Catherine Zeta-Jones on how Whoopi Goldberg helped her decide to join 'Prodigal Son'

The actress shares about life on set of the series' new season with fellow Welsh native Michael Sheen, her marriage to Michael Douglas and their children's thoughts on pursuing careers in film.
9:09 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Catherine Zeta-Jones on how Whoopi Goldberg helped her decide to join 'Prodigal Son'
Catherine zeta-jones is one of the cast -- who is part of the cast of one of my favorite shows called "Prodial son." She's a cunning psychiatric hospital doctor locked in a battle of wits with a serial killer. Here is a sneak peek of tonight's brand-new episode. Watch, y'all. You're better than this place. Tell me. How did you end up here? They told me you'd do this. Do what? Lure me in. That's not happening, Willy. I'm in charge. Do we understand each other? Oh, child. Please welcome Catherine zeta-jones. Catherine, I feel like you might have spent some time in that hospital too. That's all I'm saying. First of all, thank you for having me, and hi to whoopi, and all the ladies. Let me tell you something. I was just about to sign because I too was a fan of the show, and I wanted to work with Michael sheen and they pitched me the story line -- or the character arc as we call it, and I liked it because she was a doctor who seems to be in control, but it's still body of water runs deep. Put it that way, but anyway, I was watching the show, and it was you, whoopi, who gave me the royalty, approval to go ahead with my decision, or actually feel really, really good about my decision because you said on air that you have been binge watching "Prodigal son," and it was one of your favorite shows. Oh yeah. I had one of those moments of, what would whoopi think? You were on TV going, I love this. I love this, and I'm going, yeah. Okay. If it's good enough for whoopi, 'tis good enough for me. So anyway, I have had a wonderful time on this show. It's a lot of fun. Catherine, you and Michael sheen have great chemistry, and for good reason. You actually grew up in the same hometown in Wales. I heard your families know each other, but you two had never met until now. I know. Is that true? That is true. I mean, there's a tiny little pimple in south Wales, and we have so many mutual friends from -- literally childhood I was in the contemporary towns, and he was in the theater group, and I was in different theater groups and we every in met. Our parents know each other, and Michael knows my parents. So this was for me, something on my radar that it was, like, why -- first of all, why don't I know him? He knows everyone I know, and I want to work with this terrific actor who is from my hometown. So when this -- when "Prodigal son" came my way, it was, like, okay, yeah. I'm going to do this because I love the show and I love the way the character is. It's so funny. Do you know when they say cut, we both go full on back to our fullon and our childhood and our accents and talking about people we know. It's really comfortable to come in as an actor on a second season where everyone kind of knows each other, and there's the camera and all that stuff, and through first day of school. So to have somebody -- even though I didn't know him, I felt like he's like a brother from another mother in a way. Well, Catherine, it's been almost 20 years. I can't believe it, since you won an Oscar for your performance in "Chicago," your magnificent performance which showed off your really formidable dance moves. I learned that you have been dancing really since you were a Yeah. And you posted video of yourself as a teen in the '80s dancing in "42nd street." Yeah. In the west end. So what do you remember about that time? I remember this time as -- I don't know. I was the second in the city, and I was the first in the city and I got on, which is the story of the show, in a big, huge production. David Merrick was in the audience wn I got thrown on stage and cast me the lead role. It was one of those moments that it was just life-changing, you know, for me. I was 17, 18 years old, and so it was -- it was a moment for me that I have such memories, and two of my dearest girlfriends are still my dearest friends from that show, and, you know, what was wonderful for me doing "Chicago" was that I was able -- I really thought that I was born in the wrong era in a way because I wanted to do that on film. I wanted to be tap dancing with Gene Kelly on film, and I thought, well, that's, you know, that's -- it's not going to happen. Musicals are few and far when they're good, they're really, really good, and when they're bad, they're absolutely horrid. I lucked out and was able to be cast in something that for me was a dream come true, to put the musical on to film in "Chicago," but I tried to teach my daughter to tap dance. She's a fantastic ballet dancer and jazz dancer, but she doesn't listen to me when I teach her to tap. I still tap a lot, actually. Well, we also want to say congratulations because you and your husband, Michael Douglas, who we all love, recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. He shared a funny story on Instagram about being blown away by seeing you in the mask of zorro, and that on the first night he met you he told you he was going to be the father of your children. That's very bold. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How did you react? How did I react? Well, I said to him, I've seen a lot about you. I've read a lot about you, and you know what? It's all true. Good night. He got me -- I had to go and I was shooting with Sean Connery in Scotland, and I arrived early the next day, and when I arrived, there was a big bouquet of flowers. Meghan, he was right again, you know? It's, like, yeah, you're right. But it's been -- it's been a wonderful, wonderful journey. We have had a lot of fun together, and still do. Yeah, but I can't believe we have been married 20 years. Together 22 years. I can because my son is in college, and my daughter is about to go to college. Still going too fast. You know, Catherine, he did accomplish what he set out to do. You have two children with him. I know. Dylan 20, and Carys 17 like you just said. She wants to -- they all want to get into the family business of acting, you know? Yeah. You're a hard act to follow between Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and you. That's a tough act to follow. A lot of kids -- You're right, joy. How do you feel about it? Yeah. You're right. Look. I mean, they've got the smarts. They're very, very smart. They love to learn, and they're both doing history and politics. They're wonderful -- I mean they've only done school productions and theater camp productions, but you kind of know when you see it and they love the craft of acting. They know what the, you know, the celebrity of it is, and the good and the bad and all that. They love the craft of acting, but you're right, joy. When I was growing up, I didn't have that. My mother and father were, like, I don't know. I guess she's a bit show bizzy, but this is a conversation he's had, that I never had to deal with. There was no association to this -- to somebody who was the biggest star in the world at the height of his career. Even with that, kind of -- well, it was difficult for me to prove to be -- I mean, it's difficult to be anybody in any field that adds some success, you know, in business. In medicine, anything. So -- but anything even with that deterrent, they've still got it in their belly, you know, and my life has been joyous being an actor, being brought up around actors. I started in theater when I was Right. And they see that, and they say, well, maybe we want to do it, and all you can do is say, okay. You know what you are walking into. Now you know that you have to come back and talk about being on the show and everything else that's going on because it just -- it's so fabulous to have you in "Prodigal son" which airs tonight, y'all. You have to check your local listings, and we, of course,

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"The actress shares about life on set of the series' new season with fellow Welsh native Michael Sheen, her marriage to Michael Douglas and their children's thoughts on pursuing careers in film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77048163","title":"Catherine Zeta-Jones on how Whoopi Goldberg helped her decide to join 'Prodigal Son'","url":"/theview/video/catherine-zeta-jones-whoopi-goldberg-helped-decide-join-77048163"}