What makes LeBron James so great | FiveThirtyEight

Chris Herring takes a look at what makes NBA star LeBron James a singular talent.
5:00 | 12/22/20

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Transcript for What makes LeBron James so great | FiveThirtyEight
Brian. Hey it's the greatest basketball player on the plan what do you think he's the go for just the best player right now is a relevant. I'm not here to have that discussion what I want to do is explore what makes LeBron greatness for sun life. LeBron greatness boils down to key factor. Longevity and versatility. Don't players that is dominant for a long time and here's a chart showing the bronze rated the top compared to some of its contemporaries. Using combination of his MVP voting along with 538 raptor went up up replacement rankings. You can see that since 2006. LeBron has been one of the top five players in the league. He's been dominating the league for the past fifteen seasons fifteen to put that in context only two other players in the NBA since 1970 set. To put together Rhonda Tenet more straight season the top spot. Although they point guard Irvin Magic Johnson the lakers. John Stockton of the jets and even those achievements pale in comparison how dominant LeBron. Not to run at the top with cut short by as early retirement. While stopped and never ranked higher than second in the lead in for the most part with the port at best players history. Look brought on the other hand has spent the majority of a seventeen seasons in first or second place. Including a string of five consecutive seasons as the top players in the league. Okay. The other element of the prosecute that makes it great is his versatility. If you wanted to create the perfect and be a player. Maybe you wanna toss together the IQ of Chris Paul. Division of Magic Johnson. The shooting range of stepped Couri. To build a problem alone the explosiveness of Russell Westbrook. But arguably you can just take the simpler. You could just create the front makes it different points in his career he's been asked to adapt his game and awaited help this team succeed. In doing so he's become if not the very best in the league at least in a lead player and basically every element of its. You want some of the sport like Mike Bullard Kobe take a look at what LeBron did this 2009 sees the Jiri one expert to be neutral. That season LeBron was second in the league in points scored per 100 possessions. And person office of raptor upward after. That was also LeBron best defensive seasons by raptor. Has plus 3.2 defensive raptor war ranked tenth in the league that season showcasing his of. Lead impacting even opens of the court. Saying you want someone at the passing ability of Magic Johnson look no further than the 20192020. Season when LeBron let the lakers to their seventeenth championship. That season LeBron led the league in assists. The first time he's done that in a seventeen year career. How about you're shooting and that was always the knock against the run early this reader and with good cause. He made a below average 32 point 9% of his regular season three pointers during its first we're duty with the cavaliers. Bloody worked on that weakness in his game until he actually became one of the best pretty what you recently that point thirteen. James made over 40% of his threes breaking 28 in the NBA and more recently he's become the king of the deep three. The really injury in the 20s1718. Regular season he made an astounding 52%. Of shots from twenty feet out her further. Did back replaced seventy that is point twenty and he ranks third among all all of my players and accuracy of shots. And aspect of his game that once break LeBron is one of the worst in the NBA now ranks him among the best. Friends. The say the past. It. The league is never seen a player but what LeBron. Players seemingly created with all of the best players best deals wrapped up in one person like Magic Johnson. We'll assume time kind of slaves nor are they had a player like the bride to be looking. For as long as he has. Bin LeBron. And yeah. Look at his career in these terms. Bolt of what he does on the court. With how long he's been this dominant. It's clear look rod has reached the pinnacle. Basketball great. Did you like this video feature to subscribe to about 38 it.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Chris Herring takes a look at what makes NBA star LeBron James a singular talent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"74851925","title":"What makes LeBron James so great | FiveThirtyEight","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/makes-lebron-james-great-fivethirtyeight-74851925"}