Why Georgia isn't like the other battleground states

The crew discuss what makes the runoff elections in Georgia different from elections in other battleground states.
52:21 | 12/22/20

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Transcript for Why Georgia isn't like the other battleground states
Hello and welcome to the 530 politics podcast ideal entry. Congress reached an agreement on about 900 billion dollars in pandemic relief funding that we took months and neither party is particularly satisfied. But it is providing a lifeline to the American economy as corona virus cases search suit today it will talk about the politics behind how the package came together. And what it might say or compromised in Biden's Washington. We're also gonna check in on these senate runoff elections in Georgia. Election date is two weeks away. And the pulling hasn't changed much poll races are still neck and sort of take a step back and look at what these races tell us about new competitive parts of the south. More broadly. A lot of attention was paid to the midwest in the runup to last month's presidential election and the electorate looks quite different in a place like George. Mean do all that our senior politics writer Perry bacon junior hey Perry. You know. Utes are all's are of us is senior writer and nearly tops and devout and the idea. It and 530 contributor Meredith Conroy merit is a political science professor at California State University San Bernardino came Meredith. Honking spot me. Banks are being her and neat is out this week and happy holidays to anybody. Who is listening to this podcast at while preparing for the holidays. All right let's do again it's been about eight months since congress passed the last relief package aimed at stemming the economic damage from the corona virus and art. During that time there have been various attempts at another package house Democrats passed a three trillion dollar bail in May. President trumps and signaled support for a nearly two trillion dollar package in October. And now just before recent arrest and possible government shocked our congress has agreed to a 900 billion dollars. So Emilia I know you've been tracking of economic fallout from the pandemic pretty closely. Why did all of those moderate times at passing a relief package. Fail because it doesn't seem like a lot of the economic challenges have gone away quite yet. No. It's a day economic challenges. Briefly simply getting a little bit better and now seem to be getting worse again I mean to be kind of blunt. Democrats wanted to spend more and Republicans wanted to spend less and there was a whole lot of failed negotiation. I. As you mentioned that parties have been fighting a overeat Yule. Pretty much since it passed the first round of stimulus and it was clear that the current virus and it was not going away and apnea fall out from the current affairs and adequate also not going away but is it GAAP. Between what the parties. Why has just been very wired consistently. As you mentioned Democrats Aaron. Passed a three trillion dollar bill. In May at republicans' leader in the summer passed out 500 billion dollar bill so you do the math. That's a big difference and they just haven't been able to date get to an agreement and travel. Has also sent some sort of mixed signals at the White House has kind of been in the mixed in negotiations at various points but I'm. In October traps that are torpedoed if the negotiations which has a great thing to do you Rick for an election and then backtracked on that pretty quickly and so it's just sort of bit like that the White House has been playing a little bit weird role in all of this end Aaron. They're basically hasn't been link. Strong political will. Get this done until now. Yeah I mean so quiet right now because when trump did say he was open to a one point eight trillion dollar package refers significantly closer to what wanted. Netbooks is that nothing Q are essentially like the things that we want are not included in what you're offering in the 120. So what what about Perry what about right now is meeting. This possible and in particular this 900 billion dollar number the number. Preelection they're really count for positions on on this and is working you know and is like. Pelosi seemed somewhat reluctant to push the route do you electing probably correct anything that might help slump when election. Stroke only their hands on one of the deal in part because I think he thought it might lose him electorally. The sort of more left wing view what Democrats really wanted to really wanted more stimulus funding that they were less obvious on the electoral that is we just wanted to. Send more money to people and in this sort of more conservative Republicans were very nervous about how much the standings going on. They sort of view this is one of its economy. Get rid of the Kobe restrictions limiting it went to work and that and how they view. He kind so that's real action. And now post election the incentives are different where truck while Oklahoma citizens is really that invested in getting a deal or not at this point. He's sort of you know barely president of global this point. The Democrats do you wanna deal and they can unify the party now because there is not the electoral and that is not there is modest. And then and then this McConnell also directing there is a sense on the Republican and sort of mainstream side that is gonna hurt the Georgia candidates includes yo you sort of bullying for. Blocking and and a student of the miners and these are due in left Fuller wanted to yield of some kind. They can sign onto an apartment and office often worn on the Democrats in Georgia arts Hepkins I think incidents changed. In this is that this McConnell wants a deal more than before. Incidents have changed in the sense that Blake the economy. Assertive was actually rebounding a little bit more quickly. And a lot of economists had predicted over the summer. Unemployment rate was falling faster than a lot of folks thought it way. That we are it's it is weird position we're because it expanded. Unemployment benefits that congress passed it first sprouts. People receiving a lot of nineteenth and then those benefits ran out of this summer and niece moved its it currently of the academic were in and things started to get cold. And people started their jobs again and Covert restrictions and we see all these worrying signs late. Retail sales Ali the holidays like deal honesty that. Unemployment claims. Have started going again Whitney it's Platt in the past few weeks. I'd ask you out there. So I think it's sort of like there's political will is also rule. You know to a certain extent and it it's colliding with actor acting. Dragging. And the political. Incentives that. That serious decision makers are feeling that late. There are a lot of Americans who're really attic actually right now ready and it's gonna key match where interpret them yes. This stimulus package had asked its past end that it is. Senate leaders worked a sense that Republicans could it. Annika you know semi plausible case Billick things were getting better over this and now the clear. Will this stimulus change not. Some ways I think. I mean it includes so it's re starting. Aid to small businesses. Which a program that was that was popular you to be influenced our businesses expired over the summer. It's starting again that federal XP ended. Unemployment benefit it's much lower than it was in the upper strap that's 300 dollars the week at 600 dollars a week but that's not thing. Especially since it looks like you know a lot of people and report. Any unemployment benefits and there are a lot of other provisions in it and generally are our help people who were struggling with food insecurity. And housing insecurity. There's another wave stimulus payments which like economists at. Sort of Keeler. All that much currently collecting money especially around holidays. Do you think Zell in the near lake there when I as an alleged anti economists and Alec what congress should be dipping over the past statements and there. Pretty nice uniform answer has been might throw money at the American. Economy. And so. Concerned with the it's 88 is that it's active. Potentially too little too eight that a lot of businesses made a party gone under. That a lot of families have spent now their savings can meet for relief brutal winter. So. You know Blake better than nothing. Icing. Most economists attractive now that congress pass it down that's like six. I'm also curious that light. How this came to be. And what this as a Bauer any intra party you know compromise going forward. Are there lessons here to be part about that from that Meredith. So not sure we can take her there's too much to learn about compromise its scenes that. It is necessary at this point and I don't be certainly we can expect this type of compromise. Going forward on other issues. In wins Biden is not rated perhaps. But I you know this is coalition of moderates that arguably broke a lot can mean getting credit for and lane ends in some things and reading. It can expect them to come together again. And I met Andy. During an on items. First four years. That's an open question and it feels to me like this moment necessitated a and that we shouldn't necessarily expect you know. East these two parties working together undoubtedly gotten has written for I 38 recently. There's just not incentives that there were once word compromise between the two parties there's so little in tennis excuse NR. Extremely polarized set upon by. Why is there. Oh so one of the reasons is that for a long time the idea of working across the aisle was celebrated and it's no longer celebrated because. Some people dislike the other party more than they like Iran and selling their candidates are working with the other party that's not teen is in something to be celebrated in more and then he also Communists in the article throughout for the site. Tuchman talks about this it is narrow victories in our contemporary politics so. It's not really worth changing from the status quo you know we might lose election and Abbott that election will be sent near that you will run again. And potentially wing so taking. Steps that potentially alienate some of your voters or disrupt the status quo just there isn't that sensitive. And then that just the nationalization of politics also contributes to this distance and it's it compromise even on the local level. So in terms of like looking at this thing forward I think this tells nothing about the future in part because. Joseph Biden we presidency and in the Republicans and and to work with doing much different than it is to work with like the core question camp behind elvis'. Is this the last in the civil ever asked any time soon won't basement I'll be back in the democratic president block everything mode. On units in January 20 you know the answer the question is we don't know that the assumptions used my assumption is yes having autism and driving is as yet still in that sense. I don't think there's the deal I don't think that it. No matter how much Joseph Manchin says he created its deal. Congress right now is run by if people see investment parliament they agreed to you is what is was moving forward. And Joseph Biden a brilliant new factor there but I think ultimately. Whatever Mitch McConnell wants to do get passed on board something to watch more and his incidents of Korea to make a deal are higher now and they will be unfair. I think it's also where the public way Democrats and Republicans didn't get. In this bill. And because Booker dancer at eight Q are there major asks on the democratic side that they wanted to send a lot of funding to states and municipalities. That Ers are heading for huge budget shortfalls. Yet on the Republican side they wanted these released sweeping liability protections basically to protect businesses. Fram lawsuits related to Dakota nineteen. And that those. Those things were the source a lot of writing and basically ended at getting users it looks much more like excellent down version of what passed. Marched in about what this means for heightened. The east. Especially. Lake municipal Clinton is not especially sexy topic. There's a lot of evidence that states and municipalities. Slew recovery from the last recession. Was it being part of the reason that it took Hassell on to. Get out to get act to a pre recession apple. As it did just because states where raising taxes and they were laying off workers in all of those things lecture art drag on the economy. And so you're thinking about actors that are going to. Kurt I. Going in it would help him I think half the audience life rafts to states in totality. And obviously didn't get that Democrat enters day. Statistically you know this is just the first deal when Biden comes in we're gonna do you Powell we've lowered today to this and I just Perry's threat it. McConnell the person that I as negotiating with the Connell is no incentive to thing. Cost a lot of money which is. Republicans have been. Talking ballot action. Pretty much since the first asked. Much has switched. The extent to which that is economically trio is case separate conversation. By you know it also. Excellent parents who say. McConnell. And it had an active two things that you. The only run at that. You know help and sorted. Bringing the economy like the economy during typical times so yeah I Wednesday. This bill. Was the result key confluence. At circumstances that I would not expect to crop up again times. So essentially are we saying here that there needs to be an emergency. In order for lawmakers. To work together on legislation. I'd say it's easier a look at president Republicans or Democrats and six of the management works wasn't much more that I think we don't need sort of act like we it'd be easier the last two years I don't think it's I think that's more what I'm getting is like it seems like the Democrats are willing to work with Republicans and on its bill like this is not quite the reverse. True. Public we have lessons from recent history rightly think back to the Great Recession this is exactly went after Republicans. Relieve. Did not want to work with on a lot. Stimulus plan that was a lot of the reason the fiscal tap got sent off when did and there is a lot of evidence again that is why. He took Cassel. Said returns says pre recession policy I don't. I don't know why we would expect. Ten years later things to be different now in a lot of ways expecting to be workers. I want I want to spring up what's interesting don't know have a product that you know public opinion polling on some of these things witches. Broadly supportive which is interest singing in Chinese say you know what when can we expect. You know Republicans Democrats compromise. In 8090 Leah would have said well and public opinion is outlined in on the tube when majorities in below the party's support it and which is the case with. With relief aid including you know direct payments to people and still we had this. Im very slow. China am process in the eighty public opinion on issues like ease. Either isn't as powerful Lopez week you know we might assume that would be or that. We don't really know what the public wants and it is for all it's not how much debt perhaps you know how how to it as and questions hires less likely to eat. The. Dia art so it's out whatever and pouring cold water on the idea that. In a Washington that has divided where Biden as president and Republicans control the senate. An off course that depends on happens in Georgia next month but. Essentially that there isn't going to be this squad of moderates like Ron Ian Collins and mansion and that are running the tables and kind of deciding this you know third rail service middle way for the country people don't figure out. It is an issue like the kid remembers it. McConnell controls what's on the floor so even if Collins Romney. The majority caucus doesn't want this line I don't care what's against the academy into votes for it. But are not U there's only certain ten Republican votes were not ready so that's the question is like acting he went. I think the civil Biden's cabinet picks will be confirmed. There might elect trade deals there are certain things that are not as part. And it's alien in terms of the parties that McConnell will be willing to bring out even in the majority Republican support acting. Government spending and he's like one of the most court advised him to parties on those kinds of these genes I think it's hard like judgeships. Very you know units like. And columns might support isn't were not any idea how did. More than two or other Republicans wheels of those issues that are very salient. It becomes like what is McConnell assess is position within the caucus not there the majority of votes in the overall today. Assuming. Lake in an optimistic scenario that out you know there is more room for compromise and now are optimistic for the moderate if you supports their moderates running things like moderates are able to have program ordeal public this. It's at lake. Generously in this bill. Kicks things down that road a few months I mean a lot. Stuff that was extended it was extended for. I'm not or eleven weeks you know they're gonna have to visit these questions Ian. January. February into the spring. And in the eighty to a certain accent makes sense because who knows but the situation the pandemic is going to be like in a few months and I you know it to us that's going to be going. Vaccination rates in the economy but also that's kind of the end. In nature of the negotiations. Day. It's sort of like we reach this poll ain't. That's a click yes. Where benefits her out to expire and eager they expire they don't and it takes this or why. Time consuming Agassi's and figure out which I'm Matt and so. And in its. It's just it's not it's not even like they think this is a big deal it's a lot of money. It's more money. Was spent in the last recession it's also. Pretty. Short term fix and so you know I don't even know what it says that much if like this was the future because then it would just mean like. Every three months the same right about the same thing. Annan's. At you know you know groundhog day of congressional adding. Groundhog day of congressional I think I like the amateurs. The look yeah. Well not yet nobody imagery is an aides are saying about the world I went eleven yeah. It. In any case so I hope back right the picture for our listeners. The conduct surrounding this agreement that this relief package and what we can expect succumb in the future. Let's move on dot Robbins or to write offs the dual run offs in Georgia that will determine control of the US senate are two weeks there's been limited polling but what we do you have still shows to essentially tight races. In other words we can't tell you who's gonna win the elections. But we can tell you what the electorate looks like and how this race is shaping up to be quite different from the presidential election which focused a lot on the midwest. And even different from past elections in the south. So Boris are the basics here Perry can you kick us off what does he Georgia electorate book like. In comparison to Indonesia in more promptly. So ran around 60%. Of voters in George there are white. Around 30%. Are blacked. And looks you know number is in the fortified. Ranged. In the Asian number and his other in the Asians and other numbers lower than that in the national was something like 70%. Whites. 12% black 10% of the team so in other words the electors a little list white. Dan the electorate across the country and it's much more heavily black in the electorates almost three times the black voters in Georgia compared to the country. Any look at the party coalitions and that means is like. Most you know the overwhelming majority will be 90% if not more of Republican voters in Georgia will be white. Most of them there are dark and look there are some inland area Republican voters that are the majority Republican voters will be outside the Atlanta area. Our moment on the plus side the democratic electorate used majority in those Atlanta area in the Atlanta area suburbs. On their electoral probably be. Around half black so moves of them was so the plurality you're not the majority of voters who voted for Biden blackened and you're talking about forty to 40% white and and and then the remaining or Latino or he's so goes the for the broader. Those are not exact numbers people we don't know exactly residences general Norman is the blacks here is probably you'd. Probably close to not larger than the whites here in Georgia vs overall nationally. Biden's vote goes something like 60% whites. 20% black. Tempers what we're similar to you know something like that so that's again the black electorate is a much bigger part of the democratic electorate in Georgia than in the rest of the country. Yes and you've written about this of course and I found it notable that there are actually only two states in the country that have more black voters than. Georgia. I don't a million U focus also on religion in your writing. And you know of course when we walked pat some of those races in the upper midwest that we've focused on. There ardent not quite as many religious white voters. As in other parts of the country so what are the trends look like in terms. You know religion or maybe even some of the other factors we look at like education and age. Pastel and it is to go backward to your question. In terms of education needs to divorce case and I worked peace. Colleagues published last week and answer yours in the suburbs. Basically this effort at getting more racially Ers. The board. Getting educated across the board those trends. Where air pieces and as quickly. In places. And I will say it. Says it wearers are getting more racially differs Patrick used. And also getting educated sales that topped demographers. Story saying. Eight at. The sun belt. Is it. Hunger. So. Expect act east I think its role it matters. Yen in terms of religion. You know I mean it demographics and different parts of the country. West you patent. You know more white Christians more white Catholics they're white Protestants. Oracle's. Culture me. Important ways religiously different then my local Protestants. In other parts of the country. And west. And Britain thing to remember to. Ballot black voters. I think. People we've gotten stuck in this idea like the Republicans being the party late locals are the the most religious voters. And that's politics means. I the Democrats. Actually. They are mostly male voters are Protestants who also knows than it is people in the country. Attend church frequently. Life. Kind of look similar to. Metrics jest. How important is currently at and T. And I think that's another interesting thing and why it is. Likely to play. Searcher uses. Her. And hit two more numbers is answered those questions so isn't so I. Some research from the boaters and a group of invited me looks like. Among George's white voters about a third of them are you do are evangelical Protestants and that's. Since more than that's all that's like the seventh largest in the country so a lot of very high evangelical present among the white voters in Georgia. And that among college it looks like the sort of like Republican voters are probably like 60%. Are probably was about sixty. To be present none calories 30% to military groups and Collison majority would be among Republicans would be nine dollars and among the Democrats and looks like. Probably or LD would be a low blow of white voters in Georgia would do you would have college degrees among them. Yet so are some of that tracks of course we're trends that we've seen more probably in the United States but. Georgia is also. Unique state you know I was looking at some of the Jeter earlier it's also one of the youngest states. In the country whereas a lot of those midwestern states track amongst the oldest so they're all kinds of different trends playing out the in. Odd how demographics identity shape people's political behavior. You know how does that change this kind of an election and how the campaigns. You know operate there how they campaign what kinds of messages. The voters are responding to you when things. So I think skin you know in the ads for him all the candidates especially. Lost their hands. One half years seen. Then campaigning knowing that race is a factor in looking at around people is on people's minds is a I think it they're gonna vote for. And so I know that we have an added authors authors add attacked at against or not it is. Essentially you know setting up many racial dog whistles and a play that. Yes so meticulous and Q that had from. This is America. But would still if the radical left controls the senate roughly old war. Police boats aids posted around for this dictator built. Embraced marxism. In speeches and writings. Roughly award will be the radicals. Total control. Saving descended it's about saving America from. I'm Hitler I approve this message and of course listeners can't actually see what was and that had. But you'll see that you know its young children reciting of the pledge of allegiance at the beginning. And then Rockwell or not where it can take cloth and referring to. Different church organizations he's been involved with so one in Harlem. It did invite Fidel Castro art to the church youth pastor at the time. And then also other comments he's made about police has a pastor in Atlanta. So what is the last word getting acts here what kind of response is she trying to get from. The Georgia elector at. So at a particular obviously pitching or not as an ideological extremists have changed if our left black activist wit he said many of these visual signals. As well you know this to defund please sign which is. Very obviously associated black lives mattered in the hands is largely. While signed up tick in support of the summer I think that this what commitment Bradley has declined to special ops Republicans. Since that time says this is a strategy. That's not Shanxi. Strategy we're seeing play out and center. What happens and leading his act is trying to combat these portrayal of east street stereotypes mr. troops. With his with his own. Art let's give. Were not add a less and the imagery here is important so imagine or not is wearing a puffy passed walking a very pretty dog through a nice suburban need it. Here's. We told of the smear ads were coming. And that's exactly what happened. You would think that Kelly level of might have something good to say about herself if she really wants to represent Jordan. It's that she's tried to scare people about taking things I've said out of context from over 25 years the big. But I think Georgia's senior as for what they are. Don't you. I'm Rovio or not can we approve this message. Are so again imagery matters are and other westerners could only hear it if you're on YouTube of course associate. We don't. Maybe there's a self explanatory and Reid are to be like to heavy handed and and you know beating pat with what one market trying to do here. By it may be specifically. Who are the voters in Georgia he strikes you appeal to and why witness kind of message. People obviously have. Many people possess you know prejudices and stereotypes that raised its people and can when people campaign there and especially winning our legal color men and collect there adds an attempt to rape. Negative stereotypes about those people. Have in the abstract especially the campaign app adds an attempt to fill and information and you want to give people information that and she's. Seem like a candidate and so for more oxy classic combat these negative stereotypes and about black and he. That exist. Hands at various troops. Ain't black banner men lacked inner grass and it hit people assume oftentimes we see a black man in the abstract. And when you're not near where does stereotypes. Suppressed and so these actors obviously exit. Espresso stereotypes and felony information about who he really is at the candidate. And who who he blitzer and you're talking who eat at the feelings. Probably people who had. You possess these eight it is about black people. And Sammy individuals and less racially -- areas. Just discussed. Georgia. Is. A really diversity. Said. You have mistresses others as he talks about. There are markers you can at people who had exposure to. Just wait where's at least in the country in a white person. May not have much contact with people who other people who are less likely case in torch without. You know by showcasing himself in each person you his light and happen more positive action. Get this AT&T racially candidate Michael testament about for the let's I said Jake interesting piece and he talks about. How. An analysis of ads from the 1990s an announcement that adds about. That an hour at their pets it adds. There were no prime time commercials contained black people that don't act. Just the idea that you wouldn't have a product at. Actress and it and it. X that's remarkable. To not be adding commercials. And something that he gave its chief engineer Ian is something that they are due on Islam they had seen. They gaps and hidden is. Well it. Individuals play characters in ads teacher pet. And those differences are not act if it wants where there's so much like white hustler in the article yes he had slipped a date at before all of these ads about. You know well well what kind of dog ate there is people my own and also with an. Particular breeds are no smaller scary dangerous. And there couldn't pull it was elusive pole. The assumption was. Black people like the Rottweiler others can't get all of which also the dot Christine as the sabres scare. And class oh in this ad or one Texas eagle. And you know as Thursday in poll Eagles. As an arsonist not that I can Palestinian. The eagle is. Not a scary. Hands in an act not his face and he's at its at least mom to be needed to but not a balanced needing. And matters more not in he added all of that is of course by. So purposefully bluntly. Left dealers trying to pass. Immediately and a voter is one of Beaufort Jeremiah Wright's. Like that was member Rocco must pastor's roommate controversial statements who was sort of sort of bearing black activists the character moms who basically suggested white people in record of the race so that's what. Let us write us a war or not is here of all right he's radicals. Two black in Tikrit. And were not just trying to portray himself with a little bit like Barack Obama again the the black person you want to moves your neighborhood to be your black friend to you as you say to unit the you have around you like him he's. Appealing and that's the kind of the corps of inflated like. Yeah Atlanta Georgia has not voted for a lot of black people statewide. And it's been put a pretty when blacks they might be palatable to Democrats and white are likely way through May not be about race itself but I think that's the orbiters like. Abrams and now war not running in these campaigns and in Georgia. Race is always on the table because like. You know like the Atlanta suburbs with an instant founded upon people who wanted to leave he sort of heavily black areas and Atlanta. The city itself into this city's diversified still. Yet there was an Atlantic in the evening or white citizens as you more black and white races and issues of them. Party everything's on some level like Wexler there's no way to avoid the sad about what I'll cloth and you. There are campaigns sort of recent lives to even though they're both white people connecting. In Georgia there's no way to won't believe you know racing you do see there's nobody avoidance of both candidates are talking about it in their own way. Also you know and at this issue diversification. I think it's where noting that not obviously at Astor. He's a pastor. Black church that's very large very Amos was a pastor at junior. In his father. Diversification and the people living in the narrative meaning not. Churches accident in the sector it places in the ass. And this at the chance like a white person and especially the white evangelicals Mika significant. It's art electorate code to each church. Eat small acts people. Is very. And also states like Georgia in particular the black church as the eerie. Associates and social justice and civil rights and being active in protest movements. And so you know grant. Lastly since being my. You know we're not is a radicals. That is a pretty clear call back network's ad urging junior and sat out a lot of pastors. Be. There outspoken. Against what they CE OR injustices against. Your community. It's interesting too to circuits he does. Just opening out in this race because. As a little bit unusual to. Ian it he's due acts. And you might think well you know OK there a lot of Jewish people congress and that's true but. Actually eager relatively huge which people elect to office. Even looking at state legislature. Article from that forward which applications into this. In there that there at least substantial Jewish community in Atlanta and Georgia and its community that's been their for time. I you know it's not. It's unusual for use office it is much last. For. Senate and there is also the secret history. She used in out. Also being connected to the civil rights and that's all. Marching decaying you know it he lake to have op officer called eight implicitly. Ties. And at that particular. Play. Involved sorted explicitly appealing to. Racial justice and the rates back. Yeah and I'll just to reiterate what Terry said as well. You know given the dynamic of the electorate in Georgia a Democrat who wins is going to have. You know the plurality or majority of their throats com from black voters answer or. Keep that in mind as you listen to this. Ad from John toss off lines how. Daring to demand the right to vote for black Americans and Selma Alabama 55 years ago. John Lewis was nearly killed as he and hundreds marched across this bridge. That movements courage secured the Civil Rights Act and the voting rights act of the promise of equal justice in America remains unfulfilled. So together will fight for a new Civil Rights Act and a new voting rights act. As humans and a lot of the work that war in Iraq is doing is to perhaps appealed Q. White suburbanites who we talked about on previous podcasts work very key in delivering George four. What is art sector went. And so are. Julian mom all he's contributed to this site are far he's a professor at northwestern university and he has talked he's called this community commitment. And we're givers and hands and he's interest in this conflict because in his thinking about black candidate that may be why aren't able to rally black voters. Behind then and then white candidate like Biden. He has had and so what is it that that their deal to me that what differentiates but different she sent and he said he calls this community mitnick it that. The perception that I can't commit to a particular community in particular irritating racial groups in just over their own. If an underlying mechanism can explain. His support that they received from. In this case no Oscar Meyer received from black voters in Georgia. In Atlanta said it a white candidate who wins who ran the Democrat is not in a win without a majority of black voters. Just as part of their a coalition. And that's what we think about it says that community can and he's committing. To this community enough heat. Descriptive Lee isn't a part. So. Is also works as an intern when he was in college I think John Lewis and it is. In the leaves out italics he's been identified here's where you are paying Johnson another Atlanta area congressman both Johnson and Lewis are wears black so. That's not surprising in that light most of the Democrat elected officials in the Atlanta area a lot of them are black suit you're helping coming person who's a Democrat in Georgia. And he wanted to hear and he wanted him on policy might have a black politician unlike in say Pennsylvania at you but that's also often. Who had his way to sort of suggests he's like you notes John Lewis he sort of like an herder John Lewis's legacy a usual for a white and it begins. You know Louis that is because then he Vincent Lewis endorsed him which Israel as a way to say he's Tenet John lewis' guy and he's running on John lewis' platform moralists and whenever he's interviewed together that is way again this can sort of community engagement our community can have an idea there was talking about. US all of interview he'll say black voters of the apartments all the Democratic Party I'm not gonna win without getting a lot of black but he's going out of his way. It's not just sort of a black you know obviously black turnout matters in every state in order particularly but I think he's trying to say that not just that even. Trying to say that like I am with you you don't you're I would not be here without you and I think it's a different kind of I think most Democrats that he sort of almost like monkeys. A part of the black community in a certain way which is not sort of how Joseph Biden will providers to do but I think all white. Rescues that turnout and the author of abusing more I'm sort of part of this community and it is. The Georgia Democratic Party is a black slipping in a certain. So we've gotten into some of these finer details year how or knock offs are competing power last ways campaigning. I mean it looks like. Democrats certainly Taft to. Walk this tight rope so to save between. Making sure that they get black turnout while they also encouraged these new word Democrats in suburban Atlanta to vote for ran. Is there attention and also at play for Republicans on in this recent holiday trying to handled Kendall that. So I think in Georgia there's much of the tension between appealing to white people of the killings of black people in the sense that. Police are it's not clear to me that you have to do you sort of like. Racial justice. In his good platform is gonna turn off anybody who's mania persuaded Obama in Georgia. Nor is it clear to the you have to do you run run on defund the police and reparations to get black voters I think he black Democrats in the white Democrats are probably pretty similar. In terms of the UC's they might be different how you deliberately. And sort of what's your elect another sign of the piazza campaign in Warren are very focused on. Re launching canvassing is there in their view that you need did that they're made me helpless you know getting more likable out to vote you. Door not I think that's more function the and in their view is. That might help him like particularly the next of the Republican tension. I think is between kind of light. Does appealing to the strong Republican who may want is an identity politics. Call. The black pastor to radical. And the sort of swing voters you get this. Part of an electorate that it uses voted for Biden but also voted for David deep and it kind Lechler I would be a little nervous. Don't I don't want it did go too far here and you know be cast as cannon race baiting are being racist and airports and lose those people. And I think Purdue's been a little Perdue did this moment where he. You know missed pronounced problem harris' name that was not ideal but in general he's not in this Bartlett who has been in terms of the sort of like. Black people passing essentially and so I think that's careful lined a people who need some people in the Atlanta area. Up Purdue had left where to vote for the you can't win Georgia without giving. You know in the thirties among the sort of Atlanta area two win. Leave those jets and giants used under that in when it comes to the issues black and white Democrats and in Georgia may very well be aligned. Is adding new. Factor in how elections are waits in a place like torture or in the south because historically. You've written about this we've talked about this you. Democrats in the south have found more conservative to moderate. White Democrats older often wise man to run in these races because he Doocy attention between the kind of people. Who can appeal to white orders in the south vs the people who might appeal to black workers. So is this new and what evidence we have for the other thing working or not working and his new strategy being successful. The evidence that you can only win this out if you sort of like uses innocent of white synchronoss Christian man. And the evidence that is the people who tend to at least right now or more Democrats in the south are those people like with the Kentucky our governor and this year. His father Steve is here winds of up it's the stereotype. You can the census calls questioning the south in the villages an avenue West Virginia Joseph Manchin is his counterparts. With Tim Kaine in Terry McCullough. So if you were looking so there aren't like women people of color like this they widens out again. There aren't a ton of Democrats periods of the samples Burleson law but you can see why you know you might thing. Roy Cooper in North Carolina governor you can see why. But it looks using it seemed like to this the democratic party's view has been. We're trying to find the most electable person and America. Technically in the south most local person Tuesday whites interest me Joseph Biden won the president's. And ones are not saying that figures wrong. That's ahead in this right now looks like being a Democrat in the big dairy period. And one reason for that is because the Democratic Party is sort of more left work on racial its use. But it looks like space here who's got 40% per didn't get in. Also got really get you know 40% looks like now in the cell is not totally clear you. In a dip in and like Republican white right conservative voters vote against. Democrats will there whites or blacks Doug Jones get killed in Alabama Indian view he knew very well all. On digging us ended about what to expect and South Carolina with a tennis wire black solar mean yeah absolutely black kettle he. The way we sort of used to being there would be and so I think this was going some ways is that it looks like the average Democrat as they elect George white or black has really progressive views. They sort of believed black lab medicine exists. If you ask them wire black people lower and economics at as the saying you know racial division Parsons opposed. A lack of heart among actress I think. At this point in states like George. Do you white in black Democrats in general. Fairly similar views again there isn't swing vote they are maybe that. They're probably as a person who votes for Joseph Biden Nazis year terms but I think that's a very small some of the list actor now. In late ninety suited Vietnam bigger. I find interesting just because I spend action. Chairman of time thinking out of adjusting Amex and religious dynamics in the Democratic Party in particular and one of the big challenges it's just getting bigger for democratic candidates is that their party is just incredibly diverse and religiously and and increasingly large chunk of the year piece doesn't know all those people tend to EYE. And obviously they also have. Voters who Wear our religious and does tend to be an act voters and Hispanic Catholics mostly. And so it's been interesting to see and there's also visited the news talk forever like when are we gonna get a progressive Democrat who can you know is religious and ten. Ken makes it carry the progressive religious flag forward it really proved that the Democratic Party canned the party it is also the party of religion. And I had the it. I is skeptical of that argument for a lot of different reasons when it. Being that it's just how unified this incredibly dipped religiously diverse group of people around a single message end. It's an easy this were not because. It's actually a deadly keys and usual. The religious leaders are usually run for elected office they're very few leaders in congress right now I think were the only one TU there's one pastor in the center right now recently as ministerial crown. And I think some moment we're not that is an interesting for the Democrats. Because he does come frowned. You know it's tradition being out. Pastor in black church adds that Eunice advocating. Being active in social justice issues in Georgia answer tying entry explicitly to his fate icy at. Has the potential to sort of dry yen. Like the white an affiliated people were really expecting it brings them together is mostly just that there pearl. It's not. Lake beliefs. You know I think it would be hard to unified as people out. Are grounds for example a message of secularism or something that they tend to be liberal. And then. And you know I think. There is evidence that lake voters who are religious likes to see candidates who sort of talked in the values of and language that's really important and and so you know I wonder obvious we'll have to see what happens and uses and test case of one by. Just in terms of speaking about like what the future might look lake for Democrats who want gate used religion. It in their campaigns. I think. Ward says it had a really interesting example of how to meet summit that reaching an outreach. Among very Denver's democratic polish. Yet and it that's an interesting point and of course anybody who paid attention to the democratic primary or the general election knows how much people like people to judge talked about religion and Joseph Barton himself talked a lot about catholicism because. Wow a lot of the white base of the Democratic Party may not religious the country large is quite religious country. And of course later tried to win elections you need a majority are well let's leaves things there blocks mull over and think about as buying continues to collapse as cabinet. But thank you Perry an area and America were turning to. It's. It's Galen. My name is due and drew. Tony chow is in the virtual control room cleared editor Curtis and audio editing. You get in touch my emailing us at pod cast I 3COM. And also of course we did ask any questions comments. If you're a fan of the show beavis or reading a review Apple Store or tells on about us thanks for listening and seems. And.

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