there's a good TV show called what would you do this. What would your advice be to parents like that sort overbearing parents I think Warren Buffett wants to give you'll Charles duke that you need to do anything. But don't give them enough so that they can do nothing. In the store Lille just can't do anything right in Diana's. Need. And lousy do you do not hear that these some terrible. Everybody assumes nauseated. You know life. And no one looks as emotionally affected by Diana's comments. As this woman. I'm trying smiling engine on this what you want because you're not good at it. I'm so sorry I am. I was so good it turns out she can relate. To Diana. You think he's. My daughters were runaways reunion for two years and I'm telling you I didn't moments like that where it's hard to figure out of the Dallas. Shandong fishing I really. I think I'm wasting my money on the lessons. It's cars flying because they enjoy. During his. Were they can't take it anymore I'm taking a walk I can't take it anymore. OK you know right concept there are moments. She is visibly shaken and now it's premiums turned her to offer an appreciation. Thank you really use your great feel like your mom loves you. I imagine it's far. You love it when you have to have enough confidence in yourself and it doesn't matter when her mom says your dad sent. Many ages any record really doesn't matter seizing on the moment I think you're never an eleven year old your fantastic anger here and you look good and you could Wheeling him. Thank you. I really you found it right then okay fresh feel good about yourself that's the most. Find in my mind giving pain to. She sure did. Time to introduce ourselves hi there. Yeah. Yeah. You wonderful. Symbol I see good. I feel really bad for the kid hello the Lee approached its very very gently. Software business real judge or arbiter of what counts in this. You don't know it's not all about talent be confident in yourself believe in yourself and find people that we'll support you. And a man always be a mom and dad PM. Today it definitely wasn't mom instead it was strangers who stepped into the role of mentor. Buddy and fan. All to supporting kid with a Jeremy.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Who will step in when this pushy parent sets prodigious standards for their musical child? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"32064659","title":"What Would You Do?: Off Key","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/off-key-32064659"}