FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast Live in Manchester, New Hampshire

The crew plays a game of “Guess What Americans Think?” during our live podcasting show in Manchester, New Hampshire.
18:37 | 02/10/20

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast Live in Manchester, New Hampshire
Our vital segment of the evening we're gonna plate gas what Americans think and we actually have some guests joining us for this segment of the the program our politics editors there for Austin San. And elections analyst Jeffrey spelling. If we do. So. Here's not the last time we played this game Michael one so I assume that Claire MD eighties and and pride that he might got background his win in DC so out. Jeopardy art year backup support may act color or adequately Mike Elisa and its neighbors all of them know. I think you're ended up its U verses either Claire and neat. And then. And Jeff or I had in mind. Jeff would give needs them back out there were declared a company that's what's this and experts engendered the pitch and perhaps some tea. Do you want. To get there would be at the our stuff whereas art for arts. We're gonna start both I would doubt. Answer what percent of New Hampshire writes that the results in Iowa community a second look at candidates. I think it discusses the unity effort. As subtle as an of that home in here. So we can pull lose on this. In my sickness that did not end it but I think it will. Grounds. Quarter actually can export. 25 there's forty cents a but I didn't see some that your. It's a quarter that you concluded and Alexander quarter 120%. In New Hampshire that they're like feeling that you places nobody else in there out. Also don't even do happen in Ireland purpose that we. I think when it perhaps to some. I mean that I did not think you got pretty fast game. I repeat the question. Flood threat behind dwindling at the what is ahead. What parts of New Hampshire. Writes that result in Iowa and if that look at it. It. It's between two. Point. Obviously hugely privately for. We'll keep an eye you gotta get one with a point four yeah. See progress with that. This I think Clinton nailed it exactly right the last time this happens. And he nailed it again if you got that job. That's according to the most recent Monmouth poll in February. Typically write it. Thank you need. What we're let's particularly strategically he could easily fixed when the actual knowledge of the strategy combined yeah yeah Justine ultimately. And we're. What I get an extra point in nail it spot op. Now. Actually get all the way to make up the rules you know why we got to stick with his own life. The Iowa Democratic Party. Create jobs through job. Our next president started written in clear about what percent of democratic primary voters say they'd seen a campaign act from Michael Bloomberg. High like. 863. Art 63 America. Fifty keepers. Yeah I think the issue between them strategically. OK do you wanna go with like sixty let's do that 60%. All right and you get the point it's 590. Let's. Just cut all contacts. 33%. That they had seen at Hans dire out 28% Sanders when he 5% by 24% Warren 13% truck. Is this typical. Death and it's and Bloomberg had spent more than 230 million UV and radio ads by the end. Nate you who who built the Bloomberg money early the he's at 11% summary. There it is one to one to Europe mica I'd make a comeback but we're starting with year. What percent of New Hampshire it's do not affiliated with any relates and for contact him at route one of the least religious. Today. 58%. Our right. He did it audience Delhi way to and now. I think the national team and this is twentysomething. Yeah. It cheaper than a prominent high that they Hampshire's one of the highest in the country and so. We need to yells at me unsolicited forty or fifty days and I. And 41. Playing what they had reason to. Forty want RA you guys get the point it's 33%. In a snow. I mean can't we get the witnessing and I'll let you know. I thought I got a lot of. Cop. So and a game play by the rules of the game you know. The answer is the fifth least religious state in the nation the least religious as Vermont. And Morgan and Washington that Y and of course back. Out even the New Hampshire. That much about him. Our aren't. So bright outlook from Iraq who know they're really here. I appreciate about them. It's that in just one name credit view and Micah you're and we are back to its wrath. Jeff. Only means that the are blamed. What percent of Americans say that regardless of whether or not they. Rewrote its policies president trump has mostly done what he said he would. Need to have. I mean with trumpet generally. Hang around 5050 and some direction. Because it didn't deadlock Democrats. Partner just go with that are got on that regardless that the preamble that question. Burleson think. So strikes even if you don't agree with that particular uses music to fifties. Somewhere a pact. And really. 5050. Sure of that. That means it's like you're a Democrat he's bad but I don't bet he would said he was but it. It. If you. Attracts every Marlon 5852. Micah that they want that. If that tough got a and it's 57%. Say it's mostly got quite effective because a higher. So it's cute to. 00. You'll. We don't need a score after never Iraq. It just might you have to. U the now mutiny and Claire what percent of New Hampshire Democrats say they have firmly decided on the candidate they are voting for a primary which poll. After that it Monmouth. So this Biloxi couple days ago. You. People ask pleasant summer I think it's like if he he. I mean it. Fifty let's go at fifty. For her listeners that home audience. Opening act quickly apparent that the odds they stopped let's put 54. 54 Micah. I. They want. So we have 54. And 61. In theory there. Firms. The wording editors note currently decided on the candidate they are broad war on crime very currently live via low. Earth. You gotta talk here might actually 61 is more in the ballpark. And I think it would be so maybe it's ludicrous 62 aegis Tina. Schools around. Sixty are right. It is for me back really. As I could ask. Them. Yeah that's embarrass them. IQ three and I at Claremont are in. It's an accurate mica your me think. The question is. What percent of Americans say they themselves but let's go to them. I can hear they themselves let's go to the men like not like. I think America should go to the moon it's like I myself would let your CT. I have gotten nothing nothing specific about safety was thank god help all got you have Poulter who reached with Clair. Well outfit but I. How many people and hear them tell that. Audit I think. OK I tainted your service the unit Imus say there 30%. RA. I don't think its majority. So that you know that really narrows down. Plurality 440. Like I'm not going and so I don't. I hate hate flying that that just seems like the craziest thing I can possibly do. If you room and space. In. They are. They actually I have asked them let's let's go that I think we're in for it's low it's like. I'm afraid to find people are lazy and. No no Wi-Fi black eye. With respect I have read well enough alone and pregnant with you again. The case with a 31. Already answered I'm Diane taking her there. And that means Michael Wednesday. I've been gambling right. Some payoffs right there where. No idea what did argue habit I have no idea Bill Clinton like you some idea what it. With. It's right now is it 231. Cents to three and a half act now. Cox's office where dividing the final number by how many members. 31 for now that would be the map. We are back here is that I see delta depends. For last week's fiasco in Iowa one person and an eyewitness Democrats Bieber getting rid of the caucuses even if it meant no longer ours. This island Afghan militants. You averages 54 in the afternoon before that the after yet he. Sarah and that I don't yet that's what I'm thinking. And it's telling envelope that earnings. 32 tickets being a mean pastries called pattern okay affairs their victory. Are at. Name crap we're gonna get Phrack it is too little time. They are islands there have been kind of asked the audience the capital New Hampshire question not a lot of that it would think. Thirty with a is that. Evans inhibitors are using the current system that you should use to use and it. So I don't have that problem. 33. Wait but. Let. Day. There for my kid got that. This isn't listening. The plurality. I would Democrats. Today there okay with doing away wins the Iowa Caucuses even if it means no longer bursts out 44%. Organic and doing away minute 42% that it keep it. And the answer was 42 point keep it even equipment not new but it part. It stupor democratic. That you. Do it might have about a month all violence that number it's a leading question that it's a cell it's an aunt tells the question. Which ultimately it was just released its no blood for blood about the go back. Just because from September they don't casket and all right so this is an interesting. Competition Q3 two to us mrs. the last question when all. So in the we have to. The question is. What percent of Americans say their loved life is going Berry wow very well very well. Can can we get. How many answers were on this the covenants that like well very well not very well break not a Falwell is better. Options work very well somewhat. Well not very well not well at all not applicable or not it. And questions companies said that there it was going well going buried which faltered and. On how we got. As you've gone and it. I'm pretty sure that last time adjustments to our efforts Yasser name grade WASL. It probably. Very well I think rational. So people are to be here is just holding it marks how many. Affiliate wildlife is going very well. Gary and got a letting them. Look like who is here with a partner who didn't applaud. Or people who are happy. Alex outside of the Lincoln we years I. Political press Courtney I think I think in very like consistently well. I think people it's an. 51. The lower fifties I didn't think. That this actually make that he would below it. 5555. I if I had. Day that. It add. See my thought is that. There's not a lot of somewhat wells on this it's it's going to be a Felix victory polarized kind of troops approval. Like I check Japanese actually a much. So that's like. Each somewhat well 45. Farewell and my thoughts like forties. Again igniting four. And still it. Well actually do when dealing strategic about this study and Ryan now. A civil authorities and and is that you might if it's like in the bid for high for exercise immaculate difference that it's 42. Forty tickle episode of the gases words say it repeated remark I'm. 55555440. Wouldn't. It is 30%. Us. I thought you are unhappy. It's much confidence about today so in love it or not Manning. And it's it's give you the rest of the results somewhat well was 22%. Not very well with 9%. Not well at all with 5%. And not applicable I'm not emblem with twenty. So we've kind of have a problem here is three to three. No tentative three but do. Who'd about it but it wasn't until last question in what analysts question. That the attacker. All right well just honest look at how did Iowa caucus that never got. Offer up for coming on supporting these are win in Iowa is spectacular. So fast. Well aren't but. As I. Our and gradually in the round of applause for it.

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