Bloomberg discusses vaping epidemic

Michael Bloomberg discusses his plans for big corporations and the vaping crisis as well as his reasoning behind his lack of reaction to President Trump’s name calling.
6:18 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for Bloomberg discusses vaping epidemic
Candidate Andrew yang thinks that social media has so much of our content that their platforms that they use for their own purposes, that we should be shareholders as well. What do you think about that? Social media was supposed to make everybody equal and give everybody all the information they needed and it hasn't quite turned out that way. One of the answers is they get so much information they can't process it, it's too much to handle, comes at you too fast. Should we have to pay for some of this. You can make the case. But people do pay for it. They pay for it in terms of -- No, shouldn't they pay for it because they take your information and use it. That's Amazon. Don't you think they should maybe put a little something-something back in the kitty? They argue they do. In our case we don't collect any have had information. I always thought that social media companies should have the same responsibilities that news organizations have in terms of what you can print or -- But you know they don't. They don't and I think the law should be changed to include them. And I'm opposed to the inability to open up when law enforcement needs information. You should be able to go to a judge just like you can and get the ability to read mail or listen to a phone call or something to protect the public. But do you think that the public deserve since these big stores come in and they often close neighborhood areas and they don't put anything into the neighborhood, do you think it's a good idea that the trillion dollar companies that we now have -- I think they have a responsibility to society. In my case I give away all my money. Do you think they should follow through and make Americans also shareholders in this gigantic thing that's happening. I don't know that you want to -- people still should be able to start a business and grow and give services and hire people and all that sort of stuff. Yes. I wouldn't be in favor of forcing people to be shareholders. We tax them. That's the way you take some of their money. But we don't. Amazon doesn't pay any tax, didn't pay any tax this year. I'm just trying to say you have an American dream, right? You have an American dream. Your grandmother started an ice cream parlor and then some giant company comes in and sort of eats your mother's or your grandmother's American dream and continues to eat up so much of the real estate that you can't even get your American dream anymore. Do you think it is a good idea for them to say, you know, because we've come in and we've eaten part of your neighborhood, we think your neighborhood should be a shareholder in this company that you are helping to support? Is that a good idea? That's what I'm asking. They like that. The audience seems to like that. Yeah. I think we should tax them and I think we should not allow them to keep moneys overseas where they aren't paying taxes on it. In my case, half our business is around the world and all the money we make we bring back to so it's a good deal for America, and we pay our taxes. We don't leave it overseas and hide it or anything. You got to ask them about their business practices but I think there's too much sloshing around without any controls and you're going to see more and more government saying you shouldn't be able to track people, you shouldn't be able to sell information without telling them you're selling it, those kinds of things. It's gotten so much bigger than anybody had anticipated. So vaping has taken over the whoopi talks -- you talk about this all the time. So you're doing this question. No, you're the one that's passionate about it. All of us have been talking about it because it's a new thing and the government is trying to figure out how we tackle it. You have a plan for that. Look, today one in four high school students is addicted to vaping already and it's a brand new thing. This is so bad and happening so fast, and there's a lot of evidence that stuff in the vape is bad for you. Why not outlaw it? Why not shut it all out? You can accomplish almost the same thing if they do what trump promised and do and then reneged and that was getting rid of the flavors because the kids all say if they don't have flavors -- same thing with cigarettes. If it's not flavored then they don't buy it. Why isn't it the responsibility of the people who are selling it to follow the law where it says if it's a tobacco product you are not allowed to sell it to people who are under 20? Why is -- because we haven't been able to figure out what's making it bad, why -- why have we not said, if you sell this to kids we're going to close you down? Look, I have focused on public health issues. What I'm -- I stopped smoking because of you. And you took the heat for it too. No soda. Once I put the smoking ban in I didn't exactly get a lot of people wanting to take my picture. I actually got a lot of one-finger waves but that's another issue. If you were president would you outlaw vaping for under 20? It would be a court battle, but yes, you probably could. Certainly the age limit you could enforce better and there are some very responsible stores that have stopped selling to minors and made sure they didn't or stopped selling at all. CVS stopped selling cigarettes. They said how can you sell products to make you healthier and then sell cigarettes. My question is trump treated recently, he called you mini Mike Bloomberg. I say stand on your money, you're ten feet tall. But here's my question also. My other question is why don't you go low. You will not call him corrupt, a liar or a criminal. He's a narcissist. He wants to hear his name. Why give him the pleasure? Okay, good answer. There you go. I don't say his name. She never says his name. I never say his name, but I will say thanks to Michael Bloomberg for coming and hanging out with us, and we of course

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Michael Bloomberg discusses his plans for big corporations and the vaping crisis as well as his reasoning behind his lack of reaction to President Trump’s name calling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68306464","title":"Bloomberg discusses vaping epidemic","url":"/theview/video/bloomberg-discusses-vaping-epidemic-68306464"}