Anna Faris speaks out on divorce

After the actress said she wished she had a close group of friends to confide in while married to Chris Pratt, "The View" co-hosts discuss sharing relationship woes with friends.
3:53 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for Anna Faris speaks out on divorce
Our podcast Ana Faris says. Action it unqualified that's the name of pod cast. The mom star admitted that when she was still married to Chris Pratt she wished she had. A close a group of friends she could have confided in about the relationship and those kinds of issues serin do you think that's a good idea should people. Come defiant confide in their friends about details of their marriage. While it's an issue that super broad and unresolved I tend to leave back kind of in the sanctity of the marriage. There's only one friend my best for an air and that I would trust with some of those things. But they dated date issues of marriage I think it very much helps to get that out in the open and discuss especially in this gain each of social media. Because we all protect our worst fears that nobody else is dealing with these things whenever your jerk your journey is and I think when you normalized. That relationships are hard marriage is hard and other people have things to it it put your struggles in context and allows you kinda. To roll with it batter so I think absolutely talking about some of those dated day things would help. Prime time. What do you think is that a good thing for people to do. I like to somehow annoying here's writes it was things. I don't really need. You know also eyed immigrants like I don't like public displays of affection PDA I don't like public does the wave of hatred these. You know this continent I didn't public. And I think that if you can't talk to your husband or wife or white from a whenever you have there. Directly you're in trouble. You're in trouble so that's one of the conversation this is stars lady I like her she's she's very nice she needs to it did think about that now. That will make him what I'm not sure I ask her if she's slightly ahead with yes. What do you think about a clue comes fighting see your friends about this kind of staff Reagan is said. Is that a good thing you think. When I was in seventh grade at my teacher told me I talk too much and that it was and I like hurt me or deported my future and how. Need to talk I now and it S and I I did my and they say look we gotta talk it out. I gotta talk everything out outside a sock it to death and then lemont so. I am glad everything with everybody has Sonny no I had my dressing room next to her and would often talk about lot different things that are privately and there are so I mean. I'm Dr. I had read. New. And sends it was here which are thought about this it is is this a good thing to find people to come sign and then. And talk about if you are having issues. Yet you know I have a group of sister friends you know I'm an only child but my friends are like sisters and and and we do you share. Issues with each other in our marriages. But I will say this you do have to be careful what you share. Because you've then get over it. And your friend is still giving the side. To your your partner write your friends Sele. Remember that time when he did such and such I hate it you know so. You gotta be a little careful in what you share because then they they hold back brags. When you no longer have are holding it I I myself have experienced that with some things my friends have told me and I I still kinda. Like hate their husbands for some of those things and I just have to realize that that's not my place how hump hum so. Hey you know there's a balance but it but I think it's okay because if you're all going through it like Farris said you don't wanna feel like like you're alone because grant marriage just stuff.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"After the actress said she wished she had a close group of friends to confide in while married to Chris Pratt, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss sharing relationship woes with friends. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77509861","title":"Anna Faris speaks out on divorce","url":"/theview/video/anna-faris-speaks-divorce-77509861"}