What Would You Do: Teenager ignores parents while playing Fortnite

Parents try to enjoy their lunch with their teenage son, but all he's focused on is the popular video game Fortnite on his iPad. Will anyone tell him to turn it off?
5:58 | 09/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Would You Do: Teenager ignores parents while playing Fortnite
Police force they've taken the world by storm. But with a growing popularity. Comes growing concern. New detailed on a daily shootings. At a video game competition any sporting tournament turned deadly last month in Jacksonville Florida this suspect specifically targeting other gamers. With games like Madden. Call of duty and forced. Grabbing the attention of gamers worldwide. Many wonder about the down sides to gaming. Taken this story. Where a young girl. Became so addictive she wet herself. Rather than take bathroom breaks. Matt has we heard this week some parents are turning to the Internet in search of support. My son plays. Are probably several hours a day. Yeah but today it's our parents who are searching for support. If you witnessed a kid and it's. Please put the computer down up. Just hanging there is neglecting his parents over a game of fort night have to start over what would you do. Hi OK. Back our cameras are rolling at the royal coach dies in the Bronx New York. And while Josh and Angelo are ready to order may I have a Diet Coke and unknown gunmen their son Ashton is bitten distracted. What do you want to drink honey you. I don't care passion for the game down and order your food. You can we just 1 yes I am not knowing fashion. Ash bash in your mother's talking. What. Touching down again. Have you ever heard of fort night. Oh my gosh you you. On its web. Unlike gashton this fellow players knows when to stop. To have come you're not planning period hands. You don't want to. Right now I started acting when he's right I greatly. You can't take my I just did that's the kids what is its own to do them. We listen how you feel your parents they're games. And you just can't play. Living on offense. But it's my iPad it's mind games. I don't think there on your side. My guys over. What did you think. Heat news channel. And I'll let out he. We're rolling again all you want to look at the menus you can make a decision. And mom and dad are trying to spark up a conversation your data suggesting a movie what do you think about that. But Ashton can't seem you peel his eyes away from that night now. They don't know starting right it's just ridiculous and then within our you know Jai started backing. And without his game he sees no reason to stick around. Only so it's. Do you know anybody who plays the game it's not the issue over the life and it's not just children who may need to be curve. Yeah and I'm a grown man. That make. I have nice to be just don't let him Palin is going out it's starting sometime I'm. While customers made all sorts of suggestions. We. Pashtuns refuses to play by the rules. Answer I just. Want to be in his hands on seasons but they're taking away from my game. Human beings are you sound nice beautiful. Anemia and I don't think it's. A real problem because our knees passing. The disabled I'm. Already Doherty. I don't carrying analyst Linda burgers and thing but it's. Lost and when Nash students storms away with his eyes now. This man has some wisdom to share with mom and dad. And later. Without issue. The more I know you're only ask. You sir I'm gonna I was telling that you know what we've been using the terms of giving little space and you'll with the anticipated games. They're not going to be able it's just just a moment. Oh yeah. They're studio Steve pulls up a seat to continue his sermons. This. We all special. While we joined the party. What's going on his earned. You're I'm John Q you don't look I get was of the event Vietnam. Those are actors and yeah. You have a lot to say. Can't just take them all because period dipped into and you can break down Pat Quinn it's a start moderating. The essence he's human. Feel so he has thinks it's going through killer push him away because you won't acknowledge Mormon way he might want to roll. And that seems to be the key and moderation in. Compromise. And the little.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Parents try to enjoy their lunch with their teenage son, but all he's focused on is the popular video game Fortnite on his iPad. Will anyone tell him to turn it off?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57684693","title":"What Would You Do: Teenager ignores parents while playing Fortnite","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/teenager-ignores-parents-playing-fortnite-57684693"}