45 Republicans vote to dismiss impeachment

After senators were sworn in as jurors, "The View" co-hosts react to 45 Republicans agreeing to dismiss the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump for being "unconstitutional."
9:19 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for 45 Republicans vote to dismiss impeachment
So yesterday, 45 Republican senators voted against you-know-whose impeachment trial claiming it's unconstitutional. Clearly they've not read the constitutional. Nikki Haley went on fox saying Democrats -- once again Democrats should get over it. Take a look. I don't think there's a basis for impeachment. The idea they're bringing this up, they didn't even have a hearing in the house. Now they're going to turn around and bring it up for impeachment. Yet they say they're for unity. They beat him up before he got into office. They're beating him up after he leaves office. I mean, at some point, give the man a break. Move on. If you truly are about moving on, move on. It's not that this is a contest or anything, but a lot of these same Republicans thought Hillary's emails and Benghazi warrantedultiple investigations that went on and on and on and on and on. So why don't they think that allegations of inciting an insurrection deserve an impeachment trial? I mean, I don't know what the hell is going on, but I'll start with you, joy. What aren't they seeing? Well, just to speak to this Nikki Haley, she changed her tune because originally she was against trump a little bit, but now she's, like, give trump a break as if he's the victim, not the dead cop at the capitol. Suddenly trump is, poor little baby. Give me a break, but, you know, this whole thing is annoying me. Number one, why are these Republicans saying that probably they will not convict when they haven't seen the evidence? I saw the 12 angry men movie. Have you seen that? I saw "Law & order" many times. First you provide the evidence, and then you decide if a man is innocent or guilty. Number two, I've never seen cowardly behavior like this in grown men in my entire life. You have people risking their lives for this country every day at their job, and these chickens Rand Paul and Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, and I can just two on with these people, they are scared to lose their jobs. Scared. I think -- you know what, sunny? You can put them in your chicken coop because they're chicken. What they're defending -- what they're defending, they're saying that it's okay for people to -- to storm the capitol with guns and explosives and handcuffs. These are, you know, by the way, whenever they talk about trump supporters, you know, like this hillbilly elegy thing that goes on like they're all pathetic and poor, they're not. A lot of these people had a lot of money. They had to get a hotel room that night, didn't they? They had to get transportation to get there, not to mention the costumes they had to pay for, and the explosives. Let's not feel sorry for those people, okay? Right. So the law and order party is now the party of let's support the seditionists and insurrectionists. That is the Republican party right now. What's your reaction about all of this, sunny? Well, my reaction is that 45 out of 50 Republicans think that former president trump should face zero accountability for inciting an insurrection. Not only against our capitol, but against our very democracy, and I tend to agree with joy. The current Republican party -- there is no rift in the current Republican party. This is a far right extremist party. This is the party of Marjory green. This is the party of qanon. This is the Maga party. This is the con fed tat flag party, the build a wall party, the anti-science party, the anti-climate change party, the nationalist party, the isolationist party. Right. There is no rift. This is the Republican party of today, and I really think that if there are Republicans that do not agree with this trumpism, with this Maga party, with this type of party, they are going to need to leave this party, and start their own because if they stand with the 45 out of 50 Republican senators, that tells this country that they support everything that those other Republicans believe in. Right. What does this signal to you, Sara? This signals that they were never going to convict. I didn't have a lot of faith that they would, but this absolutely is foreshadowing, and this isn't about unity. What I'm annoyed hearing from the GOP, you know, I'm going to put air quote, leaders, is that they are talking about, oh, if the Democrats want unity, move on. That's what I keep hearing and also the other one is about the unconstitutional nature of this. That's a dangerous argument to make by the way because notice they're not saying it's a witch hunt. They're not denying that the behavior was wrong. They're just calling out the process, but that's a very dangerous argument that the people like Rand Paul are using because pretty much that's saying that you can do anything you want at the end, and Mitch Mcconnell voted to put off the impeachment, but says, oh, now it's too late. You can't have it both ways. They're absolutely not going to convict. There's got to be another way to get consequences for what happened at the capitol and send a message that this can never be done again, but we're not going to find any of that in the Republican party. What do you think about all of this, Meghan? Is it -- is what everyone is saying true? Is it time to find a new party? I mean, I feel like after what everybody just said, it's kind of like other than the play Mrs. Lincoln, how did it go last night? Is that the joke? You know what I'm saying, whoopi. I just -- it's just a dumpster fire. I will say that, you know, politics unfortunately should be about making moral calculations, but a lot of times it's about making political calculations and when I saw Nikki Haley just now in that clip, she's clearly betting on the fact that trumpism is here to stay, and she wants his base of supporters because she's clearly running for president and thinks she's a front-runner. I'm sure there are people like Kristi Noem who will have something to say about her being a front-runner, and the problem with that is authenticity really is the only currency that really, really matters in politics at the end of the day, and Joe Biden is a terribly authentic person, you know, president trump whether you like him or not, was a really authentic person, and a lot of these people are trying to sell trumpism, but it just doesn't work and it's not totally that's Josh Hawley's problem. He's an ivy league-educated scholar trying to go to the floor to put something forward that I don't believe he believed, and now he's in political purgatory. I think going forward, the idea that you can sort of calculate this, that Nikki Haley is, like, I'm the front-runner and this is a great calculation. Chris Christie thought he would be the front-runner. There's a litany of candidates who thought they would be the front-runners and ended up coming in about 12th, 15th, and they were media darlings and it didn't work out. My favorite part of American politics is the element of surprise. There's always going to be, in every election, a candidate that comes from left field rising to the top, and sometimes they become president like president Obama. I wish I would see people on capitol hill in my party that were being authentic and saying what they actually felt instead of trying to get the trump supporters, because I think with real leadership and real authenticity and real ideas and grassroots movements, people will follow. People will follow. You don't need to imitate something that has shown to be -- I wouldn't go so far as to say a cataclysmic failure, but not too far away. You know, the other thing before we go, I wanted to say is, you know, a lot of the people that are saying, you know, no, we're not going to vote for this, they're protecting themselves because they know that if he is convicted, they are next because with all of those senators and congresspeople, all the people still saying, no, he was cheated, then their feet are going to be in the fire as well. See, with one lie, you can take them all down or raise them all up. If somebody would just say, you know, I know that was his voice talking to the man in Georgia. I know that was his voice saying to people, you know, yeah. You can peacefully go, but you know this is not going to happen you're going to have to take what you want and, you know, Mike pence is going to have to step up. You read the signs. I read the signs. You know what he said, and you know what you allowed to happen. You allowed it to happen. All of you who are saying that this was a steal, the woman that was wearing the mask, you know what this was, and you watched it happen, and you let it happen, and now you're scared that if there is a vote that says, yeah, I'm going to impeach him, you all are on the line as we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"After senators were sworn in as jurors, \"The View\" co-hosts react to 45 Republicans agreeing to dismiss the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump for being \"unconstitutional.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75518990","title":"45 Republicans vote to dismiss impeachment","url":"/theview/video/45-republicans-vote-dismiss-impeachment-75518990"}