Beto O'Rourke raises $6.1 million for his campaign in one day

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the presidential candidate will fair in the Democratic Party.
5:05 | 03/18/19

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Transcript for Beto O'Rourke raises $6.1 million for his campaign in one day
That can save our rock throwing his hat into the ring for twining twice collection is dining out strongly broke. I Bernie Sanders when de fund raising reckoned by raising six point one million. Can he sustain this excitement. And a hasn't said anything about policy yet and let you know I guess we celebrate when folks can raise a whole bunch of money but you know wasn't. And what where you at the doesn't. Some heard who say. Was you realize he was. I've got with white privilege and so he also felt he needed that a female. To run with what at my question is what did you ambition was beyond Pakistan yeah and like you why why why didn't let think that it. Why would you think she needed you to do that. That I've added. Yeah we can't I would privilege like that because it and it. Things slip maps are not saying that it really sort of clamp down with your pleaded and have what inserted I have found that. He kind of cookie he did you slips this weekend when he corrected himself on that you have to stop. I'd like a but not enough to name the dog after army has. Then. You don't have the money. He doesn't price I think a lot of politics about how they make you feel. And you know take the call seven do you feel like you could like that person do you think and Democrats are really faced with a choice it's. Do you vote for the person you like most do you vote for the person you they can get to the primary. Or you vote for the person who you may not love but you know that they are the one person could probably beat Donald Trump that's so watch and that's the right is still have to I think that's why I bet oh. And I'm not the biggest bet a fan at this point but I think there are Democrats that feel like he's got this sort of rock star status similar to what Obama had early on. And maybe he could go up against trump in a way different than I was tonight knows what to do yeah Aaron it is fear I'd ask well. Fundraising cop and his staff and it's that it has the four women candidates running. And it says we. Were born to run and born has axed out and it's at work hard to Ryan yeah I think this gaffe will follow him and it really is they don't. Use this all the time but it really is white male privilege to be like I was born to do this if Hillary you are cobbler anyone had been on the cover Vanity Fair saint I was born to do this the media would be going insane right now again Wednesday at sky data guy that said he was born he. In mid ninety's and was because a one day he was critically this white bro. Like it lasted about a week and is it when a district that I know these guys yeah guy that I dated dean Witter is so same thing that beta set I like I was a warning president one day I will be an eyewitness not work out where are not agreed on for a guy like that that any. Too soon for me to be excited about anyone but I will say that he raised the six. Point one million dollars in online donations from all fifty states yet not one day at a guides oh that's right insisting that he seems to have this match the devil that but does not make you presidential material now just because you marry raise money because you know. Listen yeah we can get all content folks are. Yeah is that money on I you know Dana but I just kind of feel like I I'm tough I'm never want to see. What I've seen the last couple years all I will never. I don't care what side of the aisle you I'm this can't be. This can't be your idea of the country leaving lord let out. SA in favor of personal is coming on the BO so we can ask them a lot of different I'll yes I was so when he has little if I had a scumbag he's spent six years in congress introduced 65 bells and group. He's believes that expanding veterans access to mental health care dude he hasn't come yet a measure mandating that service members leaving the military service receive comprehensive mental health care wouldn't cut back on PTS day. Permanently protected the cast your range so he's hit 7000 acres of land surrounded by certain kind of mountains and so he isn't he saying he's floor. This environments he's for veterans' benefits he's. All right our active guy everybody I have to say everybody it is all the folks that are running all the Democrats running have the same ammo upgrade many yes so the field is wide Altman I'm just saying. You know you can't assume that because you're good at fundraising. Yeah you're going to be this early. Com Melissa roll out with more seamless and she Eck in a lot of weight and she's not being given missing credit he is and I think it does show a stigma and politics in a lot of different ways and this is meat you can you know conservative on the panel saying this but she should be given the cover of Vanity Fair than CO because our goal that was more he made a lot of gaps this weekend we don't he did need to go over but yeah it does seem like the media is giving. What I am dismayed parents Debbie and debate and will not sell out what I'm Zack sorry he is not quite contract. Some red O'Donnell let me put you off it. Irony it up because if you really want to talk to people and tell us really what your plan hands on some that you don't feel as flighty as you might feel to some folks you wanna Compania as we won't ask you the questions that people want it now 'cause. That's why there's so many of us at say sure.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the presidential candidate will fair in the Democratic Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61766706","title":"Beto O'Rourke raises $6.1 million for his campaign in one day","url":"/theview/video/beto-orourke-raises-61-million-campaign-day-61766706"}