David Spade shares his social media dating experiences

The comedian discusses his new late night show, "Lights Out with David Spade," and why he's a "Bachelorette" fan.
5:39 | 07/29/19

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Transcript for David Spade shares his social media dating experiences
I have permission to tell this story. Okay. Please. I had a big crush on you growing up because he's from Arizona as well. I met you when I was 14 with my some friends of mine at the movies and you were very nice to us and you said hello. Oh, great. I want to thank you because it was, like, the best thing that ever happened to me when I was a freshman in high school. There you go. Arizona. I'm from A.Z. So I always go to all those malls and hang out and see everybody. Great though. That's nice. I like when the kids say hi. It's fun. Well, it's, like, you know me? I'm always shocked. I am. It's, like, okay. It's like, you know, Arizona pride. I also understand you watch "The bachelorette" every single week and post reaction on your Instagram. It's a little r-rated, so don't run there. I love the show. It cracks me up, and it's the craziness. I get sucked in every time. If I watch and make fun of it, there is a reason, but sometimes there are secret celebrity friends that watch it and don't like to talk about it. It's a secret society. It's comedy fodder. It is. It's good comedy fodder. Hannah is out there with her 88 teeth, and she's smiling and everything. It is funny, and the guys -- I'm so out of it because they look exactly the same. Yeah. Yeah. It's all from an untucked shirt ad, but they all look ripped and cool. I couldn't pick. I wouldn't know which one to pick. They're all so great. They're all from Scottsdale. I don't understand why everyone on "The bachelor" is from Scottsdale. They're growing a certain type there. Untucked shirt. I was talking on the show that I met my husband on Twitter and he slid into my dms and we started dating. What do you think about social media and dating? Has anyone ever slid into your -- Dms? Oh, yes. Yes. Well, some people in the dms -- I'm mostly an Instagram guy, so I get those out, but I have actually done it myself to be honest because -- and people might think that's odd, be you in the past, if people go, you should do it the old fashioned way. It's sort of the same idea. You're seeing someone and you say, hey and they either don't answer or they're married or they have a boyfriend and they're interested or not. It's the same principle, and it's a little less stressful because you're not getting it right in your face, the rejection, but sometimes -- I have caught myself -- I did drunk dm. One time I got home, and I go, hey. You up? Like it's a text. I don't even know her, and she's, like, yeah. I'm in yugoslavia. I'm up. It's noon. Maybe you should go on "The bachelor" to meet women. Maybe I'm out of their age range. And their height range. I'm missing on all of them. I'm sort of dumb enough to be on, so maybe there is a chance. Women love a funny guy. They do. You know what? They do say they like sense of humor and it has kept me going when, you know, you don't have the other things clicking, but it's good. But sometimes saying sense of humor is like saying you like music. It's so -- it's so wide of a net. There is different types of even comedy. Do you like it dry? Do you like carrot top? You have to do their sense of humor too. If that syncs up, great. Do you like a girl with a sense of humor? Yeah. I like it -- girls they don't have to be, you know, hysterical fall down jokester. What if they are funnier than Out. They're out. That's why you can't date. Three funny girls here, but sometimes girls are, like, having certain charm and fun about them that's just a nice thing about them that is sweet. I like that too. That's helpful. And upbeat. That's fun. That helps. So you're doing a late night talk show. Tell us about it. It was sort of an interesting offer. After "The Daily Show" on comedy central, it would be sitting around. It's not sort of the typical talk show, you know, like Fallon and those guys. They do that very well. It's going to be more like this. It's going to be comedians and I'll do a monologue and we'll talk about what's going on in Hollywood, and sometimes what's going on in sports, but mostly current events and stuff. Not really politics though because I think that's covered by a lot of shows and it can lead to some arguments and not on this show. There are other shows -- Never on this show. It just leads to sometimes people in the audience get a little feisty, and then people at home watching and they see people out, they get mad I would imagine. I don't do my act, and it's more for me. You don't do politics in your act? Yeah. It's good because you just get slammed for it. People put it on Twitter. Pain in the neck. Comedy is very tough to just -- you still want to be edgy and that's how you broke through, and I always like when comics try stuff. Even if I don't agree wit, they're trying stuff, you have to be able to. It's career-ending now. That's the hardest part. You go, we don't all want to be the comics using the same eight jokes we're allowed to use. We have to branch out, and maybe you break through to funny stuff people haven't seen. If you don't, they will be the straight-up dumb jokes from the day.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"The comedian discusses his new late night show, \"Lights Out with David Spade,\" and why he's a \"Bachelorette\" fan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64637171","title":"David Spade shares his social media dating experiences","url":"/theview/video/david-spade-shares-social-media-dating-experiences-64637171"}