Ann Curry weighs in on Matt Lauer's ousting at 'Today'

The former "Today" host tells "The View" that women are now "waking up" to say "enough is enough" to workplace misconduct.
2:20 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Ann Curry weighs in on Matt Lauer's ousting at 'Today'
Zelaya was about to ask added. Very important question whether there during the break who are talking about these sexual harassment allegations against Matt Lowry you worked with. Matt Lauer. And does your hearing you know you're a victim of quite a bit of abuse over there if it was not sexual was certainly. Nasty behavior towards you I remember that very clearly. And it was saying that you became in new worried until and I thought that was an interesting well I think often times and I think he's sort of talked a little bit about this in another context he talked about working at fox and trying to step out of it. I think a lot of times these places where we work out of the basement you little bit like a whole it nears. We're all the sudden things that you would never imagine that you would. Accept or tolerate you start to kind of because others aren't via kind of get used to certain things and use are they okay wolf. This how what it means is good at what I'm gonna have to do need to do. Two you know carry the ball Ford two to help. Not just myself and all the women are coming after me rise. And women all across this country and all kinds of industries are. Doing and have done them and what we are now waking up to. Is it enough is enough value. I. There's fear there's this this connection that we're all making across industries where you're in factories and plants certainly in Hollywood or in media. The -- we're all connecting in this manner or recognizing and what we need to really focus on I think is the victims you know let's talk about how to reroute. Conditioning when you wouldn't get away you are getting much love and let me ask you just not that straight to Tampa buttons office. I did they have a don't know what this is the allegation. Indiana but its office that the girl was in the office and he could lock her into the office of my right on that was I think that trying to I don't know that from personal experience is not mean your thoughts not about my off yeah. I'm. Saying that it's really at lake I have loved I haven't I sat on the show I have watched that spacious since you last night but I love you yeah and I. I really believe what I said that we need good journalists rate now for a lot of different reasons especially given a kind of climate or any and I bubbly urging on PBS. But I really do hope you continue doing investigative journalist son. Further go to our country and for the good of our media because we really deed you right now.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The former \"Today\" host tells \"The View\" that women are now \"waking up\" to say \"enough is enough\" to workplace misconduct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52556717","title":"Ann Curry weighs in on Matt Lauer's ousting at 'Today'","url":"/theview/video/ann-curry-weighs-matt-lauers-ousting-today-52556717"}