Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s never too late’ for Trump to support COVID-19 vaccines

The “She Persisted” author encourages the former president to show photos of himself getting vaccinated and discusses the impact it could have on his supporters.
7:45 | 04/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s never too late’ for Trump to support COVID-19 vaccines
The political climate in Washington DC is a lot different than when Chelsea Clinton. Grew up in the White House sell here with her take on the current state of the union. Please welcome back creator that she persisted book series Chelsea Clinton hello Chelsea Clinton and welcome back to the view. How you do you does the family halibut kids. Now that our little ones. Are the little ones. Most importantly I sit with great love and affection for my parents they know that they certain weekly second fiddle to their grandkids seized it is anti cancer goods. Yeah. Missing their friends in Shanle. In person knew we just had Easter and passover retreat shared with family still kind of has boxes on the screen together soon. I think they're so greet people that they see their family and friends are also. I deeply aware of the fact that where. And fascinating things we millions of people the first question may not necessarily you know. And grandparents were cousins aunts and uncles have you got vaccinated wish they immediately follow up quickly and have you gotten your free Krispy cream don't act is intact as exciting it was a scene. Is you know I think he added there are you know of the trials started and for vaccines 300 incidents. They know that their mother will ensure that there you know first to lock in and ones. And FDA has said that the news reduces her seat and active tuned protect her youngest Americans to. My kids asked every day momma momma is the ball go over yet so I totally understand. Those conversations but your mom and dad recently teamed up with former presidents Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W. Bush Brack Obama. And all the wives appearing in ads as part of an effort to persuade people to get facts it needed. Now it was powerful seeing everybody come together like that what did you what did you see in that what did it mean to you. Comments so much to me I mean I. A few months ago now and that was so proud to see my parents and teach. And the bushes that Carter's the Obama and you know just in a bipartisan amendment and it really nonpartisan. Way new standing. Four. For for public health and and for this ET. And in this city. Vaccinations to help our country move out of this moment and to and to save lives along the race I was really. I'll Trout and and reading or watching watching that TSA. Gap while missing from that PSA was trop. I remember he didn't get his vaccine and public in Colombia. Did it before leaving the White House the fiery call and in secret. So a lot of people on the right especially men are refusing to get the shot. Now why do you think it is as it because trap and the conservative me keep pushing false narratives. Also known as lies about this. Well I certain. We wish that president mrs. trump had been our stated on camera I wish that they were part of the PSA and I said. Goodness last year joy even before we had in need our vaccines it had received emergency use authorization that I hope our president trump and his whole family which can be out in front of the was their turn out to do so as though I wish that even part of that effort I still wish that they would release photographs. President trop and this is trying to being vaccinated bush. And because. He's drinking too beautiful stopped it's also I think really important given that ash and we know who our white Republican men are currently the most. Back scene where each the least likely to say that they would be willing to get anchor in nineteen vaccine which right now only knows that our president trump remains the most popular figure for that demographic until I do think that it would make such a real difference is few words she used. Am claim credit for the enormous progress that his administration did help enable through operation warp speed if you were willing to fish and indeed. A poster child. I'm vaccines and and and vaccinations. Because I think that it would make you different so it's never too late even though he may have missed the TSA. CN. And although he may not be a twin dirty laundry certainly as teams always find ways to have this police Kurdish. As I hope that he win all. So released those photographs and and talk about why he didn't Pastrana where it's needed and hopefully we're really grateful to these. Chelsea we where talking earlier on hot topics about Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. One of the things I'm most concerned about is what will happen next Afghani women. Said their fate he left the -- on are you concerned about their well being following the removal of American troops and do you think it Biden is considering this piece of the puzzle. You know I certainly understand why president Biden. Made the decision that he did I think the end. I am very near Al YE RRE decision for the ninth seed Murray and I'm. I do you had confidence that the administration is on ensuring that. Not only women's rates but women themselves and girls are our protect it in and certainly think that at 08 years at the women and the children. I can't answer the Ngo partners in the united seats as well work to weapons portage. To the women and and government Adam you're not only listen but to be. Are there concerns. You know over this year and and arms forward. Chelsea you know after four years of GOP control and new Gallup poll shows Democrats and join new popularity. With the largest increase in party affiliation in nearly ten years. John Boehner was here Monday claiming his party had been taken over by quote Kooks. And quote lunatics who wanted to blow up Washington. Do you agree. Is that why we are seeing this sudden Celine to the Democratic Party. We're seeing more. Are Americans. Act joined the Democratic Party big trends me very much are in business. Solutions we year read. From the White House. And what their plans aren't on infrastructure. Infrastructure it's yeah carrying our bridges our tunnels it's all so. Supporting the infrastructure. Oh. Air and our country that care economy and she locked in at the women and a man right here or are older Americans and our young Americans you aren't usually opens her and it infrastructure. The Internet it's necessary infrastructure. It is not only. I'm Smart but hopefully will now even more than imaging will help. Really preserve earned meet the future. Really we're all visionary. Solutions have been ardently difference. Themselves and their families are happy I certainly that would agree with former eager owners acts. And diagnosis and so much of what I'm sports aren't Ronald Nelson and the opportunities what can go right moving forward.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"The “She Persisted” author encourages the former president to show photos of himself getting vaccinated and discusses the impact it could have on his supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77098556","title":"Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s never too late’ for Trump to support COVID-19 vaccines","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-clinton-late-trump-support-covid-19-vaccines-77098556"}