FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Trump Narrows The Gap With Latino Voters

The crew talks to pollster Carlos Odio about political trends among Latino voters.
57:59 | 09/15/20

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Trump Narrows The Gap With Latino Voters
County sheriff's deputy shot through the jaw but tending to her partner. Himself shot in the forehead, protecting him by placing him behind that pillar and radioing for help. I've been shot. Send help. She can't speak very well. Reporter: Moments earlier, a lone gunman approaching their cruiser, firing multiple times, fleeing on foot. The deputies, a 31-year-old mother of a 6-year-old and a 24-year-old man, were sworn in only 14 months ago. They were rushed to the hospital where mall group of protesters gathered, heckling the deputies. One protesters livestreaming the incident. People heard taunting the wounded deputies. Y'all dying one by one. Reporter: Tension has been high in L.A. Since sheriff's deputies shot and killed a bicyclist. With nightly protests at the local sheriff's station. Former vice president Biden calling the attacks on the deputies absolutely unconscionable. President trump also weighing in. Our thoughts are with the two sheriff's deputies in los Angeles who are fighting for their lives when a vicious criminal walked up to their vehicle and shot them at point-blank range. Reporter: And David, the sheriff tells me they are throwing every available resource towards this manhunt. Hundreds of officers. The FBI is also involved and there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. David? All right, Matt Gutman, thank you. When we come back, the state attorney general involved in a deadly accident. A man struck and killed. The A.G. Saying he thought he hit a deer. Here's to the duers. To all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma Thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. Dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. It can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. It's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. 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So help heal your skin from within, And talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. If your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. We continue to track hurricane Sally here, set to slam into the gulf coast, strengthening, upgraded to a cat let's get to back to ginger tonight. Reporter: David, I just felt those first stinging rain drops that hit your face with this wind and we are going to be wet for the next 36 hours here. I want to take you through the timing. The radar is where we begin so you can see that center of the storm starting to wrap up. Head west-north toward the coast. Anyone, coastal Mississippi through Alabama, the panhandle of Florida, need to watch for that heavy rain and surge. Landfall just about midnight, somewhere in eastern Mississippi, but remember, broad spectrum impacted by this storm. This time tomorrow night we'll be closing in on landfall, David. All right, ginger, thank you. Ginger and rob there in the storm zone and our team in the fire zone, as well. We'll stay on all of this for you. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow. And from all of us here at ABC news, good night. Reopening school buildings affects all New Yorkers, which is why safety is our top priority. From ventilation to disinfection to covid testing, we are taking every precaution to keep schools safe. Learn more at or call 311. This is "Jeopardy!" Here are today's contestants-- a TV writer from Los Angeles, California... An astronomer from Glendale, California... And an orchestra musician from Riverside, California... And now here is the host of "Jeopardy!"-- Alex Trebek! Thank you, Johnny Gilbert, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, everyone. Welcome, welcome, welcome, as "Jeopardy!" Begins its 37th season of original quiz programmi, with a few changes having been made to adjust for Covid-19-- the most obvious, of course, you can see right now. We have separated our lecterns so to provide a little extra distancing-- social distancing-- between the players. We have done the same thing for our staff and crew. We're trying to provide as safe an environment as possible as we produce these new programs for your enjoyment. Now, our returning champion, Zach, was unable to travel from the East Coast here to play today, but we will be bringing him back to the program in just a few weeks' time. What that means, of course, is that we have three newcomers-- Cory, Jeff, and Franki. Welcome. Good luck. Let's go to work. And we start as always with the Jeopardy! Round. We're going to court today. We'll start with... Then we'll deal with... ...Comes next, followed by... And finally... And, Cory, it's your choice. Where do we start? I'd like Sentencing for $200, please. - Cory. - What is an object? - You are right. - Sentencing, $400, please. - Jeff. - What is after the noun? - You got it. - Sentencing for $600. - Franki. - What are commas? Yes. - Let's go with Approach The Bench for $200. - Franki. - Who is Beckham? - Yes. - Approach The Bench for $400. Oh, that took place at Lake Placid. Franki, back to you. Let's go with Approach The Bench for $600. - Jeff. - Who are the Orioles? - Baltimore Orioles. Yes. - Bench for $800. - Franki. - Who are the Giants? Let's go with Bench for $1,000. - Jeff. - Who is Lou Gehrig? - Lou Gehrig is the one. Yes. - Discovery for $200. - Franki. - What's the "Titanic"? - The "Titanic." Correct. - Sentencing for $800. - Franki. - What is thesis sentence? Thesis. No. Cory. - What is an exposition? - No. Correct response-- what is topic? The topic. Franki, back to you, though. Sentencing for $1,000, please. - Cory. - What is syntax? That's it. And you're out of the hole. Discovery, $400, please. - Jeff. - What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? - Yes. - Discovery for $600. - Franki. - What is 1849? - No. Jeff. - What is 1847? - No. Cory. - What is 1846? No. You guys surrounded it to death almost. 1848. Jeff, we come back to you. Discovery for $800. - Jeff. - Who are Lewis and Clark? - Correct. - Discovery for $1,000. - Cory. - What is Andromeda? Right. And with that, you are out of the hole once again, and you have taken us to our first commercial break of this new season. Please stay with us. Promotional consideration provided by... Truly amazing how things have changed in just one year. Franki, a year ago, you flew to London for a very short visit. Tell me about that trip. Yes. So, a dear friend of mine and I got Spice Girls tickets for their reunion tour. We were immensely excited and then realized that we could not actually take that much time off, so what we ended up-- flying out after work on Wednesday night, landing in London on Thursday afternoon, and flying back to L.A. On Sunday afternoon. We were there for maybe 72 hours. But, still, a great experience? Totally worth it. Okay. Jeff Rich is an astronomer from Glendale, California who gets to work at Mount Wilson. Tell me about that experience. It's really great. Everybody should visit if they get a chance. We get to use telescopes that are over 100 years old that were used to make really great discoveries like the one that was mentioned earlier, And it's a sight to behold, so... Worthwhile for visitors, not only for people who work there. Absolutely. It's great for teaching about science and history both. All right. Cory Barger. You're a musician. Yes. You play an instrument that we don't hear about that often. That's right. I play the bassoon. With a view to ending up where? In an orchestra in the United States. Right now I work in Mexico, and I would love to come back home. All right. Well, good luck to you in that regard. Right now you have command of the board. Go ahead. Side Bar for $400, please. - Cory. - What is... Sorry. I blanked. Oh, darn. Franki. - What is a twist? - Twist. Yes, indeed. Side Bar for $600. - Cory. - What are almonds? - Good. - $800--side Bar. This implement is used to crush ingredients at the bottom of a drink, like the mint in a mojito. - Jeff. - What is a muddler? - Muddler. Correct. - Side Bar for $1,000. - Cory. - What are bitters? Bitters. Good. Cross Examination for $600. Answer-- And a chance for you to take the lead away from Jeff. - Let's do $1,500. - All right... - What is 10? - 10 is right. Well done. You're in the lead. Go again. $400--cross Examination. - Franki. - What is theta? No. Jeff or Cory? What is tau? Back to you, Cory. Cross Examination, $800. A cross with a ring superimposed is also called this alliterative cross. That's a Celtic cross. Back to you, Cory. Cross Examination, $1,000. - Franki. - What is an ankh? Ankh is right. Less than a minute now. Opening Statements for $600. - Cory. - Who's Jane Austen? - Yes, indeed. - Opening Statements, $800. - Franki. - Who is Tolstoy? - Right. - Opening Statements for $1,000. - Jeff. - What is "The tell-tale Heart"? - Correct. - Statements for $400. - Jeff. - What is "Call me Ishmael"? - Good. - Statements for $200. Cory. - Who is Laura Ingalls Wilder? - No. - Franki. - Who is Dorothy? Dorothy is right. Yes. And with that, you wind up at $2,400. All three of you, I'm happy to say, are off to a pretty good start. Franki, you get to go first, though, in Double Jeopardy! When we come back. Gas station, approaching... Can we make it on one tank? Running probabilities... Guys, I filled the pickup truck with Amoco Ultimate. We'll go up to 25 miles further per tank in highway driving than with regular fuel. We're gonna make it... We're gonna make it! Up to 25 miles further per tank with Amoco Ultimate. Available at BP and Amoco stations. And you could get 5 cents off every gallon with bpme Rewards. Want the cream winning beauty's best? Just one jar was named best retinol cream, best retinol moisturizer, and best overall night cream. Olay Retinol24 faced the test to be awarded the best. Olay. Face Anything. Closed captioning sponsored in part by... Franki Butler, our TV writer from Los Angeles, will pick first in Double Jeopardy! Franki, as you know, our writers really enjoy wordplay, and that's obvious in the first category... Followed by... And finally, some... Notice the quotation marks. Start us off, please. I'll take 1 Word, 2 Meanings for $400, please. - Cory. - What is fashion? - That's the word. - Italian Opera, $400, please. - Jeff. - What is "Romeo and Juliet"? - Yeah. - 1 Word, 2 Meanings, $800. - Jeff. - What is angle? - Angle is Correct. - 2 Meanings, $1,200. - Jeff. - What is a hamper? - Hamper is right. - 2 Meanings, $1,600. Answer-- And you've build up a lead. You're at $7,200. - $2,000, please. - All right... - What is a cataract? - Correct again. You're on a roll in this category. 2 Meanings, $2,000. - Jeff. - What is nix? Nix. N-I-x. Yes. President for $400. - Cory. - What is the Statue of Liberty? Right. President & Accounted For, $800. - Jeff. - Who is Ral Castro? Good. $1,200-- President & Accounted For. - Cory. - Who is Hugo Chvez? - Yes. - Italian Opera, $800. - Jeff. - What is "Aida"? Aida. Good. $1,600-- President & Accounted For. Franki. - Who is Pern? - Juan Pern. Good. This American City for $400. - Cory. - What is Albuquerque? - Right. - American City, $800. - Franki. - What is Cincinnati? - That's it. - President for $2,000. Jeff. - What is Afghanistan? - That's the country. This American City, $1,200. - Jeff. - What is Augusta? - Good. - American City, $1,600. - Jeff. - What is Memphis? - Yes. - This American City, $2,000. Answer--the other... You found them both. And you have a commanding lead at the moment. - Uh...$2,000. - All right... - What is Fort Worth? - Fort Worth is right. No more Daily Doubles. Good "p.r."--$400. - Cory. - What is a pep rally? - That's the "P.R." - "p.r."--$800. - Cory. - What are pork rinds? - Yes. - "p.r."--$1,200. - Jeff. - What is punk rock? - That's the "P.R." - "p.r."--$1,600. There are some famous landmarks along this body of water, as seen here. - Jeff. - What is the Potomac River? - Good. - "p.r."--$2,000. - Franki. - Who is Philip Roth? Right. Role With The Changes for $2,000. - Franki. - Who is Kunta Kinte? Role With The Changes for $1,600. - Franki. - Who is Helena Bonham Carter? - Good. - Role With The Changes, $1,200. - Jeff. - What is "Bewitched"? - That's it. - Role, $800. - Franki. - What is "Iron Man"? - You got it. - Role for $400. - Jeff. - What is "Full House"? - No. Franki. - What is "Roseanne"? - You got it. - Italian Opera for $1,200. - Cory. - What is "Pagliacci"? - Yes. - $1,600. - Jeff. - Who is Handel? No. Cory. - Who is Vivaldi? - Vivaldi. Right. $2,000. - Cory. - What is "Orfeo"? "Orfeo" is right. And with that, we finish Double Jeopardy! Jeff with $21,600. Very impressive but not a runaway to start off the new season. So all three of you are getting to deal with this subject in Final Jeopardy!-- Famous Buildings. Make your wagers. Think about it first, though. We'll come back to reveal the clue in a moment. With UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans, there's so much to take advantage of. Like $0 copays on virtual visits... Wow Uh-huh $0 copays on primary care visits and lab tests. Wow Uh-huh Plus, $0 copays on hundreds of prescription drugs. Uh-huh UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans. Including the only plans with the aarp name. Most plans have a $0 premium. It's time to take advantage. Wow I'm still on the road to what's next. And I'm still going for my best. Even though I live with a higher risk of stroke due to AFib not caused by a heart valve problem. So if there's a better treatment than warfarin, I'm on top of that. Eliquis. Eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. Plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. Eliquis is FDA-approved and has both. What's Next? Getting out there. Don't stop taking Eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. Eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. Don't take Eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. While taking Eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. Seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. Eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. Tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. Ask your doctor about Eliquis. And if your ability to afford your medication has changed, we want to help. You've got to love it-- the possibility of a big payday for one of our three contestants as "Jeopardy!" Begins its 37th season. All right. They're dealing with Famous Buildings. And today, they deal with this clue... 30 seconds, players. Good luck to you. All right, Franki. We come to you first. You had $11,600, and you wrote down what? "What is St. Peter's Basilica?" - Just not the right answer. - It's not correct, no. And that means it'll cost you almost everything--$11,550, dropping you to $50. Let's come down to Cory. Now, she had $12,300. And she came up with the Pantheon, which is right. And the wager-- $11,500. The lead with $23,800. Jeff, it's up to you now. $21,600 going into Final. And you wrote-- You were going for the Forum. You're wrong. Where are you gonna finish? In second or third place. Second place. You lost $8,400. But, Cory Barger, congratulations, young lady. You are the new "Jeopardy!" Champion with $23,800. At a great way to start off our new season, right? Let's do it again tomorrow. We'll see you then. Captioned by Los Angeles Distribution and Broadcasting, Inc. I am so glad we did this. I can't believe we're actually here. Some caviar? Why not? To us! Restaurant Riviera? Ha, no! TD Bank Fraud Alerts help keep your account safe. Notifying you quickly when we suspect fraudulent activity. TD Bank. Unexpectedly Human. From Sony Pictures Studios, it's America's Game. Wheel... Of... Fortune! Ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show-- Pat Sajak and Vanna White! Hey, thank you. Thank you, Jim. Thanks, everybody. Appreciate that. Year number 38. It doesn't seem possible. And you haven't changed at all. See you later. Thanks a lot. Welcome to our show. This is indeed the beginning of our 38th season. You notice we've spiffied up the set a bit. You'll notice some other changes having to do with distancing requirements, and we'll do that as long as it's required. And, uh, the big thing you'll notice, when our contestants spin, they'll be doing it this season with the aid of what we've come to call the white thing. Each of them-- Each of them has a white thing. I have my own white thing. No one is allowed to touch any other's white thing. But you can touch those "Toss Up" devices. We're going to get ready for our first one of the night, first one of the season. "What Are You Doing?" Is the category. It's worth $1,000. Vanna, go ahead. Conner. Teaching a new course. Yeah. I think that's it. You got it. You got a thousand bucks, just like that. Nice to have you here. Conner Ayres, right? Yes. Of--from right here in Los Angeles. Spanish teacher? Yes. Yeah, you been at it long? Uh, seven years. I currently teach at New West Charter High School Here in West Los Angeles. Originally from Indianapolis. Right. Hoosier State. Yeah. And there are two others of you running around. Yeah. I have two siblings, and we are triplets, and they're back in the Midwest. Are they all-- Are they all male? No. One is a sister. Yeah? Okay. Well, it's good to have you here, and I wish you luck the rest of the way. Hi. Jolena. Hi. Jolena Lomax. Uh, you are married, right? Yes, to my husband Donald. Yeah. Four children? Four children--summer, Joshua, Jada, and Jordan. Talk about your teaching career. Yes, I teach computer science and history. I like to say I teach the past and the future. Mm-hmm. 25 years you've been at that. 25 years, yes. Yeah. Good to have you here. Good luck to you. Thank you. You, too, Amanda. Amanda Bartlett. Lakewood, California. A kindergarten teacher, right? Not just a kindergarten teacher. Center director and health and safety director all wrapped up into one. Oh, good. I didn't mean to sell you short there. Oh, no. Talk about your family. Well, I'm married to my amazing husband Jesse. We have a beautiful stepdaughter Ephah and a big family-- sister, mom. They're all so excited I'm here. Do you still skate? You were a skater. For fun. Yeah. Okay. - For fun. - That's it? All right. Uh, let's do another "Toss Up" here in a moment. Get ready for it. But right now I want to let you know that we're giving away $10,000 a day next week. Stay tuned. It's the... Something delicious is happening on "Wheel." "Wheel" and the mobile game Cookie Jam are giving away $10,000 each night next week. ...For your chance... Go to for details. It's the sweetest challenge for the smartest cookies. Like me. Download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play. All right, second "Toss Up." $2,000. "Person" is the category. Once more, here we go. Conner. Editor-at-large. You got it. He's 2 for 2 at the "Toss Up." Off to a nice start with $3,000, meaning he'll be spinning first. The first round puzzle is a "Phrase." That's the category. Conner has got his white thing. Here he goes! R. There is no R, I'm afraid. Jolena, your turn. One N. There. Our first letter of the new year. There you go. S. And here comes an S worth $600. I--buy a vowel. Okay. An E. Let's see. Do we have any E's? We do. Vanna's gonna put up three of them. You're on a "Free Play." U. And used it to pick up a free U, coming right up. There you go. Ooh. You know what? That's been called. I'm sorry. Oh, really? Amanda. All right. B. Nope. There's no B. Conner, back to you. W. Yes. One W. You have some money. H. Yeah. Two H's. It's gonna be close. Oh, my goodness. Ahem. V. There's a V. Conner, pick that wedge up. Turn it over so we see that nice "Million Dollars" shining out. Be a nice way to start the season, wouldn't it? Right down there you go. I'd like to solve the puzzle. Okay. Go ahead. We have some catching up to do. You got it. Wow. Nice job. Well, it's been all Conner so far. He got both "Toss Ups," the first round. He has $5,400. He has that "Million Dollar" wedge. Couldn't go much better than that. And we'll be right back. I come from springs. Filtered through the 10,000-year-old glacial aquifers of Maine. I am Poland Spring. 100 percent natural spring water from the heart of Maine. Now experience the crisp taste of Poland Spring Origin. Tonight's Teacher's Week show is brought to you by the following... ...The world's first flossing toothbrush. I have big news. You can now... Introducing Waterpik sonic-fusion... Go online or ask your dental professional about Waterpik sonic-fusion. Tonight's Mystery Round is brought to you by... Man: Prevagen. You might take something for your heart, but do you take something for your brain? In clinical trials, Prevagen improved short term memory... Jim: $10,000! All right, Jim. Thanks a lot. Uh, "Before & After." That's the category for this next round. Be careful as you go. They can be tricky sometimes. Jolena, you'll start. Come on. Well, well, well. You might have a decision right away. Let's start with a letter, though. N. There is one N. The question is, uh, do you want to risk that $1,000 and try to see if you can get $10,000? 50-50 chance. Could be a "Bankrupt." What do you think, Jolena?

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