Who’s better, Kyrie or Kemba?

Neil Paine and Chris Herring debate who is the better player between Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving using FiveThirtyEight’s new RAPTOR stat.
4:36 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Who’s better, Kyrie or Kemba?
All right so it's time to talk about the Celtics the little bit. Do you think they're any better off with kemba or would you have stuck with fiery. Eventually we're gonna consult our in new. Raptor statistic that is well what does that stand for again. I'm told that it stands for the robust algorithm using player tracking and on off court results. But before we get the tape from raptor you tell me. Why do you think I agree is bad and it kept. Generally speaking part of basketball when he got two guys that produced them lightly you're gonna take the one who's bigger taller and so. I think that alone. Would be the reason that would take diary. We've seen him have success reconfigured teams in the playoff. Granted the you know the Celtics were not world beaters when he was left with them it made it to the game seven accomplice files without him but from where I think it. Part of this conversation we're about who is more valuable is the better player if we're talk about two guys that are both joining new teams now. I would rather have the guidance dotted with another team it's the guys been with one team career. And that's got to find his way with a new group unit and ivory did it at first you with Boston he had. Pretty much the best numbers of his career is win here for 48 minutes for the highest of his career that season. And so we didn't have a whole lot of problems playing with the team is playing with younger guys were. Again if that means that in the but that means that he has now like he was last year they consumption I would I would. Put my money on my every meal of it matters. Yeah that's a good point I mean even in that Celtics season you talk about it he just search came in and that was like his team right instantaneously. Whereas you know we've seen. Kemba lead. A Charlotte team basically not really anywhere you know so far and now he's going to be in the pressure cooker of Boston. You know in Canada's defense he's coming up a season where higher scoring rate per 100 possessions slightly. Over Calgary. More prolific three point shooter and the team play better when he was on the court even on that hornets team their efficiency margin was about six and a half points per 100 possessions better with Campbell on the court than without him. Celtics were only two point eight points per 100 possessions with Ty re on the court and off. You know so I I would be curious to see whether. Kim is able to come and and sort. Also do a little bit of a turnaround for the Celtics because they seem like a team. That's primed for immediate bounce back here yeah know a thing I mean I could try to see it going either way. I just keep thinking about and and it's cancers trying to defend the funerals. Whatever you never give I have as far as on off of them like that. Is that it supports the theory we've got another that technical defense can't them but Woolsey. Well the good news though is that our new rafter metric takes into account fear on the court wins when when kind of adjusting for things and adjust for a lot of other factors as well so let's bring in the rafter his side. Did you have. If I hope. Allow. Hey hey hey. Yeah I think that I'm gonna call you on that because this said that Kemba Walker will be worth ten point seven wins above replacement next season. And Ty re will be worth. Ten point seven wins next season OK fine fine fine they're very close to each but Yemeni youth last year as a tiebreaker. Campbell as raptor plus minus last year with plus five point seven while Kai re only had a plus five point five points per 100 possessions. I went I don't trust the raptors immediately tighten. The computer. Fingers arrow anything. The fear. It. The and the. A. Yeah. Didn't.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Neil Paine and Chris Herring debate who is the better player between Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving using FiveThirtyEight’s new RAPTOR stat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"66478348","title":"Who’s better, Kyrie or Kemba?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/whos-kyrie-kemba-66478348"}