'What Would You Do?': Woman fires friend from bridal party

A woman doesn’t think her bridesmaid is living up to her expectations, so she boots her from the wedding party. Would you side with bride-to-be or bridesmaid?
6:20 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Woman fires friend from bridal party
So -- When I asked you to be a bridesmaid, I thought you understood that that came with certain expectations. I know, I've been really busy with my doctorate. You didn't even come to my dress fitting. You know what? I'm replacing you in my bridal Booted from the bridal party. It's a tale told by many bridesmaids who didn't meet the bride-to-be's standards. A bridesmaid's tweet to jetblue went viral a couple of years ago. It read -- "Booked my cross-country flights for a wedding, and then was asked to relinquish' my duties as a bridesmaid." Twitter was left divided. You're seriously kicking me out? If you witnessed this bride-to-be firing her friend from the bridal party -- Is there anything I can do to fix it? No, it's too late. -- What would you do? We've gathered here today at the park avenue diner, and our soon-to-be wife has some news to break. Hidden cameras, on. This is my one day. One day. I want someone in my bridal party that wants to be in my bridal party. And that's not you. Are you kicking me out of your wedding? Yes. Right away, these women are tuned in. Why don't you tell me what you need me to do and I will, I will do it. It's too late. When Ashley takes it one step further -- I found someone who's going to replace you. Weddings are just stressful in general. -- They chime right in with some firsthand advice. My best friend is actually getting married now. It's tough. Like, I have kids, I work full-time. I just want it to be perfect and drama free. No wedding is drama free. What's more important? Is that friendship worth more to you than the six hours or eight hours that a wedding takes? That's great. That's great advice. Maybe give her the option, like either you're in or you're out. And she gives one last bit of advice to our bridesmaid. I think if you're willing from this point on to put in the work, not to pick up flowers but just to be a support system, I think you'll be fine. I think I have an idea. The two of them stand up and go to these girls and say, "Thank you for your advice." Basically, they saved their friendship, right? Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Congratulations. Beautiful. All right, here we go, let's break it now. Give me a hug. Look it! Do you need a flower girl? It's "What would you do?" You were so great. My best friend's getting married next year, and I see it now with the commitments I have to make, if I had something come up last minute and I had to flake, I would hope that she would honor our friendship enough to be like, I get it. There's so many bigger things in life that you'll need your friends for. We're rolling again. You actually suck at being a bridesmaid. And our bridesmaid is hoping these men can provide some guidance. She's saying I'm not doing enough. Do you think that she's right? I -- Men don't care about anything. No, I don't know. Just say, "What can I do to help?" He lends an open ear. I spent $500 for the plane ticket. $150 on the dress. I spent $70 on the shoes. Oh wow. But when Ashley returns -- They agree with me. They don't think that you're doing the right thing. -- He takes cover behind his tablet. She hasn't been there for anything. I don't know. Luckily, the women behind them have been listening in. If the excuses aren't good enough excuses, she would be out if she was in my wedding. All right, have qurrat get really upset and leave. I'll be back. Just because she's getting her ph.d. Is not an excuse for not attending anything. She should have told you, "I don't think that I can be in your wedding." Time to introduce ourselves. How are you? I'm John Quinones. Oh, my god. So sorry. These things happen. It really did happen to my niece actually. The maid of honor didn't attend anything ever. Wow. And the bride said, "You're out." And she has a right to do I thought she did. It's her special day. Even if she's a bridezilla. Even if she's a bridezilla. And they weren't the only ones to back our bride. She's the bride, she's the queen for the day. But you feel that's right? It's her choice. She's the bride. We're rolling one last time. The bachelorette party, that weekend I have to meet with the other faculty to go over my paper. Honestly, like, I'm so sick of your excuses. And when this woman sees they aren't resolving the issue on their own -- You always do this. I'm upset. -- She just can't stand by any longer. Wow, look at this. You and her have been friends for a long time, right? Yeah. Both of y'all need to come together and pray about this. You've been friends too long to just turn around and change your You don't think I should fire her? No. Pray over it, and ask god to give you the right direction. Time to convene with this very spiritual woman. How are you? I'm John Quinones from "What would you do?" Oh! Why did you get up and come talk to them? When god leads me to do something, I can't just sit down and not do it. Are you a minister? No, I'm not, I'm a singer at St. James ame church in Newark. If you had to sing something right now, what would you sing? God has smiled on me for he's been good to me Wow. Love between friends, and between complete strangers. Now that's a happily ever after. Coming up --

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"A woman doesn’t think her bridesmaid is living up to her expectations, so she boots her from the wedding party. Would you side with bride-to-be or bridesmaid? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72044896","title":"'What Would You Do?': Woman fires friend from bridal party","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/woman-fires-friend-bridal-party-72044896"}