The Collectors: Freedom to marry

Meet Thalia Zepatos, director of research and messaging for Freedom to Marry, a social movement that used specific data-driven methods to help change the national opinion on Gay marriage.
6:51 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for The Collectors: Freedom to marry
Brought to you by the 2015. Acura TLX. In my. And. Okay. Morning Supreme Court recognized the constitution guarantees in marriage in Malden that all Americans are entitled to be equal protection of the law and it's time that the Supreme Court ruled on the over account case. We had legal marriage in 37 of the United States. And the kings funds and whether the death certificate the partner who dying. Could actually list his husband's name. I'd like to thank. John. Living me and making me a better man but for giving me something worth fighting for it I love you. This is for you John. And so with a single ruling of the Supreme Court they literally filled in the map in those other states and said. Based on the United States constitution. Marriage is of fundamental right that cannot be denied to any same sex couple. When the movement for marriage first started it really was focused on legal rights and benefits associated with marriage and people just kind of glazed over when we talked event 11138. Rights and benefits than we thought maybe we just needed a listens to on. Let's just talk about 100 of the really important months. But it just seemed like we still weren't having an interactive conversation we weren't closing the deal with the voters and our movement actually lost. Thirty state campaigns in Iraq. And tolerance the eight days. This hour. When they heard the news that the California Supreme Court upheld robbing them. It turned out that when we were talking about legal rights and benefits they actually got the idea that somehow. Delisting people wanted to marry for some different reason for kind of a political reason. Freedom to marry and Human Rights Campaign think oh it's okay for you to have your dated quaint religious beliefs just keep more than the four walls your church. They want to use the full force of government to punish. Us and marginalized. And of course underlying all of this is is just a tremendous amount of stigma. It's misunderstanding. It's misinformation. It's homophobia. There's a storm gathering. Clouds are dark and the winds are strong and Diana free use the core of our opposition's message is that marriage is a traditional. Institution. That is threatened by change somehow. If gay or lesbian couples were allowed to marry. That it would diminish. The institution of marriage we're standing up for the truth and beauty that marriage as the union of a man or woman. So we realize we needed a better way to address those fears and concerns instead of starting a conversation from a legal perspective. We asked voters what marriage meant to them and what we found was that marriage was all about love and commitment using that data from these initial polls. We created an unprecedented ad campaign that targeted to individual communities and what we ultimately found was that we needed to speak -- each community based on their own values. In the southern Baptist community we spoke to church values. Wants to delete it if you do what you're supposed to do your family will be taken care we don't have this has. And Latino families we would initiate conversations across the generations in their own home in New Mexico we respect every. Gay and lesbian people. How do Republicans think about marriage was the difference between how older people think of marriage from younger people the world is changing. Gay lesbian people I get married. For the same reason that I wanted to bury my wife did the data show that there are a lot of African American voters who was important for them to hear from members of their community. I had them how does it get right. So what you need you to do it's vote for Bob little golf course it. Steve I Steve rebuild momentum by conducting massive conversation campaigns are support amongst young people increased and they helped us win over older voters and Republicans as well as we won each state and national polling find out which reassured the Supreme Court. That America was ready for the freedom to marry and of course we run a huge victory in the Supreme Court this past June. Which means that we've achieved our mission and now we're going out of business. The American public over time will. You know being born Laura overwhelmingly in support and I think people are just really becoming very comfortable with the Indian. My name is values have had us I'm the director of research and messaging for freedom to marry. And I helped when marriage nationwide for same sex couples.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Meet Thalia Zepatos, director of research and messaging for Freedom to Marry, a social movement that used specific data-driven methods to help change the national opinion on Gay marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56175324","title":"The Collectors: Freedom to marry","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/collectors-freedom-marry-56175324"}