Betsy DeVos struggles in interview on education

"The View" co-hosts discuss DeVos' comments on "60 Minutes."
5:38 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Betsy DeVos struggles in interview on education
education secretary Betsy Devos sat down with "60 minutes" last night and it really seemed like she don't -- you know, she didn't do her homework. She's not on top of stuff. Just take a look. Have the public schools in Michigan gotten better? I don't know. Overall -- I can't say overall they've gotten better. Have you seen the really bad schools, maybe try to figure out what they're doing? I have not -- I have not -- I have not intentionally visited schools that are underpforming. Maybe you should. Maybe I should. Yes. Yeah, maybe you should. Wow. So, call me crazy but what's he been doing this whole time? Wow. I don't know. Well, the scary thing is she was in her home state of Mish MI initi Michigan and hasn't visited her own state schools. Education was the great equalizer for me. I've often said I was the kid from the south bronx but I was smart and my parents did everything to make sure I went to good schools and it's the only reason I'm sitting here today and not a statistic. When you think about the head of the education department responsible for really our children's lives not being qualified to lead those lives and to lead the education, it hurts me to my core. Because kids like me don't have a chance with Betsy Devos as the person taking care of their education. But sunny, you're lucky -- No chance. You're lucky because you had parents that took the time to -- And my mom's a teacher. One of the problems is when you look at taking money from public schools and putting it into charter schools or private schools, there is a group of children that barely gets to school with breakfast in them. You know, you can't assume that every parent is going to be able to research these places. That's a lot of paperwork, a lot of legwork. So ultimately who this is going to hurt is the most underprivileged young people that are already struggling. Of course. Wait, one more thing real quickly. After the confirmation hearings and how much struggle she had getting in and people saying you're not prepared, that part, you forgive her once but you don't forgive her twice. The idea that she didn't research this before sitting down with Leslie stall, I'd at least have a cheat sheet. Remember trump had a cheat sheet that said, I hear you. She should have had some cheat sheet like that. Just some numbers or something. I had brunch yesterday with a good friend of mine who actually works in conservative education policy and there are great people that are working hard to try and explain why I'm in agreement school vouchers actually have a lot of positivity. The U.S. Spends over 6$620 billion on K to 12 education but are behind every other industrial nation when it comes to test scoring. The U.S. Is atten unpr primpressive 38 out of 51. This woman, unfortunately right now, for whatever reason, again, we should put my friend in front of Leslie stall because there are arguments to be had -- To what is th? My good friend works in conservative education. There are better ways we can have spokes people explaining our ideology and it's frustra frustrating to see someone on TV in front of Leslie stall and basically say I don't know anything about my home state. Because she doesn't know. She doesn't know or she choked. She doesn't know. Interesting in what you said in terms of ideology, I thought nobody wanted ideology taught in schools. Policy. Oh. How you view education, how you view government spending on education. I just said -- No, po, I understand. I'm glad you cleared that up because that's not what I heard. I heard you say ideology and I missed the other part. When you do a charter school you do take some money away from the public schools. Am I right? You do. She didn't address that at all. The Milwaukee program dropped drug crime convictions 93%. This is a different perspective on how you want money spent on government. It is a valid argument to be had, a valid debate but when you have someone like her on -- It may be but the real issue here is the woman in charge. The woman responsible for it. If you think about it, when you think about the people that president Obama put in, I mean, he has arnie duncanad just a plethora of experience. He was the CEO of the Chicago public schools. He actually was a public school superintendent. And then John king, the other person that he had in the job had a doctorate in education, a law degree, was a principal of a charter school. These are people with education. I think maybe -- you do agree she's not qualified. She does a lot of work in charter. This wouldn't be my choice for this job. If you cannot go in front of media and explain in S bites the policy, the ideology -- What you want to see. Maybe she doesn't have to because she knows she's backed by trump and she has a lot of money so she's like, whatever. But right now it is affecting -- right now we're having a conversation about how she biffed it in front of Leslie stall when people like me and people like my friend have a wildly different take on government spending when it comes to public schools and it's deeply frustrating. Who cares what she does on television. It's about what she's doing in the job. Halt, halt. We're coming right back.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss DeVos' comments on \"60 Minutes.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53688880","title":"Betsy DeVos struggles in interview on education","url":"/theview/video/betsy-devos-struggles-interview-education-53688880"}