Amy Klobuchar addresses Bloomberg campaign launch

The presidential candidate weighs in on the former New York City mayor joining the crowded Democratic field, and gender bias within the 2020 race.
4:26 | 12/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amy Klobuchar addresses Bloomberg campaign launch
We have got to talk to you about mayor Bloomberg who has been in the race, what, less than a week now. Yes. Throwing a ton of money in the race and now currently polling neck and neck with you nationally in some polls. You say, you don't buy the argument he's throwing his hat in because, quote, everyone else sucks. That's what he said. He didn't say suck. He said it was necessary he come into the race. Here's how I look at it. Why do you think he's running then? It's not because he thinks everyone he's running against couldn't beat trump, why would he be running? Because he can. I have a lot of admiration for him and his work, so let me start with that. When I was watching TV last night, all I saw was what billionaires' ads. They must think two people are running. That's because the rest of us can't afford to run ads like that. My issue is you can't simply allow wealthy people to come in and buy elections. That is not what this country is about, and I don't think America looks at the guy in the white house and says, let's find someone richer because that is literally what's going on right now, and so my hope is that the people will look at the candidates and they'll make a decision based on who is best to govern, and who is actually best to lead the ticket. I'm one of only two candidates from the middle of the country, the heartland. That is exactly where we lost last time. You're not wrong about that. Steyer's not doing well, even with all the money and everything he's throwing out there. It doesn't really work. Don't worry about it. Money has been a apart of politics for such a long time. After the last few debates in six days, we raised $2.1 million from regular people at Good for you. That's how we did it. At the last debate, you reiterated your belief that mayor Pete benefits from gender bias, and a woman in his position wouldn't even make the debate stage. We have a little bit more of what you said. What I said was true. Women are held to a higher standard. Otherwise, we could play a game called name your favorite woman president which we can't do because it has all been men. And if you think a woman can't defeat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every single day. That I love. It's very true. That answer actually got a lot of praise, but last week on our show, we talked about a study that says almost half of this country -- half of the men in this country are uncomfortable with female political leaders. So how do you grapple with bringing up this gender bias and not necessarily harping on it? Because a lot of people thought that is what hurt Hillary Yeah. So it's interesting that I WOU bring it up because I'm someone that's always run on my merits, and I won in northern Minnesota with those steel workers up there by simply saying, I'm proud to be a woman candidate, but I'm not running to be the first woman. I'm actually running to have your backs and to get things done, and -- but the reason I brought it up is because I just think it's been such a cloud over women running for executive positions or running for governor or other jobs and more and more women are getting those jobs and doing well. My point is, yeah. It's a higher standard, but give me that standard like so many women out there working today, and I will meet it. I have done that by passing over a hundred bills in that gridlock of Washington, D.C. Where I am the lead Democrat. More than anyone else in congress that's on that stage. I have done it by winning big in suburban and rural and urban districts time and time again, and that's the case that I can make. I do my work with my head, yes, but also with my heart, and I think that's what people want in a president right now. Yeah. Look. You're a moderate candidate from the middle of the country. I have always said that's the way to win over. People might be catching on a little bit you can't go so far left. That's the reason Warren lost half of her supporters in the last poll. What are you going to do? You have 20 seconds. I'm making my case. I don't think there's a monopoly on good ideas. I'll bring those health care costs down, but I'm not going to kick 149 million Americans off their current health insurance in four years. That's my problem with their proposals and I have said it from the beginning, and I have set a clear path and that's how I'm going to win. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The presidential candidate weighs in on the former New York City mayor joining the crowded Democratic field, and gender bias within the 2020 race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67442758","title":"Amy Klobuchar addresses Bloomberg campaign launch","url":"/theview/video/amy-klobuchar-addresses-bloomberg-campaign-launch-67442758"}