What comes next in the fight to fill Ginsburg’s seat: FiveThirtyEight

In this installment of the podcast, the crew discusses the political calculations for both Republicans and Democrats over how to proceed in replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
9:02 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for What comes next in the fight to fill Ginsburg’s seat: FiveThirtyEight
Steve: Back in Las Vegas. Early stages, "Monday night each team has had the football once. Saints able to capitalize with a field goal. Second crack for drew Brees and this New Orleans offense from their own 22 yard line. On the ground, latavius Murray will drag a few people for four yards. Our referee is John parry. What is it like to officiate a game standing behind drew Brees? You guys said it in the beginning. He does everything great. Dominates the details. At some point, I'm anticipating a line of scrimmage issue. He has such a great hard count. Along with a little bit of twitch that is not enough for a false start, but enough to get the five-yard penalty. Brian: Oh, wow, J.P., I didn't know you guys studied trying to catch us like a trap on the side of the road. We know all the little tricks of the trade. He is a master at it. And whether it's the left knee just a little bit, or whether it's a shoulder, the head, you got to keep the head -- you got to move some other body part to get the jump. Steve: The penalty by Hankins moves the football to the 30. Kamara on the ground. He has first-down yardage, still on his feet. Very close to that raiders logo at the 50. Brian: Just big holes, Louis. You see the center, Mccoy, a second-round draft pick a year ago. A first-round rookie, Ruiz, who they're excited about. But the saints tried to rebuild the interior of the offensive line. Louis: The wide receivers will block as well as anyone. Smith, right there, a big reason why he was able to pop that one. Steve: Here's Kamara. Across midfield. Running all over the yard. And Kamara finally bumped out at the 35. But Damon Arnette, that's a run of 21. The saints look dangerous on offense tonight early. Louis: He's just going to hit it through here. And people aren't getting off blocks. You see everybody get covered up, you see there, he squirts through the hole. When Alvin can get out on the perimeter, that's where he's dangerous. This guy is electric. And the raiders had better start getting off blocks a lot better. Steve: Pitch to Murray. And a good stop at the point of contact. Arnette came up to make the initial hit. Murray still able to get a few yards out of it. But excellent stop by Damon Arnette, burned a week ago on a double move by Robbie Anderson. But the raiders coaching staff told us he's not afraid. Comes up and makes the big stick there. Brian: Sean Payton will go after him. Not just in the passing game. Also in the running game, getting the ball on the perimeter, seeing if he knows his fits, and if he'll be willing to tackle. Steve: Montgomery checks in. Brees throwing for Sanders. They're going to say incomplete. Louis: We saw a little bit of this drew Brees against Tampa bay. A little bit off. His accuracy is normally impeccable. Very rarely misses an easy throw like that. But last week, a couple of overthrows, a couple of miscommunications, and a couple of low balls. And his first one tonight. Steve: Sean Payton and drew Brees both described the offense a week ago, independently, as awful. It's like they're in each other's heads. That hard count, twice. Third and eight. Brees steps and fires across the middle. It's tre'quan Smith, still on his feet. Has running room. And he's finally spun out inside the 5 yard line by LaMarcus Joyner. It's a gain of 29. Louis: You look right out here on the perimeter, trayvon mullen is expecting help. But he doesn't come down fast enough. Talking about a young secondary playing help defense, you have to have your communication air-tight against this offense. Because drew will find the open player, and they're going to have to communicate better than that to get off the field on third down. Brian: The saints staff has been waiting on Smith. The third year in this system, he's been counted on. Steve: They did not get that off. Zeros on the play clock. Brees is as surprised as anyone. But they got the time-out. Referee: Time-out, new Orleans. Their first, 30-second time-out. Steve: Fortunate to get that in a first and goal situation. They'll save the five yards, use the time-out. Brian: When you have a long play and you huddle, as a quarterback, you know I need to hurry up and get to the line of scrimmage. It takes the offense a while to get down there, and then you're in the huddle. Drew is bailed out by his coach there. Steve: The bright lights of Vegas, always impressive. Much like the offensive show that Sean Payton and drew Brees have orchestrated. 28.2 points per game together, the most of any coach/quarterback duo. Even more than bill and Tom. Kamara, trying to get to the corner. Won't get there. Excellent speed by Damon Arnette. Abram is down, I believe. Brian: He hit the cart over there. He was running full-speed. Steve: Wow, this is scary. Johnathan Abrams suffered an injury in the opening "Monday night football" game a year ago in Oakland, and was lost for the entire season. Suffered a torn labrum and rotator cuff in his NFL debut. Played last week, and here early, in just his third NFL we'll be right back. Steve: Johnathan Abram, taking a breather. Looks like he's going to be okay. We'll show you what happened. Here's the play, gets a piece, and then spills into Thomas, and into the television cart there. Brian: What a great effort play. Those guys running as fast as they can, giving their body up. This was great to see. Abram popping up, sprinting to the sideline. Louis: There's no question, they need him to win this football game. He showed up over and over again week one. And you see why. These kinds of effort plays. They need him on the field. Steve: They give it to the second man through, will Kyle comes up with the stop. Brian: A big play. The first time the saints got down there, the raiders forced a field goal attempt. Now, can they do it again? Louis: This is typically Alvin Kamara time, right? This is the situation he said he loves. He thinks Sean Payton is the best red zone play caller in the Steve: That's Kyle Wilber. Referee: Please reset the play clock to 19 seconds. Steve: White will go in and replace him. He was just called up from the practice squad for the raiders today. I think we all had our fill of injuries yesterday in the national football league. For all the unbelievable, heart-stopping action, the great games yesterday. All the injury reports today for big-name players. Awful. Burton, the fullback, is in. That's Josh hill in motion. Kamara will skip into the end zone, touchdown, saints! Louis: Just a simple off-tackle play. You see peat pull on the outside. He pulls, and you see Kamara take it right up through there. He's one of the hardest-running guys in the league, pound for pound. Great lower body balance. He's one of the most productive players they've had since he joined the team three years ago in terms of touchdowns in the red area. Steve: Lutz was 4 for 4 a week ago on extra points. Make him 5 for 5. The win over Tampa bay and Tom Brady last week. Flag down. We'll check the marker. Raiders won their game at Carolina, 34-30. Blew a 12-point lead. Had to roar back and come from behind to win that game in the end. Brian: I think these officials are looking at the did someone hit the center? If so, it would be a personal foul. Referee: Personal foul. Unnecessary roughness, defense, number 90. New Orleans has chosen to enforce that foul from the 2, to the 1 yard line. And go for two points. Brian: This is interesting. The same thing happened to the saints last week. And they took the penalty yardage on the kickoff so that Sean Payton could do a little pooch kick down there, they got the turnover. But that was late in the game, and they had a lead. This is very early in the game, I think he's going to take the yardage because he likes his play inside the 2 yard line. Louis: No question. He's one of the most aggressive play callers in the league. He takes pride in it. He said they work on it, and the players ask why are we doing this? He says, trust me, it will pay off. Steve: Kamara gets the corner, and gets the two points. So the penalty is really costly for the raiders. And another flag. Two flags. Brian: Flag came in from the side judge. A lot of talking going on. That tells me it was on the and they have to figure out when they're going to take the penalty. They got two, they can't take any more. Each one of the P.A.T.S is like its own universe. Brian: Or they're trying to figure out if it's an illegal formation. They went so fast, they came from the huddle to the line of which tells me there may be a communication where a guy didn't report. Referee: New Orleans has chosen to enforce the five-yard penalty from the 15 to the 20, and now kick for one point. Steve: You don't see this every day. Or every night, either. Brian: 68 is Kelly, going to the left. Lines up, he didn't report. So that's why there was an illegal formation. It's a solid call. You need that eligible number at the end of the line. And each one of the P.A.T.S is its own universe. They'll go to the 15 and enforce the foul, and now kick. Steve: They kick the extra point, move it to the 1, they get the two-point conversion. Now, penalty on the saints, they'll try the extra point. Louis: That's a total of four points they just scored there. Steve: Bottom line, I'm a bottom line guy, it's 10-0, saints. ESPN's "Monday night football" is brought to you by burger king. The one and only B.K. Flame-grilled whopper. And Progressive insurance. Saving you a bundle, go to progressive.com. There's that first ever Monday night game, September 21st, 1970. The browns against the jets. Billy Andrews intercepted Joe namath. He talked it over with our pal Peter king. Louis: I played in that stadium. It was just dirt painted green, but it was our dirt. Steve: Joe told Peter, it's one of the plays he's never gotten over, that interception, throwing the ball behind boozer. And Andrews never scored another touchdown. The only one ever in that first "Monday night football" game, and the jets fell to the browns by ten. 10-0, New Orleans. And the raiders are going to get a third crack with the football. Richard from the goal line, looking for a little spark. Has some running room. Able to get out to the 28 yard line. Here's Lisa salters. Lisa: As you guys know, the raiders owner mark Davis is not here at the game tonight. The very first game here at this beautiful, brand-new stadium. I spoke to him yesterday, and he told me he has not missed a raiders game since 1963, when he was 8 years old. The raiders played the chargers at home in December. It was raining, he had a cold, his mom said he couldn't go to the game. Not being here is tough for him. But he said he just didn't think it was fair to be here if fans couldn't be here. Steve: Jacobs, pushed backwards. Davis was one of two teams, the raiders and Washington, the first two teams to come out and say way in advance, no fans will be in attendance the entire season. And Davis didn't want just a few fans at a time or to turn people away. Let's all enjoy this together at the same time, hopefully for the home opener next season. Brian: Tough decision. But you have to respect it. Steve: Off the play fake, Carr throws. Good time, excellent protection. Able to complete, to Bryan Edwards. And across midfield. Louis: Great protection in the pocket. This big offensive line, you give Derek Carr this much time to sit in there, sit in there, then wait for the hole to come open. That's as easy as it gets. Steve: Gain of 22 on the play. Louis: Take a shot. Steve: You know me. Louis: There it is. Steve: Carr wants to load up. There it is, down the sideline, and just too far for the speedster, Henry Ruggs III. That will not be the last deep shot they take to him. Louis: No question about it. You can see they had Henry in the slot. They were just going to take that shot. You see him right here. Just going to see him talk off down the field, and run with basically a post corner route. Derek just has to put it on him. Those are the kinds of shots they brought him here for. They need to start hitting him on them. Brian: That ball has to be up in the end zone. Steve: If you overthrow Ruggs, you've done something. Pressure. And Carr trying to get it, a flag comes in late. That's a coverage sack for sure. Hendrickson able to bring him down. The offensive line did a great job for the raiders there. We'll check the flag. You have to think somebody was held. Brian: Carr had waller down the field, open. Referee: Holding, offense, number 64. This penalty is declined. It's third down. Steve: That's Richie incognito. Brian: It's not on him. Waller gets downfield, he's just going to run right by the corner. You have to put it on him. That ball has to be up, and allow waller to go make a play. Pull the trigger if you're Derek Carr. It's something he's had to battle through in Jon Gruden's Steve: Third and 15, from their own 49. Carr steps up, in some trouble. He will be taken down. Another sack, this time, it's David onyemata, able to bring him down. It's a fourth down. In a drive that started so promising for the raiders. It stalls out at midfield. Louis: Here's a situation where you truly do have a coverage sack. You see they have everybody in the back covered up, Derek doesn't have anywhere to go. In third and long situations, you can drop seven and just rush with your front four. As talented as the saints secondary is, it's tough sledding in that kind of situation. Steve: Harris, back deep. A short catch at the 25 yard line. 70 seconds to play in the first ever NFL game in Las Vegas' first quarter. Steve: Want to stay up to hey, siri, show me football scores. How about 10-0, saints. The raiders still looking for their first points here in their new home. Saints' third possession. Field goal on the first possession, touchdown on second. First down and ten from the 20. On the ground, Kamara. Hill pushing people around, gets out to the 25 yard line. Louis: When you have these kinds of holes to run through, you just block down on the defensive end. You see Kamara reads it. Taysom is blocking out on support. You put yourself in second and five situations, you need to hold the offense to four yards or less to stay ahead of the sticks. Right now, drew has everything at his disposal at second and Steve: Ty Montgomery, back in the game at running back. Brees, across the middle. Harris, a little behind him, can't hang on. Brian: This raiders defense, you get in this situation, force third and four, third and five. Allow the defensive line to come off in pass rush. This is what they needed to get better at. They signed Collins from the Dallas cowboys, a disruptive pass rusher, add him to Crosby, who had ten sacks last year, and this is what they're trying to conjure up. Steve: The final half-minute of the first quarter. Third and five. Raiders rushing four. Brees has a man wide-open. And a little too high for Jared cook. Flag comes in. Louis: Looks like we'll get a little offensive P.I. Brian: That mismatch with cook on Joyner. Referee: Pass interference, offense, number 87. This penalty is declined. It's fourth down. Louis: Sometimes the tight ends, as big as they are, think they can push around defensive backs. That's what cook did there. Joyner, he will be right here. Once he gets off, he will run a little seven route. Playing in outside leverage, he just pushes him and knocks him off-balance. A good job by Joyner, playing strong at the point of contact, drawing pass interference. Steve: I was wondering how cook got so wide-open. Morstead is back to punt it away on fourth down. Renfrow for the Las Vegas raiders will run up and look to make a play. He always does. And he's out to the 37 yard line. 13 seconds left in this first quarter. Coming up this weekend on our Saturday night football game, a sunshine state rivalry, d'eriq king and Miami host Florida state. 7:30 P.M. Eastern, 4:30 P.M. Pacific on ABC. Always a good time when Miami and Florida state get together. Brian: The raiders have to get something going offensively. Eight pass yards so far in the first half. Steve: Carr trying to set up the screen to Jacobs. Very close to the first down. One of the more positive plays for the raiders in this first quarter. Louis: Interesting game of cat and mouse there. You saw what they did with Referee: This is the end of the first quarter. Steve: 15 minutes complete. In the first ever game in las Vegas. Lots of saints fans watching, too. Steve: Steve levy, Louis Riddick, Brian Griese, Lisa salters, on the 50th anniversary of "Monday night football." We welcome you back to las Vegas. And the Las Vegas raiders still looking for their first points as we open up the second quarter. Not going to get any there. Josh Jacobs is sent back flying by Marcus hunt. Brian: Hunt had a big game last week. A tip on an extra point, and field goal. Then cam Jordan, there he is, Mr. Reliable, Mr. Steady. His 131st consecutive start. Clear leader on this defense for the saints. Steve: The big play by hunt, he's 6'8", 295. Big every way. Carr to the tight end, Jason Witten. And forward progress will get him the first down. Witten caught his only target a week ago for two yards. That play is good for three. Louis: I can tell you this, at some point in time, they got the first down, but you can see there, Ruggs comes across the middle of your screen. At some point, he's going to have to get with Derek Carr and say, the big shots are there. We have to pull the trigger. Steve: Carr to the back, Jacobs. Mas a few people miss, into New Orleans territory. Williams is the first saint there. A gain of six on the play. Brian: Showing some good hands from Josh Jacobs. An area he's worked on in the off-season. We all know he can run between the tackles outside, but he wanted to become a more complete back. All off-season he worked on his receiving skills. He's caught two or three balls already. Steve: Hands it to the first man through, Jacobs. Will bring up third down and short. Jacobs said he wants 60 catches this year. He said the key is to get in space and make the smaller guys miss him. Brian: You get tired of running between the tackles and getting knocked around. He got with hunter Renfrow. He said it's because he's the best route runner on the team, and he taught me a lot about running choice routes out of the back field. Steve: Third down and one. Going to throw for it. And it's waller out of the back field. He's got the first down. And he is out of bounds at the 33 yard line. Deepest penetration so far for Las Vegas. Louis: This is a football team that is very good at throwing the ball on third and short. They move waller all over the place. This time, out of the back field. They're one of the most efficient football teams in the national football league last year, throwing the ball further down the field, creating big opportunities for themselves. They've done it here twice on this drive. Brian: Going to pitch this left. Steve: Pitch. Going to be a two-yard loss. Malcolm roach was the first saint to get there, the rookie out of Texas. Brian: Just audibling away from the down safety. Derek Carr sees him come down, he's going to pitch the ball to the field. Unfortunately for the raiders, it was sniffed out by the defensive line. Steve: Just when Vegas had some momentum. The loss on the play. Second down and 12. Pocket collapsing around Carr. He's cool and calm in there, throws. There is a flag down. Louis: They've got holding here. Steve: We'll see if it's gardner-johnson in coverage. Referee: Before the pass was thrown, holding, defense, number 22. A five-yard penalty from the previous spot. Automatic first down. Steve: It's indeed C.J. Gardner-johnson. Left early last week with a calf injury. Louis: Gardner-johnson against Ruggs. When he's against Ruggs, he gets a little nervous, wraps him around the waist and says I'll live to fight another day. That's the position you want to see Ruggs in if you're a raider fan, he can do a lot of damage. Steve: Booker in for Vegas. Brees able to complete to waller. Inside the 20. And here comes Las Vegas. Brian: Here comes Las Vegas because they're getting the ball with their best player. They have two superstar players on offense, Jacobs and waller. And waller, whether you play man or zone, the zone there on that instance, he just finds a hole. Carr gets it to him. And he's a tough guy to get Steve: Trailing only Travis kelce in receptions, yards, and first downs last season. Number two in the league among tight ends, Darren waller. Thought they might give it to Ruggs there, but they don't. They give it to booker for a yard. Sheldon Rankins, his first stop for the saints. Louis: Offensive coordinators are always gathering information, aren't they. Just send Ruggs a little bit of a ghost motion, see how the defense reacts to it. You know Jon is setting something up. This is his big play guy. He wants to see if they adjust or pay attention to it. I promise you, they'll call something off of it. Steve: You see the mask down on Jon Gruden. He said it's tough when you're calling those plays, has the mask up all the time when they're on defense. The same for Sean Payton of the saints. Second and nine. Underneath, it's waller. He crashes down to the 2 yard line. It's first and goal for the raiders, gain of 13. Brian: The saints are trying to match up Jenkins on waller. Jenkins is one of the best coverage safeties on tight ends in the national football league. But this is a mismatch. I don't think there's a safety in the league that can stay with waller. Louis: Speaking from experience, someone who has gone up against tight ends like that, they'll just push you off and create separation. You almost have to play them like you're playing basketball, deny the football to them, get underneath them. Steve: Carr, wanting to throw for it. And Ingold, the fullback, for the touchdown. And he's the answer to the trivia question. It's Derek Carr to Alec Ingold. What were the odds of that. Brian: In a Jon Gruden offense, pretty good, I would say. He uses waller as eye candy. Just trying to get the ball to Ingold out in the flat. The whole defense goes with waller. He just slips Ingold in for the touchdown. Great play design by Jon Gruden. Steve: Here's Daniel Carlson on for the extra point. And the raiders get their first score. Impressive drive for Las Vegas. 10-7. The saints get the football when we come back. Steve: That raiders offense, last year in Oakland, now in las Vegas. The 20th touchdown drive of ten or more plays, now the most in the NFL. Brian: You take time off the clock, and you keep Brees and the offense off the field. Steve: 10-7, and the raiders feel a little bit better about themselves now in their new under nine to play in the half. Carlson kicks it away. Harris thinking about it. He is going to take it, five yards deep, out of the end zone. The man can fly. And out to the 24 yard line. Time for a little feature I like to call levy's believe it or not. Sean Payton and Jon Gruden have a lot in common. Both born in 1963, both were eagles offensive assistants in 1997, both have a super bowl win as a head coach, and both are coaching in their 210th regular season game, exactly, tonight. Our sales staff right now, salivating, doing something with levy's believe it or not for next week. We'll see. Brees for Kamara, out of the back field. Past the 30. And knocked out at the 40 yard line. Nevin Lawson forced out Kamara, but not until he had 16. Louis: This is what Kamara excels at. Man down. Steve: That's Nick Easton. The right guard. Been going back and forth with Ruiz on the saints offensive line. We'll step away while Nick is being attended to. Steve: Back in fabulous las Vegas. Tonight's aerial coverage is brought to you by Goodyear. This is the eighth stadium opener on "Monday night football." You might be surprised, the home team is just 3-4 in such games. And the 188th different venue to host a national football league game. Brees gets Murray coming across. And out to midfield, Murray. Joyner forced him out. Brian: Looks like Paul Guenther may have taken Arnette out of the game. He's number 20, on the sideline. They brought Lawson in. Guenther was a little upset a week ago, when he gave up a double move in that game. He's learning. The tough thing about being a rookie in the league is that learning can be tough at times. Steve: Complete across the middle. Smith makes a move, and he's down inside the 25 yard line. Pickup of 25 yards on the play. Louis: You just can't afford to play soft zone coverage without good reroutes on the perimeter against drew Brees. If you allow his wide receivers to run free on the second level between the safeties and linebackers, he's going to pick you apart. He's going to come out of the football game feeling much better this week than last week, because he has open receivers to throw to. Steve: Drew was walking a little gingerly back to the huddle. We'll watch for that. Operating out of the shotgun for the 25. It's complete, Adam Trautman, the rookie out of Dayton, makes his first catch. Brian: They use the tight ends. That's taysom hill on the outside, and Trautman will run a little corner route. Look at the speed of hill. If you don't run that route fast enough, you don't open up that hole for Trautman underneath. For a 225-pound guy like hill to run that fast, it's amazing. Steve: Trautman, the first player picked out of Dayton in the NFL draft since 1970. Brees, I think he was just throwing that away to get out of trouble. Abram had the pressure on drew Brees. Brian: A veteran play by a quarterback. In trouble, going down, nothing good will happen. You always know you can throw the ball out of the back of the end zone and not get a grounding call. Louis: Abram, number 24, you see on your screen, Paul Guenther will have to get creative with him. Send him a little bit, have him play coverage, have him play he's going to have to show up a little bit more tonight. Steve: Second and goal. They run it with three wide receivers in there. It's Kamara, just outside of the 5 yard line. Going to bring up third and goal. Guenther watched tape from 2014 when he was the defensive coordinator in Cincinnati, he watched tape of how the Bengals held the saints to 65 yards rushing and beat them. It's remarkable that you would go back to 2014 to watch tape, and how pertinent that would be in 2020. Brian: It was his defense. Steve: The game has changed a little bit in the last six years. Brees, the throw. At the goal line, touchdown! Jared cook, touchdown for the saints. Bumping him at the goal line, and a good job by cook, hanging on. Brian: Accurate throw. When you have this opportunity to put the ball on your receiver, drew Brees knows, put it a little bit behind him so the corner can't get his hand in front and knock it down. Louis: It's another one of the situations, you almost have to plant your feet at the goal line, especially as a corner going up against the tight end. Go ahead and run by me if you want, but if you catch it here, it's a touchdown. He's just playing basketball. Brian: Looks like the ball just crossed the front plane of the goal line. Steve: All sorts of fun with the last saints extra point. This one is your garden variety. 5:22 left to play in the half. The saints by ten. Steve: Back on March 27th, 2017, the NFL owners got together and voted, 31-1, in favor of the Oakland raiders relocating here to Las Vegas. The only dissenting vote -- the Miami dolphins. I don't know. I just had the information. Brian: Listen, go a little bit deeper and let's find out why Steven Ross didn't want it. Steve: You wanted the team, I gave you the team, okay? 17-7, saints. Raiders will get the football. Starting at the 25. Down to Lisa. Lisa: More problems for the raiders offensive line. Trent brown, out tonight because of injuries, as well as his backup, Sam young. Now left guard Richie incognito is being called questionable because of an Achilles injury. Simpson is now playing in place of incognito at left guard. Steve: Richie incognito, has been battling the Achilles all week. He was limited in practice. Gruden loves him at the left guard position. We'll watch for Simpson, the rookie out of Clemson, taking his play. Jacobs on the cutback, as we wind towards five minutes left in the first half. Brian: Simpson played a lot of big-time football, played in the national championship game last year against lsu. Where he's struggled and needs to continue to grow is in pass protection, that's nothing new for a rookie offensive lineman. Steve: Second down and three. They're going to give it to Ruggs one of these times. Alex has the stop. Las Vegas has spent 52.6 million on the cap, the most in the NFL. Louis: You have to build your team front to back. Take care of the trenches. And without a doubt they've allocated enough resources to get that job done. Brian: Probably half of that went to Trent brown. Steve: He missed most of camp, too. Both calves are bothering him. Some speed from Nelson agholor. Eight straight completions for Derek Carr. That is good for 19 yards. First grab for agholor. Louis: That is a nice little route right there by agholor. Coming inside, whipping back outside. And then really turning on the jets, making Jenkins miss, and getting vertical. They need that from him to compliment what Ruggs and Renfrow give them. Brian: A big touchdown a week ago in the game against Carolina. Steve: Late pressure from the saints, picked up nicely. Allowing Renfrow to find a seam in the middle of the field. Taken down at the 35, and the raiders are in business again. Brian: Starting to get some rhythm on offense. Moving the ball around, running the football. And Renfrow owns the middle of the field. Davis has no chance of defending that route. Steve: First grab for hunter Renfrow, speaking of Clemson. A cult hero down in those parts. Brian: Ruggs in the slot. Two deep safeties. Zone look. Steve: Saints rush four. Tried to get it to waller, who slipped on the cut. And walking with him every step of the way, who else but Demario Davis. Louis: Davis is one of the best in the NFL. You see him here, just shadowing the tight end coming off the ball. You see he remains patient, doesn't go for all the stuttering at the break point. Makes a good break on the football. That's why he's one of the best linebackers in the NFL, run or pass, as a Blitzer, he does it all. Steve: Second and ten. Trying to set up the screen there. Carr was under pressure immediately by brown. Brian: Talking about Davis, just following up on him, I think it has a lot to do with preparation and film study, too. He saw that formation and waller in the slot, he knew exactly what route was coming. He's become one of the best linebackers, period, in the national football league. He can do it all, cover, rush, and play the run. Steve: Third down and ten. From the 36. Juggled a bit and caught. It's Bryan Edwards, had the earlier big gain for 22. This is good for 20. Louis: Derek Carr knew he had Edwards one-on-one with the safety in the middle of the field. And from here, he just is going to take off and he's just going to go down the field, stop, use his big body, extend, catch the football, then he's off to the races. This is something he did in college all the time. He was a specialist in contested catches, and that's the kind of play they need from him. Brian: Lattimore was there, too. He's no slouch. Steve: That was a lot of movement, and now they'll all point to each other. As we get to the two-minute let's see. Referee: Before the clock hit two minutes, neutral zone infraction, defense, number 91. A five-yard penalty. Still first down. Please reset the game clock to 2:02. Thank you. Steve: Trey Hendrickson. Brian: He had a heck of a ball game last week, sacking Tom Brady, getting pressures. No Marcus Davenport, still hasn't come back from the elbow injury. Referee: Please reset the game clock to 2:02. Steve: I think Carr is coming over, thinking it's a two-minute warning. They're going to put two seconds back. Referee: Las Vegas was not going to snap the ball. It's the two-minute warning. Two minutes. Steve: You heard the man. It's the two-minute warning. We'll be right back. Steve: Garth brooks was supposed to open up the place on August 27th. It's been rescheduled for February. The pro bowl also scheduled for January 31st here. And Las Vegas will get the ball to start the second half as well. Brian: They were 24th in scoring a year ago, that's not enough. They need to convert in these situations. Steve: First and five after the penalty, from the 11. Saints bring the pressure, and they blitz the run. Demario Davis, first man there to bring Josh Jacobs -- didn't bring him down, but stopped his forward progress in a big way. Brian: We just talked about him, one of the best in the business at coming in and disrupting offenses. 01:00:7200,705 -- 01:00:7204,401 We saw him against waller and 01:00:7204,401 -- 01:00:7206,249 now against Jacobs. 01:00:7206,249 -- 01:00:7211,177 That's as good as you can do it. 01:00:7211,177 -- 01:00:7213,641 Steve: Davis, after stints 01:00:7213,641 -- 01:00:7217,337 with the jets and the browns, 01:00:7217,337 -- 01:00:7219,185 thought about retiring. 01:00:7219,185 -- 01:00:7222,881 And then he wound up signing 01:00:7222,881 -- 01:00:7226,577 with the saints, grew up three 01:00:7226,577 -- 01:00:7230,273 hours from the Superdome, and is 01:00:7230,273 -- 01:00:7231,505 loving life. 01:00:7231,505 -- 01:00:7233,353 Brian: New contract. 01:00:7233,353 -- 01:00:7235,817 Awesome in every way. 01:00:7235,817 -- 01:00:7240,129 We have a negative play on first 01:00:7240,129 -- 01:00:7240,745 down. 01:00:7240,745 -- 01:00:7244,441 If you're the raiders, and now 01:00:7244,441 -- 01:00:7248,753 you have to think, you have to 01:00:7248,753 -- 01:00:7251,833 throw the football in this 01:00:7251,833 -- 01:00:7252,449 situation. 01:00:7252,449 -- 01:00:7256,761 What they want to do, they look 01:00:7256,761 -- 01:01:7200,457 for waller, right here in the 01:01:7200,457 -- 01:01:7203,537 Steve: That's Jacobs at the 01:01:7203,537 -- 01:01:7206,001 bottom of your screen. 01:01:7206,001 -- 01:01:7207,849 Second and nine. 01:01:7207,849 -- 01:01:7208,465 Carr. 01:01:7208,465 -- 01:01:7210,929 Running for his life. 01:01:7210,929 -- 01:01:7213,393 Will throw that away. 01:01:7213,393 -- 01:01:7215,857 The pressure, again, from 01:01:7215,857 -- 01:01:7216,473 onyemata. 01:01:7216,473 -- 01:01:7218,937 Brian: Another coverage sack, 01:01:7218,937 -- 01:01:7219,553 right? 01:01:7219,553 -- 01:01:7222,017 Davis again on waller. 01:01:7222,017 -- 01:01:7225,713 And right now, Jon Gruden has 01:01:7225,713 -- 01:01:7229,409 got to get deeper in the 01:01:7229,409 -- 01:01:7233,105 he has to threaten this team 01:01:7233,105 -- 01:01:7233,721 downfield. 01:01:7233,721 -- 01:01:7236,801 You can't throw five-yard routes 01:01:7236,801 -- 01:01:7240,497 all the way down the field. 01:01:7240,497 -- 01:01:7243,577 Louis: It's tough to do. 01:01:7243,577 -- 01:01:7246,657 The saints secondary is very 01:01:7246,657 -- 01:01:7249,737 good in those bunch route 01:01:7249,737 -- 01:01:7253,433 concept looks, with a lot of 01:01:7253,433 -- 01:01:7256,513 crossers at the line of 01:01:7256,513 -- 01:01:7257,129 scrimmage. 01:01:7257,129 -- 01:02:7200,209 Sorting it out, playing some 01:02:7200,209 -- 01:02:7202,673 zone coverage, and communicating 01:02:7202,673 -- 01:02:7203,905 through it. 01:02:7203,905 -- 01:02:7207,601 And they did it right there. 01:02:7207,601 -- 01:02:7210,065 Steve: Third and nine. 01:02:7210,065 -- 01:02:7214,377 They can get a first down still. 01:02:7214,377 -- 01:02:7215,609 Here's Carr. 01:02:7215,609 -- 01:02:7219,305 Take a shot, why wouldn't you. 01:02:7219,305 -- 01:02:7222,385 It's caught, waiting for the 01:02:7222,385 -- 01:02:7223,001 signal. 01:02:7223,001 -- 01:02:7226,081 And it is a touchdown. 01:02:7226,081 -- 01:02:7229,777 At least the celebration is on. 01:02:7229,777 -- 01:02:7231,009 Zay Jones. 01:02:7231,009 -- 01:02:7234,705 How about zay Jones and Alec 01:02:7234,705 -- 01:02:7238,401 Ingold on the receiving end of 01:02:7238,401 -- 01:02:7240,865 touchdowns for the raiders. 01:02:7240,865 -- 01:02:7243,945 We'll take a few looks. 01:02:7243,945 -- 01:02:7247,025 Brian: We talked about them 01:02:7247,025 -- 01:02:7250,105 taking a shot downfield and 01:02:7250,105 -- 01:02:7252,569 threatening the end zone. 01:02:7252,569 -- 01:02:7255,649 A corner route to Jones. 01:02:7255,649 -- 01:02:7259,345 Does he control the ball down? 01:02:7259,345 -- 01:03:7203,657 Looks like he had an elbow down 01:03:7203,657 -- 01:03:7206,737 first, that right elbow, which 01:03:7206,737 -- 01:03:7209,201 would keep him inbounds. 01:03:7209,201 -- 01:03:7212,281 I think that's a touchdown. 01:03:7212,281 -- 01:03:7214,745 That ball was caught. 01:03:7214,745 -- 01:03:7217,825 Steve: John parry is giving 01:03:7217,825 -- 01:03:7220,905 us the thumbs-up from long 01:03:7220,905 -- 01:03:7221,521 distance. 01:03:7221,521 -- 01:03:7225,217 Brian: What a play from zay 01:03:7225,217 -- 01:03:7225,833 Jones. 01:03:7225,833 -- 01:03:7228,913 Steve: Carlson for the extra 01:03:7228,913 -- 01:03:7229,529 point. 01:03:7229,529 -- 01:03:7231,377 Boots it through. 01:03:7231,377 -- 01:03:7234,457 1:44 to go, 17-14, saints. 01:03:7234,457 -- 01:03:7238,153 We're back in 30 seconds after 01:03:7238,153 -- 01:03:7240,617 this word from DraftKings. 01:03:7240,617 -- 01:03:7244,313 Steve: That was a big score. 01:03:7244,313 -- 01:03:7246,777 Louis: That Achilles' heel 01:03:7246,777 -- 01:03:7250,473 for the raiders last year was 01:03:7250,473 -- 01:03:7253,553 the goal to go offense. 01:03:7253,553 -- 01:03:7256,633 Why wouldn't you, if you're 01:03:7256,633 -- 01:03:7259,713 Derek Carr and Jon Gruden, 01:03:7259,713 -- 01:04:7203,409 attack from the plus-15 to the 01:04:7203,409 -- 01:04:7207,105 plus-25 before you get down in 01:04:7207,105 -- 01:04:7207,721 there. 01:04:7207,721 -- 01:04:7211,417 That was a great example of 01:04:7211,417 -- 01:04:7215,113 that, take some pressure off of 01:04:7215,113 -- 01:04:7218,193 the goal to go offense. 01:04:7218,193 -- 01:04:7221,273 Steve: We'll see, on third 01:04:7221,273 -- 01:04:7224,353 down tonight, Carr has been 01:04:7224,353 -- 01:04:7224,969 perfect. 01:04:7224,969 -- 01:04:7228,049 The raiders' last two drives 01:04:7228,049 -- 01:04:7231,129 after really doing nothing on 01:04:7231,129 -- 01:04:7234,209 offense, 11 plays for a 01:04:7234,209 -- 01:04:7237,905 touchdown, and then 10 plays for 01:04:7237,905 -- 01:04:7239,137 a touchdown. 01:04:7239,137 -- 01:04:7243,449 And it's a field goal game with 01:04:7243,449 -- 01:04:7246,529 1:44 left in the half. 01:04:7246,529 -- 01:04:7250,225 Saints have just one time-out to 01:04:7250,225 -- 01:04:7251,457 play with. 01:04:7251,457 -- 01:04:7255,153 Looking in the eyes of Harris. 01:04:7255,153 -- 01:04:7259,465 Brought it in the end zone five 01:04:7259,465 -- 01:05:7202,545 yards deep last time around. 01:05:7202,545 -- 01:05:7206,241 Going to let that one go. 01:05:7206,241 -- 01:05:7209,937 Time for money moves, brought to 01:05:7209,937 -- 01:05:7211,785 you by sofi. 01:05:7211,785 -- 01:05:7214,865 Louis: They're doing a nice 01:05:7214,865 -- 01:05:7218,561 job here of really moving waller 01:05:7218,561 -- 01:05:7221,025 around within the formation. 01:05:7221,025 -- 01:05:7225,953 You see they put him in the back 01:05:7225,953 -- 01:05:7228,417 field, man-to-man coverage with 01:05:7228,417 -- 01:05:7229,033 Lattimore. 01:05:7229,033 -- 01:05:7232,729 Marshon has to fight through the 01:05:7232,729 -- 01:05:7237,041 coverage to get there for a nice 01:05:7237,041 -- 01:05:7239,505 pitch and catch situation. 01:05:7239,505 -- 01:05:7241,353 Here, against Jenkins. 01:05:7241,353 -- 01:05:7245,665 Tries to jam him at the line. 01:05:7245,665 -- 01:05:7249,361 Uses his size to his advantage, 01:05:7249,361 -- 01:05:7251,825 another pitch and catch 01:05:7251,825 -- 01:05:7252,441 situation. 01:05:7252,441 -- 01:05:7256,137 Steve: On first down and ten, 01:05:7256,137 -- 01:05:7259,833 able to move it out ahead. 01:05:7259,833 -- 01:06:7201,065 It's Kamara. 01:06:7201,065 -- 01:06:7204,145 The last two Vegas touchdown 01:06:7204,145 -- 01:06:7207,841 drives took 9:56 off the clock. 01:06:7207,841 -- 01:06:7211,537 And obviously the key part of 01:06:7211,537 -- 01:06:7215,233 that is, you're keeping the ball 01:06:7215,233 -- 01:06:7219,545 out of the hands of drew Brees. 01:06:7219,545 -- 01:06:7223,241 Out of the back field and 01:06:7223,241 -- 01:06:7225,705 dropped, Ty Montgomery looking 01:06:7225,705 -- 01:06:7229,401 to run before he had it. 01:06:7229,401 -- 01:06:7233,097 That will bring up third down 01:06:7233,097 -- 01:06:7234,329 and five. 01:06:7234,329 -- 01:06:7236,793 Brian: They were really 01:06:7236,793 -- 01:06:7239,257 impressive answers from the 01:06:7239,257 -- 01:06:7243,569 raiders to go down and put the 01:06:7243,569 -- 01:06:7247,265 football in the end zone and 01:06:7247,265 -- 01:06:7250,345 make it a three-point game. 01:06:7250,345 -- 01:06:7254,041 But now, this defense, you don't 01:06:7254,041 -- 01:06:7257,121 want to lose that momentum 01:06:7257,121 -- 01:06:7258,353 before half-time. 01:06:7258,353 -- 01:07:7202,665 Drew Brees, the best there is on 01:07:7202,665 -- 01:07:7204,513 the two-minute drill. 01:07:7204,513 -- 01:07:7208,209 And he has time-outs to work 01:07:7208,209 -- 01:07:7211,289 Steve: The raiders still have 01:07:7211,289 -- 01:07:7213,137 all three time-outs. 01:07:7213,137 -- 01:07:7217,449 This is a big play on defense 01:07:7217,449 -- 01:07:7221,761 for Las Vegas on third and five. 01:07:7221,761 -- 01:07:7225,457 We'll see how Sean Payton plays 01:07:7225,457 -- 01:07:7226,073 this. 01:07:7226,073 -- 01:07:7228,537 Quick inside slant, caught. 01:07:7228,537 -- 01:07:7230,385 It's tre'quan Smith. 01:07:7230,385 -- 01:07:7234,081 He's got enough for the first. 01:07:7234,081 -- 01:07:7237,161 Brian: You can see Smith 01:07:7237,161 -- 01:07:7240,857 taking over the "X" position for 01:07:7240,857 -- 01:07:7242,089 Mike Thomas. 01:07:7242,089 -- 01:07:7245,169 That's his patented route, that 01:07:7245,169 -- 01:07:7246,401 slant route. 01:07:7246,401 -- 01:07:7248,865 Steve: Abram is hanging 01:07:7248,865 -- 01:07:7251,945 around the line of scrimmage. 01:07:7251,945 -- 01:07:7255,025 Brian: He shouldn't be there, 01:07:7255,025 -- 01:07:7255,641 right? 01:07:7255,641 -- 01:07:7257,489 Steve: Not yet. 01:07:7257,489 -- 01:07:7259,337 Brees, it's intercepted! 01:07:7259,337 -- 01:08:7202,417 Picked off, Nicholas moreau, for 01:08:7202,417 -- 01:08:7203,649 Las Vegas. 01:08:7203,649 -- 01:08:7207,345 Louis: Just when I was about 01:08:7207,345 -- 01:08:7211,657 to sit there and say you can't 01:08:7211,657 -- 01:08:7215,353 sit back and play soft zone 01:08:7215,353 -- 01:08:7217,817 coverage against drew Brees, 01:08:7217,817 -- 01:08:7222,129 what do they do, they play a 01:08:7222,129 -- 01:08:7224,593 little soft zone coverage. 01:08:7224,593 -- 01:08:7227,673 And moreau just sits there. 01:08:7227,673 -- 01:08:7231,985 Drops off, you see him play in 01:08:7231,985 -- 01:08:7234,449 the hook curl region. 01:08:7234,449 -- 01:08:7238,761 Drew was trying to get the ball 01:08:7238,761 -- 01:08:7242,457 to Harris, but he didn't see 01:08:7242,457 -- 01:08:7244,921 moreau sitting underneath him, 01:08:7244,921 -- 01:08:7249,233 or he just made an errant throw. 01:08:7249,233 -- 01:08:7252,313 Steve: That was all pressure. 01:08:7252,313 -- 01:08:7256,009 Brees threw it before he wanted 01:08:7256,009 -- 01:08:7256,625

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