'What Would You Do?': Young boy dressed as hero gives shoppers imaginary superpowers

As this mom becomes embarrassed and annoyed by her child's superhero-like behavior while shopping, how will other shoppers respond to the young boy's quest to destroy evil?
7:20 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Young boy dressed as hero gives shoppers imaginary superpowers
For children, a hero has often meant a mask, a cape, and superhuman powers. From comic books, to the silver screen, in movies like "The avengers" -- Avengers, assemble. These crime fighters feed the imagination of children everywhere, inspiring them when they need it most. Well today, our young actor is letting his imagination run wild. Hello, good citizen. My name is the mighty dean-amite. But mom, she's having none of it. Bud, can you please behave and stop with these silly games? Mom, put this on. The world needs us. I already played with you today, honey. Despite mom shutting him down, Dean is determined to find a sidekick. I need you to help me fight the forces of evil. If you met this young crusader -- Take that, you evil dreamcatchers. Dean, I already told you, no more superhero. With a mother who is pushing him to retire his imaginary superpowers. Mom, you can't just reveal my secret identity like that. "What would you do?" Our mighty dean-a-mite finds himself at hazel boutique in ramsay, New Jersey. He's trying to keep customers safe. Oh, my god, what did you do? I broke my toe. Right away, Dean spots a damsel in distress, and leaps into action. I noticed that you're hurt, and there's a lot of dreamcatchers. And if you wear this force field necklace, it'll protect you from them. This is really handy to have. I wear it like this? Yeah. She plays along, no questions asked. I think this necklace is working. Do you think you could help me shoot down the evil dreamcatchers? How do we do that? Well, you need to put on this mask. Okay. So I can be your helper? And then you press down on this. Okay. How does it look on me? It looks really good. Oh, awesome! That's funny. Fully dressed and ready to go. Okay, we have to do all of them? Yeah. All right, this might take us a while. They take on the forces of evil, side by side. Oh, I missed one. Before the final boss spoils the fun. So the big ones get two, right? I'm sorry. Oh, my gosh. He's so cute. Can we leave her alone? Why don't you sit down and study there while I do some shopping? You have your book bag. Okay? With playtime over, she gives back her superpowers. Here, take this back so you can -- Thank you. So you can have another sidekick, okay? I'm sorry that I was bothering you. Oh, my god. Not at all. Before she leaves, Dean has one final trick up his sleeve. Wait, wait. You see that camera? Yeah? You're on "What would you do?" Oh, my gosh. Really? It's "What would you do?" You were so nice to him. Oh, yeah. Well, of course. Imagination is good. And we should feed the imagination, not just kill it, I guess. Yeah. Whether it's evil dreamcatchers -- You're going to get me out safe? Yeah. Or molten hot lava -- You need to go from rug to rug. Okay. Other customers follow in those footsteps, taking the time to feed Dean's imagination. Got it. Thank you. You saved me. This next customer immediately joins forces with our superhero. I really need you to put on this mask because the dreamcatchers are going to steal your dreams. Got it? You're safe now. Only to then continue shopping -- All right, what do you think of these? Dean, why are you bothering this nice -- It's fine, really. Let me tell you a secret. Do you know what I do for a living? But once the mask comes off, she reveals her true identity. I'm a child therapist. She's a child therapist. What should I do to get him out -- See if he outgrows it. Right now, he's happy. Any theories? My guess is it is anxiety driven. It's almost like an OCD behavior -- Right. Which is an anxiety. In her professional opinion, mom shouldn't be too concerned. Who's your favorite superhero? Captain America. He's always good no matter what. You're right. So cute. It's like, how can you even -- it's such an honest answer. He's a child. He's here. He's curious. He was playful. But was he socially inappropriate? It depends on the person, yeah. Not everybody would be engaging. Dean's at it again. Mom, I need you to put on this mask. But when our mom refuses to play along -- We're out in public. People don't wear masks in public, okay? He tries to recruit a new ally. You're in danger if you don't put this mask on. Thank you. Really. And this mom takes a similar approach. But I'm trying to ptect. I know. She's got a dreamcatcher at home though. It's a good one. It gives her protection. And you're sure? I'm positive, but thank you. We roll one last time. Excuse me, I'm a superhero, and I'm going to save you. You're going to save me? Yeah. This mother and daughter duo notice that mom is struggling to keep her composure. Leave them alone. They're shopping, okay? Enough of the superhero stuff. Why don't you sit down and look at your books? Take off that cape, it's silly. And the mask, too, okay? I am so sorry. No, he's got a great imagination. Yeah. But he doesn't take the mask off when we leave the house. It's like -- Pick your battles. Yeah? For a year, she only wore dresses. And she wouldn't wear pants or jeans. No matter what. And look at her now. When Dean comes back over, grace Collins explains the true definition of the word hero. Do you believe in superheroes? I think you could do just everyday things, and be helpful to people and that makes you a hero, right? Yeah. That's really sweet. That's great. To be a superhero, you don't have to have your mask and your cape on. Look at the avengers. They don't wear their costumes all the time. All Dean can do is marvel as he's compared to his personal heroes. Sometimes it's a hero just to help somebody carry a bag, or somebody who smiles at somebody who's having a bad day, then you're their hero. "Q," do you want to break it? All right, let's go. Hi, there, superhero. I'm John Quinones. It's "What would you do?" You're kidding me. You were so kind to him, trying to balance mom's wishes and the little boy's wishes. Well, I didn't want to break his heart, or you know, make him uncomfortable, but trying to show him that there are other ways to be a hero. There certainly are, and throughout the pandemic, we've seen it again and again. Everyday people sacrificing for complete strangers, embodying the best in humanity. And for children, an understanding that heroes don't have to wear capes.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"As this mom becomes embarrassed and annoyed by her child's superhero-like behavior while shopping, how will other shoppers respond to the young boy's quest to destroy evil? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"71662833","title":"'What Would You Do?': Young boy dressed as hero gives shoppers imaginary superpowers ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/young-boy-dressed-hero-shoppers-imaginary-superpowers-71662833"}