Catt Sadler shares her side of exit from E! News

Sadler says that she left the network because she was being paid less than her male co-host and discusses the support she's received since speaking out.
7:17 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Catt Sadler shares her side of exit from E! News
news" after you found out you were making far less than your co-host. Uh-huh. This is your fst time back on TV. Cameras, lights. It's so nice to be back. Tell us what happened? Oh, my goodness. Well, firstly, thank you for having me and allow me to share my story. It's been a wild two months. I was at "E" for 12 years. It was a dream job. About a year ago a female executive had said just so you know you are severely underpaid and this wasn't a closed door meeting. This was a time I had taken on re responsibilities, work load, work hours, a new show and I filed that away thinking information is supposed to be power. Right? So okay. I will use this to many advantage. Certainly they're going to do what's right. It will be fair. I had high hopes of thinking that the outcome would be to -- not even to my advantage but just the right thing. And it didn't work out that way. It didn't work out that way. Negotiations started in the late fall. The entire point of the negotiation was let's ask for what is GHT. My male counterpart is making a. Well I should be making a or at least close to a. He's making twice as much as you were making. Double. Maybe a little more. A little more. Uh-huh. Again, that just hurts especially when you've been somewhere for 12 years. No, I know. And you work your tail off. You had the same exact job he had right? I mean exact is subjective but yes, we were on the same show as fixtures most nights. We started at the same time 12 years ago. We had the same for all intents and purposes experience, skill-set. Same public profile. It was apples to apples. That's why I felt so strong in my conviction that what was happening was an injustice and that's why I felt very compelled to fight for what was right at the time and I thought they were going to do the right thing and at the end they did not. And you're a single parent? I am. I'm a single mom. I have two boys. I very much coparent with my ex. In all fairness, I'm not alone in the world. My babies. Oh, my boys. It's so hard to get pictures with teenagers. Thank god they're in school because they would not like this is on television. But yeah. So you said I'm walk if you don't give me the money. And they didn't and you walked? You quit your job. They didn't think I would. You have to ask them but I think the perspective is 33-year-old mom of two, been here for years, where is he going? E president said there is a lot of misinformation out there. Catt Sadler and Jason Kennedy had different roles and therefore, different salaries. Catt was focused on daytime and Jason Kennedy is on primetime evening news plus red carpet. The salaries are based on roles regardless of gender. We wish Catt well but we hope the record is set straight on that. Does that set the record straight? Does it? For the people that watched "E" religiously, I think it's because they knew. They watched it every day. I didn't have to defend myself because it's like I'm pretty sure we saw Catt on the nighttime show, too. Not maybe every night, at the end because my responsibilities were so huge and I was doing so much in the morning and my work load had doubled but it was almost like the statement was such -- it was discarding me to be honest. It was hurtful when I read that and I was like were you watching the same show? Your show double and his did not and you were still getting paid half as much? Yes, sunny. That's why I knew if I just accepted what was offered to me, that that would conflict with who I was so much that you guys know what it's like to go on air every day and do your job. It has to still be a part of who you are and you have to do it in a authentic and genuine way and I knew if I settled I wouldn't do the network any good, the fans, the people -- You don't want to -- Some of these situations are a little gray. This is very black and white. You guys came in at the same time. He was getting paid double what you were doing the same job. It's very black and white for people. Your name has come up a lot. You have a lot of support at this show and you have a lot of support from celebrities. We want to show a clip of everyone supporting you. You know, I was so shocked to hear that "E" doesn't believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male cohosts. I miss Catt Sadler. So we stand with her. We support gender equity and equal pay and we hope E follows that lead as well. So we stand with you Catt. That's incredible. We can also see on Twitter all this. I started getting emotional. The value of what you're saying is in order T really negotiate you have got to be willing to walk away, and that takes a lot of guts. Also a lot of times people can do it when they have a backup. So you had a bit of a backup? Well, I certainly planned well and I am going to work again thank god. You didn't know that at the time. I had to plan accordingly. You plan for the worst, I hate to say it but you're right. Some of the ownership does fall on us. I know I had two mouths to feed. I knew this might go one of two ways. I had to check in. How long can I go without a next check? All of those things make sense. Yeah. So what's happening? What's the announcement. Whoopi, well, I got a lot in the works. I mean, I've worked five days a week for 20 years on air covering entertainment news. This is the first season I've been able to explore so many things and I'm excited to -- #again, because this is not my story. This is so many women's stories and the response is it affirms across all industries there are injustices. Women are making 80 cents on the dollar. Less than 59 cents. Thank you. So we have got to make that shift. A lot of the things I'm working on now are to expose that and use my gift of maybe story telling to do these interviews. Travel to Iceland maybe. Iceland. And talk about equal pay and the sexual harassment and me too movements and all that. I got things in the works from a development standpoint but I do have a job at the oscars. I'm returning to the red carpet for the vanity fair's oscars party. Good for you. That was very good. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you sunny. I think you should be the face of this. I really do think that you should really -- I know you were working in entertainment journalism but I think your voice and experience is so important right now. That's what I would do along with journalism. Thank you. We'll talk during the break.

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{"id":53084798,"title":"Catt Sadler shares her side of exit from E! News","duration":"7:17","description":"Sadler says that she left the network because she was being paid less than her male co-host and discusses the support she's received since speaking out.","url":"/theview/video/catt-sadler-shares-side-exit-news-53084798","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}