Smart Onesies Monitor Your Baby's Breathing

Intel reveals new tech for tots at CES that allows parents to keep track of their child from a smartphone.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Smart Onesies Monitor Your Baby's Breathing
-- -- -- One of the most talked about innovations buzzing at CES Smart ones the mayor shipping this week in their brought to you by Intel and you can monitor your baby's breathing. And -- skin temperature while Danny -- -- -- Intel's tech -- Angeles is joining us now live on the phone from CES in Las Vegas. And Intel has the -- what is being -- Well. It's one of many things actually be -- we talked about a new technology actually in September. We watched -- -- technology called Intel work technology and answer a series of assets seized. They're gonna power a number of -- including where polls and -- product that we also talked about this week. Call and tell us and that's a small literally computer and chip SMC decides that and -- -- standard nasty car and high tech. -- powers. Periods. -- technologies like twenty you're talking about earlier this -- he has. Conducted ink on -- and with the addition of this small -- tell at Edison power module clips on monitors the baby's heart rate. Respiration activity and so can wirelessly transmit the state of the -- to others are devices. Will there be a Smart coffee cup for example let parents know that that -- may be settled -- sleeping or not. When I don't hold it up so people can see it because -- it's it's it's really. And that the little chip that Intel is providing here is hidden inside of is that green turtle. So it makes it looks pretty innocuous it looks like a little turtle but it's sending out tons of information. And I'm thinking that a lot of my friends who recently had babies would love it. Except it might drive -- crazy with the level of that you might be calling the ER -- the doctor immediately. I don't know that it's it's it's it's the extreme or would you be that concerned as a parent but you know one one of the examples of what you can -- -- technology like this is not just monitoring the state of the baby -- you know -- not I've got kids myself that that late night wake up you you get up as a parent -- If this can wirelessly sent. The signal to be Smart -- are warm and get that all coming up before -- get about a bat. And usage smaller technology like this can can really. I can see where that would come in handy and I appreciate the fact that as a father your thinking about that technology and not just as the mom. It is though you think about wrapping your baby your new born child. In a bunch of wireless technology. That doesn't exactly -- say where -- -- been tested for safety and how rigorously has Intel went through the paces. We're you know we're using standard and you know what -- protocols. In terms. The actual materials here. I mentioned this particular this particular ones -- Is conducted -- so there's not a you know wires or other. -- this this this housing here -- you know small magnetic. To the side generally. And in a place where it's not necessarily a pressure point that maybe when the babies you know sleeping sound I think that that folks ever rest devices in this particular. Wendy's company -- one -- and a good job at their design and gets another -- -- -- -- people. The types. Smart portable devices that that the -- and your citizenship and our technology and power. We have very cool stuff and then that you -- where bulls being a huge component of CES and what we're seeing. How much is that the security baked in cities where bulls and how many more iterations and -- think about it the phone the Internet so many things that we've just come. To exit to use every day now have a lot of security baked and do don't wearable -- that are coming out today have the same degree of security in them that all of the products were -- accustomed to using a. To an extent yes but you know it's our commitment -- and we announced this week it's every parent every branding you well. Our security. Packet feeds -- security and we've got a commitment now. From our CEO that every mobile device that we develop is going to come -- -- McAfee security of some sort you know that the -- -- security. In our PCs are altered -- about a certain saint types of securities. Systems that you're fine once he bet absolutely we want to make sure that that that the data especially network -- -- -- ourselves and our home. But earlier -- kept secure. Danny -- to -- Intel's tech and Angela is joining us from -- -- -- waking up -- early during CES we really appreciate it thanks so much static. Thank you -- take care.

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{"id":21463678,"title":"Smart Onesies Monitor Your Baby's Breathing ","duration":"3:00","description":"Intel reveals new tech for tots at CES that allows parents to keep track of their child from a smartphone.","url":"/Business/video/smart-onesies-monitor-babys-breathing-21463678","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}