Boris Johnson wins UK general election

“The View” co-hosts questioned what the conservative U.K. prime minister’s landslide victory means for America.
4:41 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Boris Johnson wins UK general election
Later in the UK bars Johnson won a sizable victory over labor party leader lefty. Jeremy Corbin and people are wondering if this is a cautionary tale for Democrats in the US to not alien to Ferraro left. Could this be a glimpse of our future ladies. I don't now. Doesn't think this is how this is of Great Britain I mean it's like not everything has to be about. Yeah it may be just be a local thing I bet and I. I you know I I was. Watching out from from here obviously I was really impressed by the campaign Boris Johnson ran yeah he had some of the best ads I've seen him politics in. Decades I don't know who did I think we have a clip of one winter I thought was wonderful now. Okay. Parade. Okay. Okay. Little little it is. Zulus. The high flying. And still love back not actually right right and and I thought it would obviously has a sense of humor actually he's not a climate denial by the way he's out he's not Corbin and the other guy on the left believes in climate change in in the but it was a bit of an anti semite. So I don't have any. Any issue with the left and I'm good I'm glad we're defeated a certain way because they were really. Marketing and it was an anti semite is putting it mildly though 84% of Jewelers and people in England thought he was a threat to Jewish people half a bit British Jewish people so they was seriously consider leaving the country of Corbin why. And I know that maybe we disagree on this but actually got wrecks it was. Warning shots and had tea leaves you could read leading up to president trump and now you see a complete and total rejection. There's no way to there's no politician in this country can compare to Corbin but he is like Bernie Sanders I asked dated. Class at Ed anti semitism and put it and that British public completely and utterly rejected it well an historic when the first four years. At any time in Boris Johnson is extremely plot Kenny have also been following this closely my husband makes listen abraxis podcasts in the morning. But I think they it's not so much a vote for him as it was a vote against this hard hard why. And comparisons are if you are heart hard leprosy in this country think there's no place in the middle there actually is a conservative nationalist movement has been spreading globally. And I think you can see that right now when it you're Bernie Sanders he may be one a look at some people in the at all because they vote as well. It also said that the Twitter sphere is not the place yeah Democrats. Two based there are ideas for the coming out of that make up what it yeah you're reading Twitter leading up to let you would get big exact opposite was going to happen or you listen to some of the commentary or read that the media. That's not always a good place to get a sense of how that the big chunk of the population is feeling. I also think that this is probably the most consequential election of the UK's had in generations because it's about Brack sick and that is divided the UK. Over the years now and he was a font candid but I think he what he did similar to Donald Trump was made his campaign very simple. He and people knew what he was running what he was going to do GAAP and that and whether you readies a Democrat Republican or in a labor artist a party. On today it's so much that there was no other option product and I think I was watching watching Kurt last night instantly it was and we just want to get this over wet and get it will Don. Get wreck that happened two plus years ago when. Animal form where it got on pretty Donald Trump wrote my boat just last week. The still that's every boys Johnson and all the other leaders of NATO if you were laughing and mocking the but the Donald about the big did anybody care here in the United States. I'm I don't I don't wanna is that area and Twitter yes but I I was. If this is anecdotal but I was asking people you know around the building as they didn't Jeremy Corbin is there are like is it a late night talk show hope but I don't know. You know and they could not a problem really is talking about America first straight he's much more of a white nationalist in my opinion easy eased into the now everything is about being at home that's really what I think Boris Johnson is about also wrecks it is about less are everything is about. England ever having is about to back. And so I don't know that this is a but the data they had anything to do any difference I don't well I don't know that we give me any U satellite innocent this but it -- means you can that he a nationalist and all those things without mulling people. It doesn't force Johnson doesn't do what's going Twitter and only a sixteen year old it shows he can still think that it isn't until it was Hillary Clinton's lot of taking your Talladega when he got married they cannot as a university president in our student education knows how to spell this guy he's in right now I expect it can't Haiti.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"“The View” co-hosts questioned what the conservative U.K. prime minister’s landslide victory means for America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67716725","title":"Boris Johnson wins UK general election","url":"/theview/video/boris-johnson-wins-uk-general-election-67716725"}