Bernie Sanders talks Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and working with GOP

The Vermont senator discusses his progressive agenda for 2020 and why he thinks Democrats don’t need a moderate candidate to beat Trump.
5:41 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders talks Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and working with GOP
Let's talk about then senator Elizabeth Warren because not only is she a friend of viewers. She sure is a lot of the same ideas that you came out with first she's saying Medicare for all free public college. The green new deal. Is there enough room in the party for both the view because are you now in danger of splitting the vote and giving Joseph Biden a clear path to the nomination. We'll study Elizabeth his approach when she annoys the potential for well over twenty years. She's gonna run her campaign and I won't run my campaign. I think and feel very good about the campaign for among all the reasons. That at the end of the day the way you win in politics is often TV answer reader where that you wind through door to door campaigning. People getting on the phone call. We have well over one million volunteers. We have more contributions coming into our campaign averaging all of nineteen dollars I should site you'll low contributions. Offer more people than any candidate in the history of American politics so I think we got our grassroots support to win the election. Can I ask a question and this I'm just. Angie Yang was here and made perfect sense to me. And I have been hurt really anybody else in the party. Would ever party we're we're talking about. Say hey. Do you realize that if FaceBook and Amazon and and all the other gigantic corporations. Paid any tax. We can find some relief for our. Regular Americans do you agree with that of course I do them warm blog about web two years while not habit I'd see I'd. When engine came on and sort of broke down when he suggested and I'm sure you know discussion been spending time with him. But his idea was you know if one of those companies game. Every American and a grand people's lives would change why do what do you think of such what it. This is what I think OPEC aren't I think that right now. When you have Donald Trump and his friends giving well over a trillion dollars in tax breaks. To the 1% and launch profitable corporations look at that's obscene language outwit you change that chairmanship. I don't does I'm Robin I want it about it but what inspired you know you asked me up. What you got right now yeah will be this is what you thought. You've got Amazon. All by the wealthiest guy in America. Made over ten billion dollars in profit blistered you know what they paid in federal income nothing not a penny yeah I know that since it's also what what I'm asking you is it your position. That these corporations all of these big corporations will now if you or elect a president who. One of the things you're gonna make sure that they do is they paid their fair share and that we'll trickled to the American people it's the very toppled light agenda I look this is absolutely. I don't you know I I I don't really know because you know I'm I am. Watched you over the last several years and and I've had lots of questions about what you want to do so I I do if I it and he's also talking about giving every American money yes. Art but if you I'm talking about giving every American a drawl which I think is what Arctic is terribly important we have an enormous amount of work to be done in this country. In terms of climber change to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. We're talking about creating up to twenty million good paying jobs yeah we're talking about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure we're talking about building the millions of units of affordable housing and everybody is out for everybody just sat up. Well he's ever borrowed all the respect I think the agenda little I am bringing forth is the most progressive agenda ever brought forth. By any candidate serious candidate running for president of the united. What can happen the you wanna ask Chris I just wanna have something not that point because Nancy Pelosi. Is now saying that the moderates is the one is got that basically. Is they'll most elect. Well our beloved Nancy but she and I disagree on this issue I think the way you beat Donald Trump and I must say. That in my view Donald Trump is the most dangerous president probably in the history of this country we had great. And it gives me no pleasure to say that's it really does off because I have conservative friends would like and respect. But trump can hear any in congress and the senate and and get generally curious about bipartisanship. Keynote why Johnny Isaacson of Georgia who's recently retired as a keys time Johnny is a very good debt was sorry but I work they're dead and now or not it's audioblog dead. I don't think that he's sleeping he's the only lead I have XY Everett's Hayat. Look even somebody like a George W. Bush who was a very conservative thought in office arguing that if you are presently what worked with Conning others idol moral example of all right Lamar is head of the committee autumn on the health education labor committee and Lamar as a conservative revolt Lamar is not a loyal. Lol roars out of sexist things lot of races is on a homophobia is a conservative gut told American politics. So all right you know work with you a dead our work with all the people. On issues where we can come together that's what think American Talbots is supposed to be about them what you how the president today and get a gives me no. Joy this lay this. He is a pathological liar. Now at what people ask me you know what do you think about what troubles said like it's going to tweet a slate. About gonna say anything because ten minutes of those that it changes you. I can't come up this is not the kind of temperament or personality that we should have in the White House have to market cap.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"The Vermont senator discusses his progressive agenda for 2020 and why he thinks Democrats don’t need a moderate candidate to beat Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65387358","title":"Bernie Sanders talks Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and working with GOP","url":"/theview/video/bernie-sanders-talks-elizabeth-warrens-campaign-working-gop-65387358"}