Hot takedown: Is NFL parity a myth?

Only 10 NFL teams have winning records. Why are the victories so bunched? With special panelist Mike Pesca of Slate.
3:49 | 06/25/18

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Transcript for Hot takedown: Is NFL parity a myth?
We have a handful of undefeated teams and they stayed undefeated this past week all but one of them did dealer falcons lost to New Orleans. But we noticed that only ten of the 32 teams in the NFL. Have winning records right now and it's not like a bunch of teams also have 500 records because there's only four that have 500 records and that seems sort of strange. So we wanted to do some digging around and see if this just is you know it makes a comment about the state of parity in the NFL right now. And so I came armed with some numbers where I looked at that distribution of records. And the thing that occurred to me when I was first looking at this was it seems like there is a few. Teams at the top the elite teams in the league are gobbling up all of the wins. And it seems almost like an income inequality situation where. Where there's there's a winning inequality bunch of teams that have poor records and a handful at the top who were really hogging all the wins. And there's a way in economics 20 sort of measure this call the Ginny coefficient she are right in high. And I ran that on the wins have teams through six weeks to see if this is part of just an outrageous trend in the NFL. But I found that Tony fifteen ranks twelfth Ed during these sixteen game schedule air which goes back to 1978 so. It's a pretty skewed distribution of wins but not the all time. Hi that I perhaps was expecting it to be but is this something that you guys have noticed too is a standing out TU at this point in the season that. It just seems like some teams are really rolling over the rest of the league N and there are other teams that just don't have as much chance. It was a standing answering to recently researching and and writing about this now on talking about it since it happened so yeah. Come right but it kind of feels lake. You know we've got if we believe that that quarterbacks. Are the key and we always talk about that relate wolf you know according magazine and fell on the and a Salomon it dates. It would stand to be true that the in the team's we have more if the level quarterbacks. Would be winning in parity wouldn't be parity would not exist in the NFL the way we sort of a must apologize it maybe That's Hollywood thing but it's also certainly. Part of the marketing plan for the NFL that. Basically every team every year every week has a shot. So I. Did enjoy the fact that you're the Bernie Sanders of we have inequality million isn't billion that your occupy park have now are these the NFL standings. Let let me just make a couple points because I think the big thing here is and we all know about small sample size so. A week in the NFL is not the equivalent of ten baseball games could never be of course you try baseball is ongoing and you play almost every game when we talk about all these teams that don't have winning records and he got the giants bought for ridiculous time management play they're four and two year. So we could do this but every team's but as you go down and you think about the teams that have just eked out a win you know you have. You grabbed Minnesota which certain well actually Minnesota is three and here we can tick off a bunch of teams that are or in Europe 500 that wouldn't be bought for one play. And when you talk about small sample size one play the difference between a 500 team and a winning team. Because the thing about six weeks. And and six games he is. It still is only six and you change one outcome and you flip a team from winning to losing but after six games that season does not wind up looking like it does at the end of the year and so I think. Sixteen games 82 games we're gonna see India talked to me when their succeeded but.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Only 10 NFL teams have winning records. Why are the victories so bunched? With special panelist Mike Pesca of Slate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56134291","title":"Hot takedown: Is NFL parity a myth?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/hot-takedown-nfl-parity-myth-56134291"}