Controversial fringe candidates, including Arpaio, run for office

"The View" co-hosts discuss controversial candidates running for office, including Jan Morgan in Arkansas and Joe Arpaio in Arizona.
5:10 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Controversial fringe candidates, including Arpaio, run for office
That's right. He can say it until he's blue in the face. I think tlehere's this newer trend where things are resurfacing. Sheriff Joe arpaio is running for sheriff in Arizona. The Kansas state rep Steve Alford who claims black people are genetically unable to handle the effects of marijuana. Because of genetics. He did apologize for that. He apologized for it in a way. He did not apologize for it. Why do people think now that we're in a time where these things are okay to say? Yeah. And that they can run for government. Sheriff Joe is a particular instant. I have a friend here who group up here from the same county. Texted me can you believe this blank with sheriff arpaio. The likelihood of these fringe candidates is very masmall. It's good for the Democrats. It is. I don't know. I do. I grew up there. I take umbrage trump and sheriff Joe are the same. He held resources of investigations of sex crimes. He restricted inmates food and made them watch the food network. He gave prisons in jails died at alarming rates. He has tent cities as concentrations camp. He's a convicted criminal and the president pardoned him. How about that? That is the main point. There are a couple of them. What I was going to say the good part of what you're saying about these different people I think it gives the millennial and other voters clarity. It's not like they're all the same that who thing that goes on, the Democrats are the same tz republic as the Republicans. Right now they're not. They might have been during Eisen hour's period. It brings people out to vote which is why the Republicans are in a panic about the November elections. They're all panicking. They know they're going to lose. Be careful with that confidence. Hillary was 12 points up before the election. That was a long time ago. Not that long. How do you get around this type of stuff? That's how I feel as a millennial. I'm watching saying I want to get involved and make a change. How do I get encouraged to feel like I can? I have black friends, white friends, Asian friends, what type of friends I got them. We don't think like that. When we see the government do that, it's a discord between us and our government. That's why we have the feeling it's all the same. You run for office and you gotta vote. I do believe that it's state to state. I think voting is important in your individual place. I think a lot of times we're thinking voting about the president. Really it's about voting for your mayor. And your congress person. Voting for all that stuff. It feels very discourage. All the people I know who smoke pot are caucasian I'm just saying, except for one. Here's the crazy thing about it. You know, I'm tired -- I'm tired of these particular kinds of racists. Here's the deal. None of us are going anywhere. Too many of us died trying to get the vote. We're going to use the vote to make sure the country checks itself. No. No. No. No. No. To me this is to any racist, any segregation IST. You're not taking their vote back. You're not going to rescind our right to be Americans. You're not going to change the fact that the country is changing. It's changing and that's what America has always been. It's always been about changing I think what we are seeing and maybe I'll get flack for thchlt I think we're seeing the trump effect. I said before trump winning the presidency has lowered the bar so far that people like Joe arpaio think I've got a shot of representing the people of Arizona if trump won. I think -- there are four Republicans -- Make it fast got to go. There are four Republicans with criminal records running

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss controversial candidates running for office, including Jan Morgan in Arkansas and Joe Arpaio in Arizona.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52286632","title":"Controversial fringe candidates, including Arpaio, run for office","url":"/theview/video/controversial-fringe-candidates-including-arpaio-run-office-52286632"}