Buttigieg addresses past controversial comments

“The View” co-hosts discuss Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s remarks from 2011 that minority students lack role models.
7:40 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for Buttigieg addresses past controversial comments
Okay. Come the. I'm Italian that we have a hot zone a blanket homemade bread some live with spicy cheddar spread. Rampage a roasted garlic and pickled peppers says it. Brussels. Baken rights. Stuff Vu stuffed socks into my savings and dessert I'm pink hand pound ball. Scenario that it would cut out of hand and we had drinking lol decider. That's what a drag this. I visited Lincoln strike site plan out any Lou. Mayor Pete wouldn't dance is gaining ground some of the polls but apparently still that would black motorist and a video that emerged from when he was running for local office back into an eleven led to allegations that. He's all wrong about race in America take a look. You're motivated because YouTube believes that at the end of your educational processors are award there's a stable life there's a job. And there are a lot of kids especially the lower income minority neighborhoods. Who literally just haven't seen it work there isn't somebody they know personally and I think who testifies that is valued education so yeah me that we don't. As he tries I'm not sure what he's senators back. Senior writer from the root Michael Harris blasted mayor Pete accusing him of knowingly pushing. A racist narrative that black communities don't have role models and ignoring. Systemic racism that made safe and ink and make it much harder for black people to come close to reaching the success of their white counterparts. Is this a wake up calls for folks alarm. Do we did is this just a reminder that. This does exist in the world that's why people like Colin happen that aren't. Kneeling not slap people a protest and that's why black lives matter came out and. It isn't a conversation we need to continue to keep Abbott yeah. Was systemic racism is with you when there you have a role model not. Yes so when Obama was president there was the greatest role model. They're not just black children every child and every American in my opinion and still systemic racism continue. Good there was red lining going on which means that only white people can move to a certain neighborhood and then we'll take black people around the corner. That means the schools are not eat globe because you're not in the right neighborhoods. The books are not the same the teachers etc. and that is called that racism systemic racism. And and soaked submitted judge is Buddha judges try to hit it he needs so. Get a little more welk. Yeah yeah. I'd yeah. That we have to continue having and it's it's one of his. Blind spots and yeah we talked about it here. Over and over and over again it's a blind spot that he had as mayor. Of South Bend and it's a blind spot that the community in south and the African American community has raised with him repeatedly. I raise it with him when he was here and he continues to to have it and you know to your point joy. And I know Michael I'm Harriet that the writer and ate right he's a wonderful writer he's extremely thoughtful. And I'm just surprised that. Pete doesn't mayor Pete doesn't know better because. Even it loses 2011. Yeah out of isolationism though not as bad guys if you look at the statistics black women are actually the most educated in the country. The most educated in the country yet faced Phil. That is that it so now you are you getting into racism and sexism and all the other isn't that I thought what would this suggestion somehow that. You know. Black children don't have that role model is just actually factually incorrect as an outlay of bombs stop committing insulting. You know you don't have any money doesn't mean your parents aren't your role model aspects are just because you're in a rush. You know people have this. God I think folks need to stop watching so much television. In a name because there is only out now we're not. 'cause have been so many there have been so many things that have been. Moving the needle. We have been moving in Natal where not waiting for people until it we're moving to me what I like it or not what an and it's happening and so I'd just you know it's always kind of I'm distinct to hear. I sent -- folks sitting around a table talking about a problem they don't understand. Yeah well can I just think too like I think this is a conversation that should continue. But I want to look at the politics angle best. What the viewing sot is called an opera dot it means that there's something from the past from a candidate that is going to be released it's going to make them look back now the city 37 year old un vetted mayor was only gotten 121000 votes in his entire career. Who with completely un vetted on the national stage the question I ask you during a commercial break tiger permission to say. Again is that is that is okay. Yeah I don't let the question it is that to the devil I hate. The Democratic Party gonna roll the dice on someone who get 0% from black voters are you really willing to take this gamble with a coalition that is so important going into probably not Michael but for me. There are trust me where there's smoke there's fire there's a lot more this kind of stuff coming on had. Or he's right there's a lot more the stuff coming out of a lot more people. Yeah this is it not only do you have I now think having said that he makes Donald Trump makes him look like Motley but we're not yes I'm not yet I don't think that they perhaps. I. I don't think it's gonna move the needle up from your piece when it comes the black community but I think this so I read this piece last night and I sent it out to art to our chain. And I was so moved by it first I think that Michael harried as an incredible writer and have you read a piece he wrote to what was the skating piece about your feet the second one was after me he called him back and and I appreciated that mayor Pete called and I should add to and mayor PD he said he didn't say much Ali said was I want election and an. I took a step back I realized how often we are I know I am at times nigh eve night eat because we don't understand situations. And meet meet some people never will understand certain situation that's okay but we need to do a better job of that listening especially when you're running. For office in the situation there were some quotes in this piece that were great. He said when you're talking about role models is that parents don't wake up. I think how can I teach my kid to be dis honest. He said no one knows the value the two parent home more than a single mother because they get caught up that no that's what this author wrote nice I am praying just reminding people that disagree that I read. I was a single parent for a long time and it was easier in many ways so it's not necessarily the best to have two parents it depends on who they are. But also back to the politics of this I also read that piece of calling up. Journalist who has written a very fair attack piece on yield. And then opening it by saying and I can't say. Point mayor Pete the point is your you have to listen to the very fair criticism of your relationship with the black community you are hemorrhaging voters' right now so I actually had. An entirely different reaction to the peace I mean and got the writer ended up writing it the is a serious problem that is not going away. And out of it and someone is. Appointed. Making sure that everybody is aware. And so you know. We don't know the source but all you have to do is say if there is truth in here and he is actually listening. That can't be a bad thing I read and it now back on the jail Gallup data that's like utilities at Thanksgiving yeah spew your mouth and listen to providing yet on anything involving that she's he doesn't like I have now. Zeros unfairly. I've evolving to me.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s remarks from 2011 that minority students lack role models.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67352039","title":"Buttigieg addresses past controversial comments","url":"/theview/video/buttigieg-addresses-past-controversial-comments-67352039"}