FiveThirtyEight: The Northeastern Primaries

Clare Malone and Harry Enten discuss the primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.
5:29 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight: The Northeastern Primaries
I think Donald Trump is going to half of the good night. I think that we kind of have this thing where we go back and forth that Donald Trump and for the past two weeks we sort of been like contested convention. But as Nate would say if you were here that the betting markets have the odds of the contested convention going down this week. And so I think the town temple have a pretty decent night I think Pennsylvania's going to be interesting because he's expected to win there but they've got sort of a funky delegate system where. 54 of their of their people are directly on the ballot at a lot of those people might not end up voting for Donald Trump. I think we'll have a silent a silent right. I mean he's gonna win more votes than any other candidate and all five states that are voting this evening. So yeah I mean trump is going to win all of the states are on the board tonight there's still some question how many delicate so when in some of the states but I mean it's going to be a trump board. So I'm and all the I would watch all of them all of not I'm not gonna watch Delaware I don't care about Delaware which comes gonna win there and it's winner take all but there are still some questions about whether Ted Cruz it's 10% in Rhode Island if he doesn't. Then from when word got out there Rhode Island that's exactly Russ. In Connecticut that's trying to get over 50% does he win in Connecticut's fourth district. And Pennsylvania was forced Connecticut's fourth district Connecticut's fourth district is in the southwest part sense are I think most people know where Connecticut's fourth district a ligament know what has Clinton it's just me it clipped by many event. And in Pennsylvania. You know the BM pledged delegates is building that is the really big question of the big missed yes. A and it does seem that Donald Trump has had some positive favorable movements in the polls including an Indiana with a private polls have shown him sort of climbing. That's still a state that Ted crews can when in fact I would argue past the win. I don't see how trump winning tonight hurts him down on Indiana but this primary season has been so insane so far that ruling. Yes an Indiana has of course become this thing ever since like this ever since two days ago when John Kasich content crews. So that they were sort of splitting things off increased it's Indiana so it it has. Indiana's turned in to California I feel like. A week ago we have said California's where it all comes down to an hour like Indiana is the state where its where he has to you know you have to stop child or else. Jeanne he's inevitable. And I'm out pointing out a very interest in connection between Indiana and California is saved by the bell originally started as good morning miss less and it was based in Indiana. And then went out to the West Coast Bayside high with say about about what was retooled. I've nothing's. A I think they're too. Two sets of ideas in the sanders' campaign within their campaign but what they're supposed to do now. And one campus sort of stay until June come hell or high water we've got the momentum. Such as it is I mean without the votes we've got the money let's let's stay and then there's another camp that says snakes maybe we shouldn't it was should pull out and I think. Tonight Hillary Clinton does really well. May be within within that campaign internally they'll say. Hey you know it's getting more and more difficult for us to sort of put on the public face that this is still a viable thing that again you know he could he has. You know. He's been sort of these proven that he is the the candidate who's there for at sort of the passion play and am not necessarily. Just sort of hardcore wit and he has a message and Ike I tend to think he'll stay and even after tonight. Yeah I mean he'll stay and I think about who really knows I mean he's gonna be down so many elected delegates near 300 that'll have to win the remaining states like someone here thirty percentage points over Hillary Clinton. In order to even tie her in the elected delegate count would there be any states coming up he would be particularly wild place yeah I mean oh win some states you know I think to win in West Virginia for example which votes in May. Com he'll do well in north the coda. I'll probably do well on Montana but these are states that just simply don't have a lot of voters in them and the states that do have a lot of voters and then he doesn't seem to do. As well. I have to admit my favorite celebrity sighting is probably I was on the corner. One this day. 79. And Broadway or an error about. And I'm walking along right now hey. There's mr. Fini. William Daniels. Who is walking on the street and he kind of looked over and then goes. Shook his head like that little supplement gone. I can't believe just calling mr. from. Okay mine is. I think I have to go with. Colin Quinn and I had a moment on the Conklin start ups and down in the ninety's was once they accuse of Condit you're watching and still is very cute he's so was very cute yet but we have Blake. I liked it a lot of double takes and then I think piece Amin watching him in the past I may be I'm over reading this. What I thought like move closer to sort of enjoyed and moment and there weren't that many people on the. Mutual connect. It was very Allen.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Clare Malone and Harry Enten discuss the primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"55980986","title":"FiveThirtyEight: The Northeastern Primaries","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeight-northeastern-primaries-55980986"}