America Ferrera on her new documentary, 'Not Done: Women Remaking America'

The actress and activist, who has a lifestyle platform "She Se Puede," discusses the powerful messages in the film.
9:08 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for America Ferrera on her new documentary, 'Not Done: Women Remaking America'
Emmy award winning actor and activist America Ferrera is a busy woman. She is campaigning for Joe Biden and speaking out in a new documentary that looks at women taking powerful action over the last four years. It's called "Not done: Women remaking America." Take a look. The first thing we talked about is, this can't be a bitch session, and the beauty of it is that we had the letter, the dear sisters letter. This letter had been posted in "Time" magazine. It was the president of the national women's farm workers association. Farm worker women had been organizing around the issue of sexual harassment for about three decades. So when the stories broke about Harvey Weinstein, we knew that just as brave as these women were to speak were going to be powerful people that were going to try to silence them, and we wanted them to understand that there were people who were going to stand with them. Please welcome America Ferrera. Good to see you, girl. Welcome back to "The view," and joy, it's you. Good morning. I have a question. So nice to see you again. Now you were in -- in Arizona just the other day campaigning for Joe Biden and kamala Harris. You spoke with voters there. What did you learn, America? Tell us. I learned that Arizona's fired up. Early voting is under way in Arizona, and many other states across the country and as you know, Arizona is a battleground state. It can really shift politically this year, and people are fired up. They're voting in unprecedented numbers, but we cannot let up. There are a lot of attacks on democracy. There is so much voter suppression going on across the country. Battles being fought, and we need to not let up and make sure that everybody not only has the right to vote, but that everybody's vote counts at the end of the day in order to ensure the health and the safety of our American democracy. Now the last time you were on the show was right in the middle of the contentious hearings for now-supreme court Brett Kavanaugh. Here you are today joining us just after the hearings for Amy coney Barrett concluded. We're talking about two different people, but do you feel like there's a connection between these moments in time? Well, absolutely. It's just the latest betrayal of the American people. It's an unprecedented betrayal of American voters. The senate tried to push through this nomination. It's not about Amy, and frankly, you know, it can't just be about trump. This is about elected officials in a position to do what's right for the American people, and for American democracy, and they are -- and they are betrayed. The oath they took to protect the American people. Their job review is coming up in this election, and it's our jobs as the people who vote for them, the people who hire them to do a job, to -- to let them know how we feel about the job they're doing and create consequences for the actions they're taking that are not with the best for American people in mind. Mm-hmm. Well, America, on the show last week we were talking about Latino men responding to Donald Trump's supposed macho appeal. He walks out to "Macho man," the song at his rallies, but just because you play it, we all know that doesn't necessarily make it true. Why do you think though that Latino men seem to be G gravitating towards him? Well, I think a couple of things about this headline. First of all is what you just said. Is it even true? The accuracy of it. What we know about trump's campaign is that they don't necessarily need to back anything up with facts and they don't bother to. They just create headlines and say what they want to say, and never address facts and reality, and what we know is that Latino men are no more drawn to the male toxicity of Donald Trump than say black men or white men. They are aligned with men across the country in what appeals to them about this toxic machismo. What I actually know from the latest and most recent pollings is that -- that the favorability among Latino men towards trump is dropping, and dipping, and that the headline and repeating this -- this headline is another example of the sort of propaganda misinformation and self-fulfilling prophesy that trump's campaign is hoping to push on Latino voters because they know that if Latino voters show up in their force and in their numbers, they don't stand a chance. Right. That's right. Now let's talk about this. You're part of a powerful new documentary called "Not done: Women remaking America," and not that it's only about you. You're talking about the country of America. It's a look at how women have addressed the many abuses of power over the last few years, and we're looking at some b-roll from it now. So what message do you hope we'll take away from the film? It's a powerful documentary and such an important and empowering narrative in this moment to say, look. The last four years have been rough. I mean, the last, you know, the last centuries have been rough for women, right? But we are fighting back, and we are making gains, and we have -- we have collaborated and organized and shown up across barriers to change things for women in this country and things are changing. It's amazing to watch the documentary and see how, well, from the women's March in 2017 to the reporting on the Harvey Weinstein case which then exploded the me too and time's up movement all the way to the black lives matter movement which by the way, was started by women. So it too is a woman's movement. So to see how women are showing up in this moment to organize and to effect change is so empowering and it's important that we remember that we are showing up, and that we are making gains. We're not backing down in spite of the many, many attacks that we have felt. Very blatant attacks with very little decency in them against women in this country, and around the world. America, our mutual friend Eva Longoria was here recently and she was talking about this amazing platform for Latina women you are doing together. I follow it on Instagram. It's called she se puede and I love it. Women have largely been ignored in politics. Can you tell us why you think that's a big mistake? Anybody who ignores the Latino voters in this country does it at their own peril. The path to victory for the presidential election and truly down the ballot runs straight through the Latino community and more specifically the Latina community. We have the numbers to be deciders in states across the country and not just Florida and Arizona and Nevada, but in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. Latinas have the power if we show up to be deciders in this election, and to decide which way this country is going to go. So empowering Latina voters, reaching out to Latina voters should not be a Latina issue. It should be a democracy issue. It should be an American issue because Latina voters will vote in the best interest of their families and their communities and ofhe country. So anyone ignoring Latina voters does it at their own peril and it's been amazing to launch this. True that. True that. I wanted to just mention that -- in that she se puede, it's launching a virtual tour today at 10:00 A.M. Pacific. This entire week we're going to be virtually touring the country in key states in this election to empower Latinas and to talk about everything from our finances to the power of our vote and so we would love for everyone to join us at Come for the kickoff of the tour today at 10:00 A.M. There you go, and see America in the film "Not done: Women remaking America" premiering October 27th on pbs.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"The actress and activist, who has a lifestyle platform \"She Se Puede,\" discusses the powerful messages in the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73699176","title":"America Ferrera on her new documentary, 'Not Done: Women Remaking America'","url":"/theview/video/america-ferrera-documentary-women-remaking-america-73699176"}