Alan Dershowitz gives advice to Democrats for midterms

Dershowitz on why he believes Cynthia Nixon shouldn't be elected governor of New York on "The View."
3:25 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Alan Dershowitz gives advice to Democrats for midterms
E are B with Alan Dershowitz. Over these Rudy Giuliani Michael Cohen should cooperate with prosecutors. I notice Michael cohenas been distancing himself froe president. He said his loyalty is to his country and his family. You've spent lot of time citing about Michael Cohen this pardon issue. You've sou don't think he'll be pardoned. I don't. I don't think Mel Cohen has anything the pdent while he'sn presideecause he hasn't B his lawyer whilee was president. Hehtave information on his business megs. Hemet with . Everybody meets with Russians. I meet with Russians. I take an extreme position. I say if Donald Trump the ate Cal vladimiti and said vlad do I have a deal for you. I want to get elected president. You hate the san if you help me get elected, there's ahance I can get ride sanctions. Tappened -- It could have happened. If he said I'll take M from you or do hackif democratic Coe, THAs a crime. It's not a crime. It should be. You need E. I hate Thea of we don'tethese people let's put a target on their back and figure out to the stretch the law fit them. I don't like that. I wish the acere doing I job. It's not. It's made so much moneyentlycause it's anti-tru that's understandable. But it won't protect trump's L libertie the only guy standing on this issue. I always defen issues that no one els will defend. I don'tefend his policies. I'm against hismmigration policies. I'minst his -- my god he wants to be against the use of breast M and have formula I'm against all his cis. I need some more -- That doesn't mean his liberties should be deni You said you WOU stay in the democraticarty if it went back to Al. What is your ho Don't elect cynthianixon. She thinks ISIS is a terrorist organize. I.C.E., not ISIS. Yes I.C.E. She supports boycotting Israel whoing against orism. Not on I.C.E. She's run for governor. Here's ting, you have to come back. Thanks to Alan Dershowitz, mes of the audience are getting a copy of his book. Read itnd back your own decisi we'll be B ?????? Ancer: Next it's sunny's

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Dershowitz on why he believes Cynthia Nixon shouldn't be elected governor of New York on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56488505","title":"Alan Dershowitz gives advice to Democrats for midterms","url":"/theview/video/alan-dershowitz-advice-democrats-midterms-56488505"}