Amanda Peet explains why she's not on social media

Peet joins "The View" to discuss her new show "The Romanoffs."
6:42 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Amanda Peet explains why she's not on social media
Amanda Peet is part of the all-star cast from the new show by "Mad men" creator Matthew Weiner called "The romanoffs," and she has an interesting take on her daughter's pregnancy. Take a look. I can't hear you. Where are you? Hold on. I had a dream that she had a baby. It was a boy by the way. We know that already. Really? So how is she? Serene, like a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. Please welcome Amanda Peet. Welcome to the table. Thank you. We want to get to the show. It sounds awesome. There's a hot topic we didn't get to this morning. It's about Julia Roberts, someone we all love who's beautiful. Her niece, Emma Roberts, posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram. She has no makeup on but she looks absolutely gorgeous as she always does. There was some hate, as you can imagine. She took it personally. She said it was hard for her. You don't do any social media. You never have? I don't do social media. That's part of the reason, because I'm sure I can't imagine anyone thinking that she doesn't look stunning there, but, um, I just don't know how. It's a problem of I just -- it's like when my sister comes and she does those, like, 2,000-part puzzles. Yes. When I see those little tiny pieces I just -- my brain just shuts down and that's how I am about anything to do with technology. You're probably happier though. It's possible. I also just -- I wouldn't be able to -- I wouldn't -- I can't look at those comments. I would -- People are mean. They said that Julia Roberts looked like a man and that she wasn't aging well. Wow. Julia Roberts, everybody. Can you imagine, they tell that to a 15-year-old. She looks stunning. It's absurd and -- I know, crazy. Amanda, I'm genuinely such a huge fan of yours, all your work, all your movies, and also we went to the same college so I always ride hard for Columbia girls. Your husband is also the writer and co-creator of "Game of thrones." I love it so much. What a beautiful couple. Thank you. But the show is wrapping which I'm heartbroken over, but does it mean more time at home together? How do you feel about it? I sort of feel like we've been dating for the last nine years and now we're actually going to be living together as a family. We'll see how that goes, we won't get divorced. You have three kids, young kids, ages 3 to 11. Yeah. As parents, are you the strict type, are you the overprotective type? I know something about that. Maybe I can't get it right because David's partner for "Game of thrones," D.B. Weis, he lets his 10-year-old and 7-year-old -- I think they've watched little bits of "Game of thrones," Rick and morty. Rick and morty is funny. And porky's. It will be my girls who are like, I'm going to fricking kill you, like when they play with their legos and stuff and their kids are so polite and lovely. Maybe we all should watch more "Rick and morty". It's a great show. I happen to know the creator, Dan Harmon. He did "Community". Are the kids excited for Halloween? Have they picked up their costumes? We are also crazy, crazy, psycho "Adventure time" fans. I'm going to be lumpy space princess. She's up flying in the right. So it's a family costume. So I'm not going to do anything. I love it. Pretty comfy though. Yeah, it's going to be great. A family costume, I love that. But I think David's going to go with "Rick and morty." The other day I was in my kitchen and a box from Amazon arrived and it was pickle Rick. Oh! I wish you were on social media. That's a good one. You can imagine -- I was like, what is this? That's a good one. It's a large, huge -- You're a great actress. You're also a wonderful writer. Your second play called "Our very own Carlin Mccullough" it stars Mamie gummers, Meryl Streep's daughter. It got great reviews but apparently you didn't see any of the reviews? Right. This goes to the Julia Roberts thing. When I was 26 I read a review of mine that was horrifying and was so mean and then I had to get back on stage. So now I just don't read reviews at all. It's a slippery slope. You can't kind of -- you can't pick and choose. You can't -- so we just don't do it. There's no one that can just grab the good ones and go, here girl, read this. My entire family lives in fear of my wrath if they -- if any of it gets through the wall of silence. It's a good way to protect yourself and also protect the artistry. Some people can handle it. I'm just not one of those people. But the best revenge is succeeding and that's what you've done. You're here for a bigger purpose. You're starring in a new series of "The romanoffs" from the "Mad men" creator. Were you a fan of his or "Mad men" before the show? Yes. I have geekd out when I've seen slatering in New York. I've seen him. You can't miss him. He has that same silver hair. Silver fox. Sorry, David. What can people expect from the show? Actually, speaking of getting older, I play a grandmother. I'm about to be a grandmother. When you said your daughter was having a baby, I'm like, how? How? You're a young grandma. Yeah, well, yeah. When I first got it I -- partly because I thought it was written so beautifully, I was like, is this a mistake maybe? Okay. So yeah, I'm a grandmother. Yeah, wow. Okay. You've never played one before I'm guessing? No. She can't. She can't play one. She looks like this. I sure can. Bring it on. Exactly. Grandmother roles. Check it out, "The romanoffs".

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Peet joins \"The View\" to discuss her new show \"The Romanoffs.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58465153","title":"Amanda Peet explains why she's not on social media","url":"/theview/video/amanda-peet-explains-shes-social-media-58465153"}