What Would You Do: Thief snatches purse

At a bar a man snatches a woman's purse hung on her chair. Will anyone say something? What happens when the thief is a woman?
7:37 | 09/23/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Thief snatches purse
Reporter: Over the last 12 seasons, our hidden cameras have shown you all kinds of thieves stealing all kinds of things. It's not your dog. What are you doing? Don't steal someone's radio! Reporter: From all kind of places. Ten years ago, our "Caught-on-tape" crime spree passed through Morris county, New Jersey, where one of our thieves, Brian, learned a very valuable lesson. Hey, pal? Excuse me? Where are you going with that? This? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. He took that lady's purse! I know. Reporter: They say memories fade. I've learned a thing or two over the last ten years. They won't catch me this time. Reporter: So now we're back now in Morris county. This time at table 42 in Dover, New Jersey, and Brian is up to those same sticky-fingered shenanigans. Will people be more forgiving than they were a decade ago? What would you do? Has anyone seen my purse? Here you go. Jump in, ladies. Reporter: As these customers settle in, Brian cases the joint. I can't stop eating it. Reporter: Waiting for the right moment. I'm so allergic to bes. These women seem so notice, but don't seem to take him seriously. As they will have and mimic Brian, he makes off with the purse. But as soon as Adrienne confirms she's been robbed -- Where's my purse? What? Did you see my purse? That guy, was it an Orange pocketbook? Yeah. He just walked out with it. Are you serious? Yeah. That's my purse. He just made a left. That's her purse. Call the cops. Go, go, go. Reporter: Suddenly, she is in hot pursuit. And everyone finally realizes a crime took place. He got away with it. Hi ladies. "What would you do?"! Reporter: Why didn't you say anything? I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe he was with somebody else, you know? I saw you make a sign like this. What are you saying? I said, "I bet you as soon as he walks out he's going to haul ass. Reporter: Do you wish you would have sounded the alarm earlier? Yes, definitely. Reporter: When we first shot this scenario back in 2007, we saw a similar reaction. Some customers didn't react until the victim confirmed she'd been robbed. You had a red pocketbook here? Yes. Do you know what he looked like? Hey, you. Hey, what's the matter with you? Reporter: Back in the restaurant, will Brian get away a second time? Excuse me, can I get a water? Hey. Is that your pocketbook? He took your pocketbook. Reporter: Not on his watch. Hey, bring the pocketbook back. Bring it back. Bring it back now. I'll call the cops. If you don't want no problems, just give it back to her now. Reporter: As he escorts him back in, we say hello. How are you doing, sir? You all right? I'm good, I'm good. Reporter: Why did you go after him that way? In today's world, you need to take some sort of action. You can't just sit there and roll with the punches because it just gives them a blank check for somebody to do it again. Reporter: This next customer has his hands full. Hey, hey. Reporter: Still, he carefully balances the pies in one hand -- and outs off Brian with the other. He took your purse. I didn't take the purse, it was on the floor. No, it was not. You picked it up off the chair, you're walking out the door with it. Reporter: As the day goes on, Brian's luck grows worse. Hey, hey. Hey, what are you doing? Reporter: Maybe a man grabbing a purse is just too suspicious. You caught it right away? Yeah, I almost knocked him out. Reporter: So maybe a female thief will be less conspicuous. After all, Cindy got away with it back then. Now she takes the purse right in front of these customers, but they don't seem to notice. And when Adrienne says her purse is missing -- Did you guys see a purse? I saw nothing, and if I did I would've told you. Our thief is just too quick. Reporter: You just didn't see it? Didn't see it. Reporter: This is our thief. Oh, I saw her standing there, but I didn't see her take the bag. And I'm observant. Not so much, though. Not so much. Reporter: We roll again, and this time we slow things down a bit. Can you do me a favor? Can you take a picture of us? Reporter: Little does he know, this photo later will be used to identify the missing bag. Despite the exchange he just watches as Cindy gets away. Our actors engage him one more time. You did such a great job. Reporter: But he doesn't bring up the stolen purse. Where's my bag? Reporter: And when they frantically search -- It was just here. It's in the picture. Yeah, it was hanging right there. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Reporter: He still says nothing, until finally -- See this Orange bag? Wow, the lady just walked out with an Orange bag like that. When did she walk out? Just like a minute ago. Oh, my god. I don't know. Reporter: Why didn't you say anything when you saw it happen? Because I didn't know if she was sitting there before. Reporter: It could've been her purse, as far as you know? Yeah, yeah. Reporter: We're beginning to think Cindy is just too good a thief. Will anyone notice? This couple sees her grab the purse, and before our thief gets too far. Somebody just walked out with with an Orange pocketbook. Reporter: Cindy is finally busted. You see it in real life right in front of you, so obvious, so blatant. Reporter: Still, more often than not, Cindy gets away. What's the message we're getting here? An unsavory, long-haired, bearded guy in all black picks up a red purse and walks out, definitely something's wrong. Whereas, maybe a woman picking up a purse, you don't know, maybe it was her purse, maybe she left it there. Reporter: To test that theory, we send Brian out one last time, and right away, Rene Roman sees Brian take the purse. Ma'am, he took your purse. Wait, what? Reporter: And wastes no time getting physical. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Reporter: Our security is close behind, making sure this time around no one gets hurt. I saw you. Reporter: What happened? What did you do? Oh, man. Reporter: It's "What would you do?" The TV show. He's an actor. I see. Now I see. Reporter: What were you going to do? My first intention was to beat him up. Nah, just kidding. Bring him in and call the cops, I guess. Reporter: But you weren't going to hurt him. No, no, no. Reporter: Brian, last time

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"At a bar a man snatches a woman's purse hung on her chair. Will anyone say something? What happens when the thief is a woman? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"50033134","title":"What Would You Do: Thief snatches purse","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/thief-snatches-purse-50033134"}