Bloomberg’s partner responds to NDAs

“The View” weighs in on comments made by the candidate’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, dismissing complaints over the non-disclosure agreements from the billionaire’s company, calling it “bro culture.”
5:11 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bloomberg’s partner responds to NDAs
So apparently Elizabeth Warren kept up her attack on Michael Bloomberg's nondisclosure agreement. Accused of saying something nasty to a woman. That's not who he is. Life has changed. I grew up in that world. We have come a very, very long way and Michael Bloomberg has been at the forefront of that change. What are people expecting to happen? They said you need to release this, I thought he did. Is it takes too long for people to read it, or what is it? I don't know. She's kind of explaining -- I don't think she said -- I don't think she's excusing. Trying to figure out what people -- are they upset? It's the culture, it's like locker room talk. They're talking about 30 years ago. Trump was like last year. Yeah, it was more recent. I think people want you to fall on the sword with these issues. If my partner had a bunch of accusations that Warren brought up last night that you were in a meeting and told a woman to kill her baby, get an abortion, there's a record of it and it's been reported in multiple places including the Washington post. He has this reputation of having women problems. If you're her, she said look, he's billionaire man who made a lot of mistakes, he's atoned for that. Think that he has actually learned -- as opposed to lot of people in politics, who never apologize or backed off. I think he has really learned from that stop and frisk thing, I think. He's atoned for it, to Meghan's point. She said it was 30 years ago get over it. And that's the problem, while she said she grew up in that culture, you know, 51, I first went to work in that culture as well but not all men did that. Not all men spoke to women like that. I had so many male mentors I can list them. Judge bell, the list goes on and on. They respected me. Don't list a whole bunch of people. You're right. But, again, you know -- to sort of blanket everyone and say get over it, this is bro culture everyone treated women that way. No, they didn't. But a lot of folks did. I was brought up, there was a whole TV show about how people -- it did happen. We know it happened. What I don't understand is, what do you have to do to prove that you're sorry? I don't mean -- We had that discussion here. Short of jumping off a building and -- If you're running for president get your talking points straight. She sounds cavalier. We're living in a different time. Elizabeth Warren needs to be careful. Yeah. She needs to be very careful with this. He didn't turn around and say what about that "Pocahontas" thing? He didn't. We did this the last debate. We talked about the show. Now we all moved on. What bothered me more than that, is the fact that allegely gave money to Lindsey graham's what is that all about? He gave a lot of money to a lot of Republicans. You know what, I think you have to remember that people have shifted around and believed one thing and he was a Republican and but he was a different guy. When you have a lot of money I think you have to see who appeals to what you believe in. In reality no one is one thing, we think this or we have this. To that point, if you want somebody who reaches across the aisle, Bloomberg's your guy, Biden is your guy. Has tighten all of this up. If your girlfriend can't be the woman who's falling on the sword for you she's no use of a surrogate. You got to do better. We got to go. We have to go.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"“The View” weighs in on comments made by the candidate’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, dismissing complaints over the non-disclosure agreements from the billionaire’s company, calling it “bro culture.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69236522","title":"Bloomberg’s partner responds to NDAs","url":"/theview/video/bloombergs-partner-responds-ndas-69236522"}