How the Patriots and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl

Neil Paine looks back at how the Rams and the Patriots made it to Atlanta, and looks ahead to their matchup on Sunday.
2:47 | 01/29/19

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Transcript for How the Patriots and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl
Rams vs patriots it's the Super Bowl rematch you didn't realize you are waiting seventeen years. But before we get to the particulars of this year's matchup let's take a look at how each of these teens got here. For the patriots they started the year in a pretty familiar spot they were number one in our pre season you low ratings even though they had lost the Super Bowl the previous February but. It was a little Dicey at times for the pats this year for starters in that third game of the season they lost on the road to the lowly Detroit lines. And even though they rattled off six straight wins after that they still struggles on the road loss to the Tennessee Titans the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers not fooled and let me play. But the patriots rallied back from that like they usually do winning at home over the chargers with ease in the playoffs and in eking out close overtime win. At Kansas City to secure their spot in the suitable. That said there you will rating at the end of the season is the lowest it's been going into with Super Bowl since 2001. When they knocked off the heavily favored rants. Speaking of the rams that when he eighteenth last nineteen. They are not as highly regard going into the season according to you which still had its doubts after last year's meteoric rise for deer darts made up. But the rams proved you are wrong it first winning each of their first eight gains and eventually running a record up to eleven and one the only loss being against the saints in the super. And although they split their last four regular season games they went in the playoffs and beat the Dallas Cowboys. And also managed to win their conference teams and then over time. With a little bit of an assist from some questionable if you. And that's how we got here but what should we expect on the field in Atlanta when the game finally start. And you've seen this chart both teams have a weak offenses according to lesbians expected points added. The reverend third in the league this season and offensive EPA and the patriots not far behind them fit. And although both teams have a reputation for being great passing squad with Tom Brady injured copped the rams were actually the best rushing team in the entire NFL this season. Both thinks the girly and also the unsung playoff efforts scenes and the on defense the patriots are a top ten unit which hasn't been true in recent years in their especially tough against the pass where they've rate fixed than expected points. The rant on the other hand not quite as sharp defensively. And in fact they were only be one insistently. Against Russian. Having said all that are you all model gives the patriots at 53% chance to win and that's pretty much in line with what the Vegas odds say to. Where they have the patriots at the two when they. To check out all of our predictions and analysis. And to follow along during the game with our live blog please check out five pre.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Neil Paine looks back at how the Rams and the Patriots made it to Atlanta, and looks ahead to their matchup on Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"60710513","title":"How the Patriots and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/patriots-rams-made-super-bowl-60710513"}