What Would You Do: Parents tell their adult child it's time to move out

A mother and father would like their 30-year-old son to move out and get a job. The son doesn't think he's a burden, but what will customers think?
6:41 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Parents tell their adult child it's time to move out
Wneed to ha a convsation. Your mother and I have been tag. It's time for you to move out of E. Oh, I thoht this S sothing ses. To us. Yores to be an adult. Right, it'sime for you to get a job. D get out. If suation sounds familiar, it's because we've GHT from the helines. The parts who took their -year-old N .30d. I'm going Ty it again 30-yols been livg at hisaren place foe last eig year rent fr. And his lks sued get his ass E house. Okay? He esn't see an with his extended stay. I'm noturden to tm in the home. Theyon't provi laundry or food. Dav, me. And back in the orangetown classic diner, in orangeburg, New York, our son is also fighthi reest.'m your son. Yo this to M Yes, we can, and we are. Do you ree with M and dad, or uld you si with th "What would you do?" It seems like ye -- you O kick me tal fast These neay diners take a couple quick lookat the action, T they stalent. It's unusual for a -year-old to want to live at homeow some doecause thehave to, but you want to. And when our parents St - D time for you to pack your bags. All right? My pareare heartless. My P are hearts. T have some estions fodavid, in is family feud. Wdid you do in college? At did youtu Do you have a job? What about your fds? Er?are they H or -- And just in case they question H motive -- I D't have to pay my own rent. I don't wanave to pay wn rent. I want to be able to live the life. Forower? Tee, four, ve That's a long time. Hang. Do you think I'm too old? I wn't want mkids living at home at 30. I mean, love my room. With all the posters. I mean, I love my room. I still my posters. I still Havey train set. I love my train set. Okay, we'll break it. How are you? Where is he? WRE is he? So amazing. 30. 0 is too oldbe If you were the parents, what would you do? Ild do anytng to get my out. I would help them with their rent I would help them till they got on their F but, yes. Done it aan age with onef my childn. What did U think of the argument? Move back with myere been livg E past tenears, and I'm 41. But I'm not a freeloaderany S. His dad, O with his fe and son, think's a gerational ISS I grew up hustling. My pareneft me when I was 19, they moved to D said are you comi so I learn immediate T out into the workfce. I see it a the time,t's laziness So do Y think we're wrong to Maybe give him a goal, or a time limit. David retns to the table. I Perna S wodn't tosyou, I W give you ti.ut your mind, yoeart, your soul to it. You'll feel better about your. Ou'll succd if you want to succeed. Imakes you feel better. Do you want to be 40 and 50 years old, living with mommy anddy? It's ridiculous. Din'be wi earshot of Y a. This guy wants out of there. You're sued to love, T just kick me outthe re We're doing this use we love you you're a very smart vidual. I gotta call someone. Once vid stepaway, this woman has some words of adviceated parent They'reays your kids, but to do -- tough love. That's what they call it. GHT? Tolo We lo him, we'do anything for him, but, at some point -- Absolutely, but I Cano lifeor you. You need to do life. It to be aboou. Ur T about than who toable.we saw youisteningght? Yeah. Uncomfortable? Iwas very uncomfortable. Ought this kid's a brat. Ven your break, you're 30 years O. Get a life. You know Thixt diner lays it O very simply fovid. My dad Al did. But he says things may be a little different for his own child. S 25 and she still S at home. Will you let her stay there at 30? Probably. So you wouldn't Kher out like mrents are doing to me? N Well, I wish you were my dad. We roll one more time th father is oh with his twun You30? Yeah. You suln your own, man. You're not a by anymore you , they want you ou you know, find your own way in the wld. All right, so youee with them. You're on their side? I know yot want to hear it, bu yea Then this pair at T boothave some ad David can make it ide of his. Find a roommate you don'tave to gt on necessarily, you could T the rent. There are people WHE Bien there are pe who are N. Don't behe one that's babied. Do stuff for yelf. Let's break it. They could be trying to test you, too th want toee if you're able to go out there on your own and Al yourself. Time to step in. How are you? Hi. My name is John Quinones. It's a TV show. Is it that they don't love him anymore? No. If you're 30 years old and your parents trying to T you out of the houseget you to make monnd, like, art up own life, then that's good parenting. Let's tal iouldn't imine having my children living with me at 30ea As as they a? As adorable as they are, I uldn't Ima. Hat does ling at home do to you, and what does living on your own do for you? Ean, livinat home is great if your parents want you there. Funny becse me what'd yousk F you're G kick me O. If I was gonna kick her out. If you, if you're thirty Y olng in the use, ybe. How long do you want to stay

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"A mother and father would like their 30-year-old son to move out and get a job. The son doesn't think he's a burden, but what will customers think?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57140003","title":"What Would You Do: Parents tell their adult child it's time to move out","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/parents-adult-child-time-move-57140003"}