Attorney Ben Crump believes Derek Chauvin 'will be convicted' of killing George Floyd

On “The View,” the lawyer for George Floyd’s family remains positive about the ex-cop being convicted of murder but added that “the American legal system has broken my heart before.”
8:44 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for Attorney Ben Crump believes Derek Chauvin 'will be convicted' of killing George Floyd
Clearly when mr. Floyd it was no longer responses. In either motionless. Q continue to apply. That. Level. Of force. Two in person. Prone doubt. Handcuffed behind her back. That debt to in no way shape or form is anything that. Is by policy. Is not pervert training. And it is certainly not part of our ethics are now owns. That was the Minneapolis chief of police breaking the blue wall of science sigh I silence would damning testimony this week. In the trial of ex cop Derek shelve it. He's charged as you know what the murder of George Floyd and here to tell us if he thinks justice will finally be served. Please welcome lawyer for Floyd's family and civil rights attorney Ben crop come morning bank from welcome back to the view. Last week. We heard a lot of emotional testimony from folks who witnessed George Floyd stepped and now we're hearing. From a lot of top cops that what show who then did violated police training and protocol Howell how powerful and un usual. Is it for offices to take a stand like this. Against one of the wrong. We're good morning ribbons thank you for having me. Problem is both very powerful and there and you Joseph. This top executives and a police departments. Testify against one of there own offices. Especially M are excessive for us wrong put. Debt that Bob marginalize minority in America. And this gives us so much hope would be that it should be riveted when we see this issue we expect nick. That police chiefs and police will tell the truth. Everybody saw what happened on and video went opposite dirt show who ran. Odd tortilla George sparked a definite government are keeping his we are mixed as people and a public begged him. Could take kids need opposite George OX. And I can't read it. 28 tax Adams SL. Trade that we now have a precedence. All of our America. Will step. Out in front of the blue wall of silence is say no no regard to stand for truth and justice. Even if that means hole in our members are about police department accountable. You know ban I I said yesterday that an. All my years prosecuting cases I've never seen evidence of this strong against the police officer. I think the prosecution has presented a really strong case. What do you think about the case they've presented against. Show then so far. Benny I think is very compel them and then. I wish we can you give her legal commentary. Senate house Democrats are remembered orchestrated by Amare and you gave. We're not whereas some of the best leader commentary. Tenet. Engage and educate America when we looked at these type of cases. And when I think about whip Keith Ellison. Whose I attorney general for the state of Minnesota. And his team is duet. They are better than the most compelling case. That may issued a Dick Shelvin. Is KO criminally liable. For under Canon of George floor and isn't there were rare. In America when a police officer. Minority in America. We think about to open a statement. When they educated us all and said that it was an eight minutes imported. It was at. Mold it baton mole and it. All how. George lower. My wins. Court room whipped his hammered. And it all Obey him to a Warren. Had to get up in the heat but constant sending us that case. Yes cops. SI has tanked. It too damn Bastia blow that Ascap famine I imagine. If that where's your family member up. Face down begging him bar. Here at stake stand lighting and the people. Person who is ringing. To protect and serve and protect her I wasn't a person who was taken light and so I think the prosecutors door and very good job strategically a breaking that down. Listen to those witnesses. Then that long war and dispatcher who say it. I don't wanna be just nick but I don't know what I was watching and let's not write as she was not Burress witnessed any it was a bomb JR. And then I think the prosecution. Progressively. Got more engaged intended Jarrett to say this wasn't crap that we all witnessed it in million people. Have watched this video tape and I'm America we are better than. Yes. Well. You know I senator. A lot of people myself included think this is an open and shut case. Because because all the jury needs to see is captured on that horrific video it's right there. But you know what we've seen cases like this before in a certain way Rodney King an arid going to act to name just to even with video evidence the cops got off. Because the jury is reluctant to prosecute a cop I believe. Are you hopeful that this time the wheel landed a conviction and why would this be any different. Jarred asks. In my heart. I believe that. Dared show been and will become Dick Dick. I'm George florid. Let there American legal system. Has broken my heart before. When we think about so many. Are cases debt we have comps and no. Are. And running it. Crass or black lives matter. Blair. What I think is different about this New York is. This Diddy arrow is so graphic. It is so her ripped through I think. He probably America who have been watching this route Rahm gavel to gavel. Have. Some bliss up it. DSD yes and watch him. The video and watch and a trial. And I think about. David. Change in American has happened in. I. Ou is very engaged and least some suggest it's matters he emails me from time to time we talked about he has children. And he wants him to live in a better world. He's mad. They keep talking about the assassination of character of George Clarke is. Trace amounts of drugs. And no death Chicago depth and that. Wit dear children DA had he stands at turning crops should tell them have Derrick sharp lapidus so confident and that. He should volunteer doing his case didn't get down on the floor in that court wrong. And let somebody come at Pitt Denton the 29 seconds. And being able to see if he could as a back to X Burris little time doing this case. Being can't go well did you. Thirty seconds at ninety seconds we're ajar explorer what about oxygen. Oh well 429. Seconds. And that's why are. It was intentional wed this ops a deer. And I believed in my heart your bay have. Criminally liable. And it will hold instead a new precedents. In America.

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{"duration":"8:44","description":"On “The View,” the lawyer for George Floyd’s family remains positive about the ex-cop being convicted of murder but added that “the American legal system has broken my heart before.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76927297","title":"Attorney Ben Crump believes Derek Chauvin 'will be convicted' of killing George Floyd","url":"/theview/video/attorney-ben-crump-believes-derek-chauvin-convicted-killing-76927297"}