Women of color have always been in politics. Now they are changing Congress

The current Congress includes more women of color than ever before, thanks to historic wins in the 2020 election.
7:32 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Women of color have always been in politics. Now they are changing Congress
The 117. US congress is historic for women of color there are three women of color in the senate. And 48. In the house of represent. The most in American history. It's the first time currently in American women in elected to congress the first time black women are representing Missouri and Washington State. And for the first time the president of the senate is a woman of color. Vice president Connell Harris. These women are making history largely because until recently. Women of color were shut out of congress. The first time there are let into Portland and how that rates that. It's. Slowly our look at racial equity gains the first. Woman who would not be elected to congress does not happen excellent. News and the first Latina that the peninsula in nineteen. And it's not until the EC. Alleged that her native and congress. Women technically got suffrage in 1920. Let it come to the ocean of lies that prevented certain races from gaining citizenship. And voter suppression tactics late poll taxes and literacy tests meant women of color. To freak couldn't vote until the voting rights act passed in 1969. Black women in particular involved in other ways. They formed the grassroots of the civil rights movement through extensive fundraising and other organizing Iraq. Black sorority members were part of the women's march in 1913. And in 1930 heat alpha kappa alpha sorority formed the first full time congressional lobbying group for minority it's civil rights. Women that were already have had a long history in this country. Over a country years old for all of them now. Allen and they have all ways. Eight an interest. In politics. Around the advancement of Britain so don't count them kinds of natural training ground. Where women and hand it. Historically women of color have had their best shot and holding political office. In maturity minority districts where most voters aren't white. For instance Shirley Chisholm a member of delta sigma status sorority who became the first black woman in congress. Won her seat after her Brooklyn district was re drawn to be approximately 70%. Black where artery and. I that's not funds this is the only place where readies them instantly. Any more claim that this is where it is that it actually that support. Eaten their candidacy by not just that others. Other petitioners and part. It's what we speak with women of color candidate that they tins well birds out night of the political party gate keeping structures. And gate keeping apparatus that because the gate keepers simply are not alone we hear. Or. AG in the viability. Of women of color can't. Particularly around 2008 Smith says. Women of color who helped get former president Barack Obama elected. Started to consider their own political careers and lacking name recognition many lost at the ballot box. This half and appeared to stop them. We have that incredible example records and no it is resonating so much. With women and women of color candidates. Safety Abrams run. That's forgotten. And now we lament Reba. Internally that no person she's come from has been bathing legislative her every day but all 81. Right which is hard uphill battle for each candidate but for women of color and T to raise kind of money to do with eight Y rate. Stacey Abrams not only runs she comes awfully darn close to winning where you could nearly pace and victory and and narratives and stories today that. The Wii and was taken her beyond voter suppression tactics. But now beating governor can't. What if they Abrams to the CE you know leave fifteen. You know well into the blitz kind of imagery now she built that organization. That is apple does and in a equally voters to cast their. An organization called beer. And it's. Organizations. That we don't think are being credit. Or doing that ground work mobilization. That delivers. The state of ports. Or president. Recently. Seen eat free and an amber color rat line distracts. Our majority. In Angola vehicles. Those concerns are out where women of color in. Whole public that. Is more hurt corporate color and eat state why. We're their. Unit Sana state. It's. Still certain demographic groups v.s particularly strong headwinds but he does. I don't think about politics and different way it's. And they are thinking about how to help their community. In terms are working in the community working with organizations and it's harder for them to think about that act act. Would be an option to right problems would be CE in the recent elections the parties are target women higher. As being important voters. And Mandy cousin Ali experience they also out ax he meteor is there is the parties are also seen. They also need to. And it's the impasse in particular it manages the cousin the long history. What they've done to help Latino communities. Happy women of color in congress means more legislators have first hand experience of tackling issues that disproportionately. Affect their groups. In particular a concern for pay and health care discrepancies. It also signals to young people of color that politics are accessible to them. What parents and talked about being the birth the national asks. And she spoke very eloquently tube young girls across the country. And I believe me we really neat to watch him read the political light come. Or girls. And seven year old. A seat now right in terms of her career option it out she wants to be at best diner and president of the United States. And so. Or. Those kinds of ways that we see ships in the culture. Eight. Wind east. See greater rare earth and take.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The current Congress includes more women of color than ever before, thanks to historic wins in the 2020 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"76143926","title":"Women of color have always been in politics. Now they are changing Congress","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/women-color-politics-now-changing-congress-76143926"}