How valuable is Andre Iguodala?

Before game 3 of the NBA Finals begins, Neil Paine looks at the impact of one of the most important Warriors, Andre Iguodala.
3:28 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for How valuable is Andre Iguodala?
By now you've probably seen the shot that tied the NBA finals for the Golden State Warriors went pondering what dollar Connolly not three with nine seconds left. Effectively sealing the game and stealing back home court advantage for Golden State as they head back to the West Coast. That's not reminded a lot of people that hey this it would our guys pretty hate to have on a team. But the truth is Iguodala has been doing this kind of thing for years he's one of the bounding quarks and of the words dynasty going back to 2015 and who have to continue to play as the ultimate glue guy if the words are to win their fourth championship the last five seasons current basketball reference are constantly and here's metric which is an estimate of the number of wins they're contributed to this team. Iguodala ranks as the fourth most valuable warrior of the dynasty era so since when he fifty the players ahead of him. Staff curry Raymond green Kevin Durant. They make a lot of sense but it would dollar check and ahead of Lee Thompson you might expect to crack the top four. Now what could be a little surprising to see a player that only scored nine points per game ranked so highly in a value mystery but it would cause the master of doing the little things that helped make one of the greatest teams of all time. Even better when he's on war. Over the same spans since week fifteen among warriors with at least forty playoff games played Iguodala also ranks fourth in plus minus permit. Trailing curry green in direct again. He's been on the court as the words about what opponents by seven point seven points per 48 minutes biggest reason why Iguodala shows up as having such an impact is as lockdown defense and in these playoffs alone he's based a practical murderers row of opposing wings scores. He's done a great job slowing them down. According to second spectrum tracking it without of common defense of assignment he series in the playoffs so far. Has been Lou Williams against the clippers in the first round games hardened against Houston's second. Daniel Miller against the blazers in the conference finals quietly entered and he's NBA finals together those four averaged 38 point six points to 100 possessions during the regular season. While being guarded by rebel in the playoffs they've only scored 28 point two points for his actions but a drop off and an apt point. For 100 team possessed that's on top of mystery deepens that helps that Iguodala can knock down a clutch shot a career 35%. Three point shooter in the playoffs. But despite all of that and even though he was named NBA finals in VP and when he fifteen. It dollars and legacy of the game is still kind of unclear his career averages of twelve point one points five point one rebounds four point four assists per game. Are pretty modest and those numbers are what's driving basketball reference to only give him a six point 1% chance of ever being inducted into basketball thing. But that algorithm doesn't really take into account that he also with one of the driving forces behind a dynasty not many players can say it. Now that's left is to see whether he still has a Rhodes left over and this year. Currently the fight very model gives the workers and 56% chance of winning the series but it still anybody's guess that's what it with such a razor thin margin between two teams in the series could end up and on a big play it by an unexpected player. If anybody knows a thing or two about that if Andre Iguodala. For more analysis and predictions please check out by 38 dot com throughout the NBA.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Before game 3 of the NBA Finals begins, Neil Paine looks at the impact of one of the most important Warriors, Andre Iguodala.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"63492997","title":"How valuable is Andre Iguodala?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/valuable-andre-iguodala-63492997"}