The Collectors: Cannabis chemist

Chris Hudalla breaks down not only the chemical composition of cannibis, but also how important medical marijuana is for people who suffer from such illnesses as seizures, MS and migraines.
7:39 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for The Collectors: Cannabis chemist
Brought to you by the 2015. Acura T elects. I've been told since I was growing up that marijuana is bad people who use it are bad. This plant has been used both spiritually images Lee for over 70000 years. It's only been in the last suddenly side years and it's really been controversy L. Out of all the millions of dollars he spent researching marijuana. The years greater than 95% of it is used to show how dangerous it was. They want to continue this war on drugs. Partly because it competes with the outcome industry cam can compete with paper industry. A lot of politics. And greed. For. We see people treating a variety of ailments with Candace rheumatoid arthritis for one multiple sclerosis is very common. Candidates like most natural products is an incredibly complex. Plan to. Analytical chemistry is about taking something M breaking it down to its individual components so those can be genocide and clocked a side. Marijuana is composed of many natural constituents. Many of which works synergistic they together. One of the classes are called can have annoyance. Canada die RC BD assassin called is just one of these can happen nights it's kind of a relatives of TH C the main cycle active ingredient that people recognize as being a constituent of candidates. The CBD on the other hand is not Psycho active. The typical strand that I would C would have summer between nine to 12% CBD. Those races can go as high as thirty CBD molecules for every one THC molecule. Being able to Dennis I and quantity the can have a night's. In their exact concentrations. Is a crucial part of the industry. We work very closely with cult of readers helping them understand their growth processes. We can look at their seedlings says they're very young and we can now identified a commander Knight profile helping them make selection in terms of which strains to propagate to maturity. It's these high CBD strains that are being used a lot with seizure disorders. When children are on traditional pharmaceutical medications for seizure it becomes very toxic for their body. Being able to weaning children off of these traditional pharmaceuticals and replace them with to have a night therapy has not only been successful from reduction of seizures. It's also much more helpful for the child. Yeah it's. Yeah. In many states a lot of these medicines are not accessible. For. Every day we're faced with some sort of regulatory or legislative road block Weathers the contradictions. In testing regulations. For power to handle the product who can handle the product. It seems like we're always Jason these battles. And puts parents in a very awkward position of becoming their own caregiver. That means they're growing the medicine themselves than they are preparing the medicine for themselves. So when we starter working with Sam. We were able to evaluate the medicine that they were making a lot of through trial and air. You'll go home and try this try a warmer temperature try doing it for a longer time. It's been this continual improvement to the point where I believe that these mothers now for the most part have optimizer processing. And they probably makes him the best medicine of anybody that I know. Based on strains that are very high end CBD very low and T exceed. They're certainly not gaining anything recreation only for it. Justice for kids it is changing their lies it's improving their health. And from that perspective I don't know how you considered anything else. Imagine all of a sudden that people can make their own medicine at home to relieve seizures and headaches and migraines a multiple sclerosis. Think of how much money that's gonna take out of the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. The last thing they want to do is make people understand how much potential benefit there is for marijuana. They want to continue this notion that marijuana is dangerous. And it just isn't true. My hope is that these medicines become accessible to people who need them. There's just see enormous amount of suffering that can be alleviated. When a mistress it. And and analytical chemists helping families battle chronic illness that medical marijuana. A.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Chris Hudalla breaks down not only the chemical composition of cannibis, but also how important medical marijuana is for people who suffer from such illnesses as seizures, MS and migraines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56174763","title":"The Collectors: Cannabis chemist","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/collectors-cannabis-chemist-56174763"}