Which candidate is spinning Iowa caucuses insanity best? + 538 Has Internships!

Pete Buttigieg? Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden? Who has done the best job of turning the Iowa caucuses chaos into a media win?
4:33 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Which candidate is spinning Iowa caucuses insanity best? + 538 Has Internships!
We're here in the fight through the newsroom on the second night the Iowa Caucuses and Whitney is Mike account when we got some questions from. Our readers of the Y blog. Wanted to free some of them and get you some answers. So our first question is who which candidate is doing the best job of spinning the results of the art Cox's you've taint. So here's my take I think pretty clearly it spits mayor Pete hooted judge for a couple reasons one is it turns out that him claiming victory. Last night on night one of the Iowa Caucuses. I think crimes people maybe this wasn't intentional maybe it wasn't. To interpret the results when we eventually got them Tuesday night. To interpret them a surfer a certain way we have three. Types of results right national preferences. Re allocated preferences state delegate equivalents. Buddha judge leads in the last one. And so I think the combination. Who to judge claiming victory. And him leading in the pennant last step out the Iowa math equation. Really help that although there was. Some back Ross I don't know how relevant this is what bottom line you saw it trending this morning passed tonight mayors. She basically saying that he claimed victory without any real dated to stand on. Is that just an online reaction or does that have you seen that anywhere. I would a map types of first well I think I'm very online I didn't actually see much and I around you're more online than me I guess. I did see a lot of that and I think actually what matters now is what the coverages like. Starting tonight forward you know right I was doing a kind of Russell. The major media outlets right CNN dot CNN. Times Washington state you see. And almost all of them are headlining their coverage right now. As who did you twins. Right yeah not only 62%. That's with partial results are that the partial Mosul are a lot of results and they seem pretty representative. And you know it's it's you could. That's a choice right that it's it was to focus on the state delegate equivalents rather than. For example the re allocated popular. There what what the Washington Post for what it's worth did have Sanders who judge lead. Iowa Caucuses but. Beyond that her most outlets are playing and that's as punitive monitor. And you think part of it's because it prime the pump. So I'd I think it's he prime the pump I also think you've heard a lot from the digits campaign already about how they did well across the board in Iowa. Demographically. And geographically right which is true you know booty judge didn't win a lot of like did it when a lot of the ideological group dates but they got second and a lot of them most of them right. It and win a lot of geographic urban rural suburban but they got second most of them. Politically well in the big problem Broder let's and if you look at the map but it just didn't do well across the board I guess what I would say is. You know that is true. I what. Is pretty homogenous. So. I don't think it's proof that the judge has it's just like all encompassing coalition he has it all encompassing coalition. In Iowa which this is not saying much. Aren't so we got two more questions and we can interpret it correctly the first one is. What percent of the vote did Republicans. Were running against romp get in the Republican caucus. 3%. Our acts out trump doing pretty well hole holding his ground and Ireland with 97%. As. Caucus or support I think we can call that a resounding victory attacked and the last question is do you have an internships available partnered. We have seven this summer some twenty twining we have seven entered it was a most internships we've ever you can apply at 538 dot com. We welcome Africa in fact we have a podcasts which are available and a video entrant to prevail so go quiet and calm were progress cannot do this I'll might podcast that he. Copy yet today. Political data reporting. Sports data reporting that. I don't now design. A gap today broke quiet.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Pete Buttigieg? Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden? Who has done the best job of turning the Iowa caucuses chaos into a media win? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"68759887","title":"Which candidate is spinning Iowa caucuses insanity best? + 538 Has Internships!","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/candidate-spinning-iowa-caucuses-insanity-best-538-internships-68759887"}