Brie Larson and Annette Bening on empowering women

The actresses from Marvel's "Captain Marvel" share what it was like to work on the film.
7:16 | 03/07/19

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Transcript for Brie Larson and Annette Bening on empowering women
In the year 2019 women are stronger and more powerful than ever, and in their new movie brie Larson and Annette Bening are showing it off by showing their power. Please welcome brie Larson and Annette Bening. ??? Thank you. Whoo! Great to see you again, you ladies. You were here before, right? I have never been here. She has been here many times. Thank you. What a powerful duo. You're a powerful duo. "Captain marvel" is the first marvel movie that has a female superhero, right? And there she is. Plauz It's really a big deal. I want to read this because at the premiere fans were dressed up as the character and there was even a jet flyover. That's cool. How does it feel to be part of a big blockbuster like this? This is big. The premiere just kept going and going too. It was like the carpet went on forever. I learned last night that I'm on a pineapple. I'm actually on like the dole pineapple -- oh look at that. That's not a dole pineapple. Those are captain marvel girls. It's cool, surreal to be on it. What I love about this movie, it's not just about what's on the screen, it was sort of the environment behind the screen as well, just empowering women. They were all playing a big role. Yeah, yeah. That's something that I've been really impressed with marvel is that they understand that in order to tell a story like this we have to talk about like a more collective experience, whether it's in front or behind the camera because there's actually a lot of diversity on both and they're still striving for more constantly. It was a great environment to be on. Actually, brie, you started training to play captain marvel nine months before because you wanted to do your own stunts which I thought was impressive. You had this intense four-hour daily gym routine and by the end I read that you could lift something like 400 pounds. Dead lift 225 and hip thrust 400. That's crazy. I can't imagine. I also read you could even push a jeep up a hill. Mm-hmm, yes. A jeep. My god. Can you imagine? For 60 seconds. Apparently you had an Achilles heel. The cat. What do you mean? I have severe allergies so it was like a joke on set that I would do these crazy stunts all day up in the air, 50 feet up in the air, but then if the cat came on set I was like wrinking my hands. But the cat had some sort of role. Yeah. The cat plays a big part in this film and he's really, really cute. Brie, I also know that you met with real-life air force pilots. It's amazing. My sister-in-law is in the air Oh yeah? What was that like? It was incredible. I got to hang with fighter pilots, in particular getting to meet a lot of women in the air someone took me up in a plane and we got to simulate a dog fight, on offense and defense. I puked a lot. The Gs are no joke. I got to 6.5 Gs and I got a call sign which is sparrow. Annette, you play a character called the supreme intelligence. Without revealing too much about the film, tell people about the character and the relationship that it has with marvel. Yes, I play the supreme intelligence and I'm like a god-like entity and I meet her in the virtual chamber as she's preparing to go into battle. We actually have a clip. Let's take a look. Your commander insists that you're fit to serve. I am. You struggle with your emotions, with your past which fuels them. You are just one victim of the expansion that has threatened our civilization for centuries, im posters who silently infiltrate, then take over our planet. Horrors that you remember and so much that you do not. I love that. What a perfect voice for that role. But you really have to understand marvel in this role. I heard you had to consult your I did. I had to swear them to secrecy which they have respected, and I did, I got a sort of crash course from my kids because they're avid fans and they knew the whole background to it. There are some things that I can't talk about today but that they were able to also explain to me. Have they seen the film yet? No, they haven't. Brie, the movie takes place in the '90s and it's fun to catch the references to the time period. Blockbuster video, remember that? Aol, pagers, I remember that. You actually got your start as a child actor in the '90s in comedy sketches for the "Tonight show" with lay Leno, we we found one. New roadkill easy bake oven. Just find your favorite roadkill, chop it up, add easy bake batter and cook. Thanks, roadkill easy bake oven. O cute. Yes, same person. What do you think when you see something like that? I remember shooting that because I got a dressing room and they put my name on the door and it was like in a star and I remember feeling like I had totally made it. Little did I know. Easy bake oven roadkill. Yeah, great product. Annette, you've had so many incredible movies from the time period in which this new movie is set, American beauty, the grifters, the American president, it goes on and on. Do you have a favorite film from that time period? Well, I'd have to say bugsy because that's when I met my husband, so that's certainly one of them. And it's a really good movie. I love that movie. You two are such movie stars, that last shot, that is like movie stars personified. You've been together for 27 years, right? Yeah. Celebrating your 27th. 27 next week. Wow. Oh, my gosh, congratulations. What's the secret? What's the secret of being married to Warren beatty? There's no secret. I don't think there's any secret for any of us. Anybody who's married knows there's no secret. But certainly wanting the same things I think helps a lot. That's true of us, so we stayed with that. Wonderful. You have things in common too, right? Yes, as well as four children. It's lovely to see you both again. Our thanks to brie Larson and Annette Bening. "Captain marvel" will be in theaters and imax tomorrow. We'll be right back. Back.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"The actresses from Marvel's \"Captain Marvel\" share what it was like to work on the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61537995","title":"Brie Larson and Annette Bening on empowering women","url":"/theview/video/brie-larson-annette-bening-empowering-women-61537995"}