Why David Chang risked it all on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’

The superstar chef talks winning $1 million on the show and why he’s donating it to hospitality workers impacted by the pandemic.
8:40 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for Why David Chang risked it all on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’
So everyone knows that celebrity chef David Chang is a virtuoso in the kitchen but as we saw on Sunday night's. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? his changes doesn't and they are while take a look. Our cleanup although he and his wife never had been lights which were near being shocked. It was the first president to have electricity in the White House. I think it. Probably here. And I sure didn't. Being. Benjamin Harrison finally yeah. On snow. David Chang. Norman telling. Testicles. Just one year one million dollars. Oh I love how me drag that Arabs. He won't talk that's amazing I know I can't say it because I was on that show you it's so hard to do as the please welcome the author of eat each. And the host of ugly delicious. David Chang. Hi David. I don't have Cochran away. Great to have you here you're so Smart and you won the big prize Sunday night on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? which we just saw the first celebrity to every delegate. Your follow your fun of friends ESPN's meet got kinds helped you write your credit that you could have walked away with about 500000. I mean you decided to risk at all. I didn't. How that decision ahead like got to give up I have some million and they don't lose it. But let it go for did you really know Benjamin Harrison was the first one official work. Truthfully I didn't know he was president I really didn't know knows wanted to tell I'm reminded and don't. And obviously not enough times is so Smart and she said probably Benjamin Harrison. So I thought that I was like a good chance and I am. I honestly it was not responsible for need to take going to answer but I did a quick calculation that even if I got a brawl. That it would put a spotlight on the industry yesterday eternal embarrassment for myself the rest my life but at least we're talking about hospitality to street. I trust the intelligence community time for the myself and there are regatta right. They go bigger phone calls so they've exactly such a gambling and why. Yes I gave I don't know if you noticed the you're not the only one around here who's won money on millionaire a couple years ago. In November 2000. Joy it was hot it so let's take a look at what is it in the. He is the dilemma as you can imagine young. 55%. 45% of the gas right stolen really dealing with 10%. I'm back again and I'm gonna lose 93000. Jobs this little girl no way to vote today hitting the money and chaos. And. Okay. Aaron joy in her rich affectionate but joy did you catch up period built level loving guy needed ate it didn't. What I'm experiencing is that it was twenty years ago hope that's the it level. I'm exit there and say. My goodness. Here's a guy house since I was. But yes I did because you're working for art did the mother to a Catholic school in my old neighborhood. And they really needed it so 125000. Which is what I want not nothing like do you David. What went a long way now so I was happy to do it. Transparently. Yeah but there's been inflation since that enjoys so you know we've got to we've got to put the put that in there. But David you have you are made for charity. And the million new one is going to the southern smoke what supports people in the food service industry. What are they doing to help. Well it's of the few national charities that provide financial assistance to any restaurant worker in distressed. Especially now because of the pandemic so. Mark my good fracture shepherd. Operates the charity and I thought it was already cherries are worked well this one dark. Was easy for me to support and by the way toward you made the response lancer I may decrease. So. I'm glad that were dealt. Yet but I around. I guess I'm I've actually had can't laugh but it's not for other people I can't gamble some mania why can't. Well looks ready to give up I have to say. I have to say David I'm filled with jealousy and resentment over your win because every single time I'm on jeopardy or chopped I lose. So I hi congratulations. On you when it. And as we all know restaurants and specifically. Restaurant workers have been hit incredibly heart since the pandemic started I myself am a restaurant owner. People have have to lay off their their staff and in many cases close the doors for good. All this while the government could help with a plan like the restaurants act which would create a 120. Billion. Dollar restaurant revitalization fund. What do you say to the people controlling the purse strings here to get them to understand how dire. Or the situation really it is. Well sunny as a fellow restaurant tore your understand that it's almost less about the restaurants right now more about the people who work in restaurants. Now they need a safety net and they wouldn't need a safety net if we had a appropriate response to this current direction and it's incredibly terrible and sad that that house and in the case. Hopefully there is a compromise reached in congress spared but. I think the best thing that we can do in in in lieu of whatever happens. Between now and Biden coming and supporting their order. Senate runoff because we're gonna need a long term approach to help the hot artistry and many hourly workers in the. That's turning. Where I knew a team. So you've created an extremely successful I restaurant empire but this pandemic has had an effect on all aspects of the industry how are you making it work. Specifically in your case talents. Well joy you know we have an amazing team Margaret nurse Carol or zero entire team among group grew Arab. Release edited and done everything we aired it all staff Kirkuk which tried a little bit of everything. But one of the things we relied upon it is selling consumer product goods we are virtually ground sea salts are. Developing soy sauces and says the royals but we have that luxury because we Cadillac and we've how this plan in place to it to do this to. Increase our sales outside of the or local restaurant but. A lot of other restaurant wars and maimed a nurse sharks don't have that Richard but we are certain portion that regard but we are still trying to make the spring just like everybody else. Gave him before we tell you when your wife have a 21 month old son Hugo who is absolutely adorable. And you post videos of him eating food for anyone out there. Looking for some joy in 20/20. Let us help you by showing you backs. C camera and these barracks now how you get in the heat has got enough stuff sneaky with food. I mean he he weren't. Only like delicious thing she doesn't like vegetables. Not a surprise but likes things that just obscured and it brings you all join the world speed and and it's really should probably also request to why I. Cook in the first place to nurture somebody chips. Each somebody with love and care and this pandemic actually has had a silver lining it is taught me that work isn't so or lesbian dad in Buena. A husband and you baldor so it's just an amazing feeling him in my apparently. Has been upheld. It did do good works bad mr. Chang good work all around thanks so much for coming on the Schaub. And make sure to check out his podcasted David. It did change show and the rest of the club on Spotify who wants to be embedded there airs Sundays at nine. Centro about nine centralized. Tiny spent a Chinese. They expected it.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"The superstar chef talks winning $1 million on the show and why he’s donating it to hospitality workers impacted by the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74542325","title":"Why David Chang risked it all on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’","url":"/theview/video/david-chang-risked-millionaire-74542325"}