Desus and Mero share a message with undecided voters

The authors of the new book "God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx" discuss their experience with law enforcement and how they would moderate a presidential debate.
8:43 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Desus and Mero share a message with undecided voters
And other. Go ahead and they're gonna that are however now out of the twenty Diggs how do we deal with that how do we go forward. How did you losing at talk to you don't go. It muted though Goldman that yeah although that's a very cool thing to do you guys you're above that nonsense. You've already blown. You don't say and. I played right. You don't even talk so icon in talk show Cossack I'm David Letterman is impressed at how. He's innocent a winning the late night comedy landscape. Fight with de it's shout and now they are opening up. A new chapter in self help books within literary debut. God level knowledge darts life lessons from Bob Bronx could see case's outcome isn't marrow. Pay here is so good to see. Yeah in Italy that's wonderful. So how you do it. Full circle will be earthly good Ridder you know and I was 5 AM giving kids on a bus and all that does stuff you don't ready. You know that I travelers aren't so good to be back won't thank you. Well is safe sex pledge it's been a pleasure to watch. You all. Really make I've giant space for yourself sound I'm so thrilled I got sent hang out with job early on. In your show I think group and and it was you may be left which is whack at supply in case. 'cause you can't be left went and it was happy remember this. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm. Not pop up from. Got wet weather should be an Emmy I have usually but. Had a quiet hero billion Emmy and he'll be wearing shoes to the south a pants on sex Megan it's yeah. He's cattlemen allowed last week they're talking about Joseph Rogan is pitch to host a four hour debate with Biden and trump. Near LAU two moderated a debate between now and the how would echoed down and I'm all for having different kinds of people starting a moderate debates I'm sick of all these old people doing it. Well you know we're for the Bronx we are very no nonsense and we would keep you know order. In the debate. In an immediate and I'm a lot of Billy the Kid is big OB overstepped the bounds. Oh win over the host is is like okay you're time has elapsed senator whoever you have ten seconds. Left and they just keep going to go to go map and this I don't know what does we're clear you look early next. As I have shelled stop shut up this has turn. But we hear you hire an alternative plan that to the traditional debate format he would like to see them participate in the correct. Oh yeah we like Google won a dual I think everyone waited for Joseph Rogan wanna see two people onstage is tossing. Tom is done with that I think what we need now is a save the last dance dance all battle to a C. Joseph Biden vs Donald don't wet the best most. Wet wood was well I was a little girl went nobody comes Buddhist thirty million rock. Was gonna happen where diners on to doing them the Macon savaged talents like listen America deserves more toy thirties don't wild let. C'mon readers are a snack and end of the year. That's what it's what does that Iraq lesion there is good presidential did the deed deed itself as the league. Uncanny. Join our ranks Sonia late night show decent arrow was just a renewed for a third season congratulation. To you know you've had so many great guests like David Letterman for example com Paula Harris Chad good Bozeman the late great. And Joseph Biden many of us some idea fans many of them IU fans Joseph. And they're younger they're progressive and they have some of them voiced uncertainly uncertainty about which way to vote in this election they confused. What do you say to those of you is did. What did him in the line. Dick good decent billions of affirmation do do research you know who. Filene's resources that you trust and and and learn from those resources did pick up facts you know talk to people get out there. Do the lark. It you know to put it simply do the work do the research and partly dependent on. I mean I'm what I found when our what I and others that. What do Fallon are fed is not so much they're confused is just said. They've decided they felt that the two party system isn't working for them to have at this point in the game you know voted for Biden. It's a lot is gonna take a lot more than just someone on TV telling interval for bide my Merrill said the information out big goal was out there. You have to make an informed choice and if you feel comfortable not voting. There's not much I can do about that you know if each person has the vote what they feel is important a right now. For me personally like my parents of West Palm Beach a native of Florida floors gave him harm corona virus right now we're 4% of the world's properly so what's when he present. Of the world's corona virus cases might see 400000 by January like. Listen BI get someone in charge that's taking care of this and that's I hope what makes people hole that's that the most important thing right now but we got get a pandemic are so. Well first I would think you both for senior has laughter is warm medicinal. They never and you just gave me the best laugh and have worked out so thank you for that. Now you can't think I'm hearing TV the podcast rental records. And now you've written a book with the best tight and let occurred. Got level knowledge starts life lessons from their Bronx. The motive infused with humor of course but you also get some really good advice and there you talk about relationships now Jesus you're single and frequent mountaineer. Who is. Yet who is kill anyone missing glove there was solicited this at about how that's a good thing tell us about that. It's a good big because you're about to be so fists you'll have to worry about other people you. Gets a watch Netflix movies on your own you have to Wear bother people when your meal prepping. Not exactly the highest level of adult but obvious you know it works right now during a pandemic. No I like it it can get right now but apparently is moving its. Now here's on that took total opposite side that you're married with 1234. For kids what's on the knife to people on making it work. Since. Understanding that you are not gonna vote you're gonna love musicals what you do you have to love each other all the time. You don't necessarily have the whole like usual the amen and playing like sometimes my wife wants to murder. Mary and I don't know quite straight ahead on national television is about a bad thing. Well you know we still loads of it then the members sit down we talked we have a vessel wind and that's nasty sex. My gosh yeah yeah. The let up up up up and it's a great thing so great okay not evidence is not the baby Bok. But that's stated by its loving hands and eyes of god the Sunday. So well a humvee. Entered it is in fact if you meet couldn't have not had launched an. Headlines a months long. An initiative called turning point which is looking at the racial reckoning. Happening in our country and in your book you do talk about some of your own experiences. With the police both before and after you became famous. Now d.s is have you noticed a difference in how you're treated now as opposed to Ben. Well what was weird was for a while there I was going to stop by cops like a Yankee games and Knick games and you're like oh that's Jesus that I there weren't treating me like. Regular Daniel from the Bronx. But now it's got weird because a corona virus now we're gonna mast to now when I have in Iraq's of the cops have no idea why have so they're treating me very much like their Arab rag the regular person. So I'm seeing what regular people go through on seeing light. There Jamie's is like a regular brown person in New York City. So there's no I don't have like a high want to be like. Well you know there there's like some good cop to some backup but my experiences and the cops I've been pretty consistent my whole entire life they're not good. And that's what I see and I have not changed even know I'm on TV now so when people what I see was going on the streets I know exactly what the people are talking about when the people. Are nearly as in I can't breathe I've been on the other side of that. And that does not change just because I'm TV show. And there you go you know what do those Americans and just I'm so proud of the all that's all actors I'm just proud of you. Their new book got little knowledge dies. Life lessons from the Bronx is available right now and you can catch their shows Sunday through Thursday lunch don't you.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"The authors of the new book \"God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx\" discuss their experience with law enforcement and how they would moderate a presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73197435","title":"Desus and Mero share a message with undecided voters","url":"/theview/video/desus-mero-share-message-undecided-voters-73197435"}