What Would You Do: Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen's final decision

A pregnant teen changes her mind to keep her baby after agreeing on adoption. Parents disapprove and want to continue to place baby for adoption. Whose side will people take?
8:49 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen's final decision
would you do? Honey, how you feg? Good. We want you tnowhat you took not so great situation and it into the something beful. Mom, dad, iually wanted to talk to you about thing. I know I agreed to pla in baby for option, but I changed by MI xcuse me? I'vehanged B mind.I'g keep thisbaby. Oh, . A 16-year-old has no bin raising a child. A Y is pregnant. She wants to and raise her ch her parents thinkption is thet choice. Do you stay qui and let them keep it in the family or do you step and try to H with this baby dilemma? What would you do? Lots of teens haveiesnd they all figure out. It out? No daughter is going jeopardize her future to be a teen mom. Joinings on theet today is a mom who knows situations like this all too . Mtv teen mom superstatl Baltierra. At 16he was faced wth same Har decision. You'roing to ha a to provide for if you can't, maybe that's best decision. Nice to meet you. Thank you forng on show. Thank you for havin . Why was it important for you do this? I'm passionate about educating onadoption, but if in the end a G lady decides she want make anotr decision I'm fine with that too. Caitlins watching behind the scenes with me at the the Tom sawyer DI the actress is about to break thewso her parents. Let's do it. I K I made this decision an said I WOU go through with it, but I wan to keep the baby. As turns out, this uple is also expecting. And they caeel the tension. What Excuse me? These past weeks moving and'vgrown attached to her. Teenirthrates aret a historic show. Sho 16 and pant teen mom O. H helped make th rate the low it' been. Because? T's showing the raw Rea it. Whole family. We have agreed onoption. We tell the par to leave the Ta she doesn't even want Tok at her. S really sken by it. E's crying. Are youokay? It's really upsetting. It's my baby. And now, theynvite to join . Wellou know, the tough part is T at 16, it's hard raise a child. There be a lot of things that you sacrifice. You're so young you can always star family at any time. You don T I could do all of it? You probably could, but it's not gng to be an easy road. It won't be easy when give up the B for aion too. You have to make the decision Yo own, but you have to considour parents heavily. Let go inside. You were amazin nk you. You were in tears. Yeah. Why? I D't know bse I'm pregnant now so, M I fel what she was feeling but I knew it wasn't good adve to her go on her emns. To see somebody just giv honest, true, real advice, it hones M me tearp in the van. Wa li,y gosh, I'm get so emotional. We are rolling again. Twront look back and regrets. You wanto talk about regrets? You have the rest your life in front oou a you'r going ruin it if you keep this baby. Send the parents away. We are not going back. When ourarents sff she goes for them while husnd offers a helping nd you okay? You want over here with ? Oh, really. Thank you. Was that your a dad. Yeah. The don'tt you to keep the baby. We agreed at first it would be adoption, but now I feel different. I would too. Imean, I'm trying to put mf in your situation. E come wife. This is mife Lisa. I'm so Sor'm in your se. Don't apologize. Here we . Some advice coming. An't tell you what the right thingsoo because everybody's situations dierent. The assist a very hug commitment. Mom and Dodd obviously want T best for you. Have you been to any sup groups of otherir T in your position? Didou ever hear that kind advice? Olutely did. That can be Ver helpful. Oh, M gosh, yes. We out it better I we tried. Are you okay? I'm so sorry. U guys werezing in the way ealt with it. Obviously your heartbreaks for the young girl. I just -- it was overwhng. You just wish you could do more and I felt bad because I didn't know where toundary was, where I could inere with T parents. Seekcounselling, seek a support group for youoe that advice was Rea esome. Throughout the day, people haif way of showing compassion. This woman Tes the spiritual apch Trust G. Itil wk out in the I Al will. I believe that This diner shares her personal experience. M sister adopted a baby. It's not an easy decision. You have to decide if you can live wit that. This college student encourages her to keep trying to work it out with par. Think it should be a family decion. You're going to nelp from your parents. Yo going need them on our de at well. As we set up for our last season, we did to sh things up, just lik Caitlin, our mom necs to placer baby up for tion. To be honest with you, I T want to be a teen mom. I wao have a by. I want to go to college.I want to travel. I have B king into other option Lik what? Adtion. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's exactly was. We meet next surpr us. This mother son are about to experien a personal flash back. We agreed this stays in this family. So a with rht now. With teen mom left alone and his mother stepped right in. It's their first grandchild. I know both side of story. Tsut this man W en dad. He was 18 when he had his first child. With my son, they struggled, but, yknow, she probably ved him. So -- but it was tough. It was Toh. Oh yeah, but you'lt through it Say, do you have any regrets. Do you have any regrets about keeping yaby when were a teenager? No, R. I don't know what I would do wiout them. You get through it. You make it work. Hello, how are isn't it true she was a actor.her parents -- ay? Ou're kidding me. Whoould have thought would run into a dad 18. He struggled. He through . Second year in collegend he's young enough to play with her. If he said heted to P up the child for adoption, what wo you havesaid It was tough. It wasy but with the help of familynd everything we were able to get through it. My firstan makes putting up with him so worthwhile. Announcer: Com up, our actor Tracy goes

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"A pregnant teen changes her mind to keep her baby after agreeing on adoption. Parents disapprove and want to continue to place baby for adoption. Whose side will people take?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"56578851","title":"What Would You Do: Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen's final decision ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/parents-disapprove-pregnant-teens-final-decision-56578851"}