Chris Christie dismisses claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia

Christie says he doesn't believe the Trump campaign had a "Tom Clancy operation" with Russia.
7:04 | 01/30/19

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Transcript for Chris Christie dismisses claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia
governor Chris Christie. So much we want to get to but we talked briefly about Russia but we're all waiting for this Mueller investigation to come out. Speaking of character, as we often do at this table, it has already led to 199 criminal charges including six trump associates. Someone that's worked closely with the president, is there going to be collusion between the Russians? I wrote in the book that these were folks that couldn't even get field operatives hired in Pennsylvania by August. I have a hard time believing they were running a Tom Clancy operation with Russia. Now, I don't know because I wasn't involved in that stuff so I can't sit here and say, absolutely not. My observation was that -- like I wrote a story in the book that Jared Kushner calls me in late August to say how many field operatives do we need in Pennsylvania? I'm like, we don't have field operatives in Pennsylvania? You know and Meghan knows being involved in these campaigns, that's absurd. So I draw that they were not that organized to be able to do this. What about now? He has all these meetings with Putin and it's all in secret. Nobody knows what happens. The translator got put on report to not report. I mean, what's going on? I don't think any of that is good, but by the way, that's his personality. He doesn't really trust anybody. He trusts Putin, that Russian translator. The only person -- listen, the president is not somebody who trusts easily or trusts a lot of people around him. Now, some of the people he's picked, as I talk about in the book, he had good reason not to trust them and you, in fact, probably shouldn't have had them there in the first place because it wasn't good for him and it wasn't good for the country. That's part of the reason I put that stuff in the book. What does he think about the book? Does he know you're here talking about it? Yes. Tell them what he said to you. He watches everything. Does he watch "The view" every day? I don't -- I don't think so. What would he say if you said you were coming on here? Donald Trump is a guy who would understand that I want to go everywhere and tell my story. He would. Does he think it's funny that you're working for ABC, that he classifies as part of the fake news? Well, you know what, whenever he watches me on Sunday, if I say something that he doesn't like, he calls. So whatever he calls, he's watching. He's watching right now. Do you think he's watching right now? Let me ask you a question because -- I don't care if he's watching. I understand. You say that Steve Bannon called you in and fired you and you pressed him and he said it was Jared Kushner. I wondered, did you ever ask Jared if it was him, because Steve Bannon is not the most honest person in the world so I wonder if he was playing you to piss you off and move you around. So did you ever ask Jared? Jared has told me -- That he fired you? Hold on. Let me answer. You don't have a lot of time, man. I'm watching the clock. I'm good at that. Jared has told me that he didn't. Steve Bannon said he didn't. Reince Priebus said he didn't. Everybody was lying. It's like this stuff. But there were enough instances that I think I chronicle in the book over time with a lot of different people telling me things like, he's taking an axe to your head with the boss every day, with people that I think were more credible than Steve, is that Steve's story was consistent with that. Everyone is going to draw their own conclusion but when you read the chapter on Jared's meltdown and he comes into the room in front of me to try to convince Donald not to make me chairman of the transition because I prosecuted his father, I don't think it's a big leap to then say he was probably the guy who was behind that. All right, so here's my other question. You talk a lot about how much you admire this gentleman and then you talk about your folks, you know, that they were hard working folks out there in Jersey. I assume they all paid taxes. Geeze, I hope so. Okay. Did it bother you that the man that you admire so much really sort of said, you know, he was smart not to pay his taxes? Everybody else was -- because he's smart, everybody else is stupid. Did that bother you? My dad who's still alive, extraordinarily hard working guy, is a cpa. He's an accountant. So I watched my dad all the time trying to make sure he paid as little tax as he could pay, and I think that most people want to pay as little as they can pay because they'd rather have the money to spend on themselves and their own families. Right. So you know, I don't think, whoopi, that it's like, you know, a -- if someone lies or cheats -- Yeah, like he did. Cheats the irs, but if they do then it's the irs' responsibility to go after and get those people, prosecute them, and I've prosecuted plenty of tax cases when I was the U.S. Attorney. Do you think we'll ever see his tax returns in this lifetime? No, I don't. Do you think we should? I do because I released all my tax returns. Who do you think is the most competent in the white house right now? Of all the people working with the president who do you think actually has America's best interest at heart? I think the vice president does. More than the president then? She said who works for the president. I think the vice president has a good heart. Now, I don't always agree with him either but he doesn't always agree with me but I think his years in congress, his years as a governor, I think the vice president -- To that point, we were talking about Jared. Jared -- trump listens to Jared. He listens to him. He does. He gives him very stupid advice sometimes, like he told him to fire Comey. Big mistake, political mistake, dig in over the shutdown for example, another huge mistake. So why does trump keep listening to Jared, and will he continue to? I think the answer to that is yes, and I think it's the problem with hiring family in the government. I think it's one of the things -- we have a law against nepotism that got passed a long time ago after Bobby be Kennedy was the attorney general. I would never hire any of my family into a governmental position where I was in charge because they might screw something up some day where I have to fire them. Then when you fire them, it's tough to sit with them at Thanksgiving. How did they get around the nepotism? They got a legal opinion that got them around it. How did they end up with it -- Over the course of time in both parties there have been leaders that have sat in the white house that did incredibly stupid things, selfish things, that their party put up with because you have one president at a time. And that president if he's of your party is the leader of that party. Again, country over party. Get with the program. We've seen example and example over time where that isn't the way it works, and so -- They went after Nixon. But big crimes, big, big crimes on tape.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Christie says he doesn't believe the Trump campaign had a \"Tom Clancy operation\" with Russia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60731542","title":"Chris Christie dismisses claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia","url":"/theview/video/chris-christie-dismisses-claims-trump-campaign-colluded-russia-60731542"}