Allison Tolman discusses her role in ABC’s ‘Emergence’

The actress shares why she wanted to play this role over others.
4:37 | 10/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allison Tolman discusses her role in ABC’s ‘Emergence’
nominated breakout star from the first season of "Fargo" who's starring in one of this season's most talked about new shows, "Emergence." She plays a cop trying find out if a 10-year-old girl has supernatural powers. Take a look. Do you remember the doctor from the hospital, my friend Abby? Yeah. She was nice. So, she's going to come visit today. I guess she's got some tricks that might help you with your memory. So, it might be fun. I agree, it also might be super boring. Hey, will you give it a shot? Okay. Okay. Yeah, there's more to this little girl than you think. Please welcome Allison Tolman. Hey. So, this show has been compared to every show that you could think of from "Stranger things" to "E.T." Yes. You -- Bless you. I'm sorry. How dare you. Dr. Ruth says a sneeze is an orgasm, so I just had one. Congratulations. Thank you. So early in the day. That's right. And now we're all part of it. So how would you describe this show? I loved it by the way. Thank you. I think it's lots of interesting stuff coming. Yeah, I think those are fair comparisons. It's a sci-fi genre thriller with a sort of family drama at the heart of it. So it is kind of like "E.T." And "Close encounters of the third kind", homey, cozy feeling but with thrills and chills and spooks. Allison, you're always playing a police officer. I play a police officer a lot. You are in this show, "Emergence," and also on "Fargo." And you were Emmy nominated for that. Yeah. What is it about you that they always cast you as a cop? I have a cop face I guess. I'm not that responsible in real life. Did you learn anything about being a police officer? I had to do weapons training because you have to learn how to properly handle a weapon and portray things responsibly. She's a gun owner. It's like Texans. So I didn't know a lot about weaponry before. There are other kinds. There are, and outside of Austin believe it or not. You were obviously in Farr "Fargo." Please tell Billy Bob Thornton I'm in love with him but there are scripts you automatically said no to after "Fargo." Why? I felt like "Fargo" was a gateway into playing a female lead and I sort of tricked people into thinking that I could lead shows and I wasn't going to step back and do anything less if I could help it. So I tried to say no to just wives and best friends and people that are only -- women that are only associated with the men in the series. I wanted someone who was on their own. And I also tend to say no to roles that define women by their physical characteristics. I find it limiting and boring and irresponsible. It's amazing that you've been successful. It's very hard to do as you just I think that things are changing on that front. More outlets. That's incredible. Yeah. And I think the chemistry between you and that little girl, you can just -- you can see it right on the screen. In real life it's that way too. She's incredible. She's so, so talented. Alexa Swinton. Yeah. She's incredible. You've got kids on the set. Do you relate to her? What would you like as a kid? I was -- Alexa is a delight. I was that kind of kid who's so precocious that you're on the edge of being kind of a jerk. I think I can say with hindsight that I was probably like, that's adorable, stop talking. Was that Halloween? It was just a dance recital. It might have been a Tuesday, I don't know. You were taking classes at second city when you got your break but you had some other odd jobs apparently? I did. I did everything. I was a dog walker, a worked at's vet's office. I was a personal assistant. I was in I.T. For a while. You worked in I.T.? I worked in I.T. You know what, you have to come back because there's more to talk to you about. I'd love that. Our thanks to Allison "Emergence" airs Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC. Everybody have a great day. Take a little time to enjoy

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The actress shares why she wanted to play this role over others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65985684","title":"Allison Tolman discusses her role in ABC’s ‘Emergence’","url":"/theview/video/allison-tolman-discusses-role-abcs-emergence-65985684"}