Donald Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un on denuclearization

"We should all welcome diplomacy over fire and fury," former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett says on "The View" of the president's planned meeting.
5:43 | 03/09/18

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Transcript for Donald Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un on denuclearization
all days really because the big hot topic today, you might have been watching the news, is that Donald Trump is accepting Kim Jong-un's invitation for a sitdown over north Korean nukes. How about that? This is a huge, a huge shift from what he's been saying up until now. Let's watch. North Korea best not make any more threats to the united States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself for its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. Suddenly he's singing a different Elton John tune. He went from rocket man to, can you feel the love tonight. So, what do you girls think, especially Valerie. You're here and I know you have background in this kind of thing. Do you think the tough talk is going to work? Let's say this. I think we should all welcome diplomacy over fire and fury. Of course. But -- That's right. But negotiating with a nuclear state is not something you do on a drive-by. For example, when the Obama administration did our deal with Iran, months of due diligence. We structured parameters. We said what we would do, what we wouldn't do, and we put in place a process where we could figure out were they actually complying with the deal. So far, whether it's iigration or guns just last week or health care, they've been kind of all over the map. And on the world stage, you can't do that. Now Valerie, Kim Jong-un appears to be eager to sit down and to meet with trump and of course if he meets with president trump it would be the first time that a U.S. Leader has met with a north Korean leader but do you think that's a sign that the sanctions that we put in place last month that we doubled down on, that they're actually working? I have no idea what's going through either of their minds quite frankly and that's a little terrifying. But do I hope this works, sure I do. We should all be rooting for him. That's the thing. We always have this question at the table, you know, do you sit down at the table, or don't you. And I think if it works, this is wonderful because we've all been so worried. Previous administrations have made sure that there are firm preconditions before you take these meetings, and I would think that the secretary of state would also be involved, that the national security adviser would also be involved. Tillerson seemed to say that it sort of came as a bit of a surprise to the secretary of state, and that makes me uncomfortable. He also said nothing's going to happen without talking about de-nuclearization. THA they've already put that out there. But Paula, North Korea and Kim Jong-un has talked about de-nuclearization already with many other countries, and then he pulls back. So you can't always trust him. He pulls back but all of a sudden he's eager to meet. Again, these would be historic talks. I want them, as you said, to get something done. We all do. Thaey've been testing icbms. Doesn't that validate this regime? I think that most presidents have been reluctant to meet with him. That's the concern. Correct me if I'm wrong. You elevate him, and that's why for Iran we wanted to make sure, to your point about the secretary of state, we also had the secretary of energy who was an expert in the nuclear field. We had our ducks in a row. You're right, the question is are the ducks all in a row and are they fully prepared. You probably only have one good shot at something like this and you want to make sure that everybody's on board. And Dennis rodman attends too. That's who they should send, tillerson and Dennis rodman, right? Not these two. I was shocked last night when I was watching this. I was like, why not? What the hell? Sure, let's try this now. I will say that no president has ever successfully been able to do this, to get the leader of North Korea to sit down at the table. I -- there's almost this idea that you're fighting -- and I don't mean this in the way it's going to sound but both of these men are kind of crazy like a fox and somebody there's something to be said for trying a completely different tactic which was president trump's argument during the election when he was running for president. I'm very cautiously optimistic on this. This is a country who has tortured, starvation, forced labor, YouTube video of Kim Jong-un's brother-in-law being maced in the face and poise ped and killed. These are people who are not rationale. It's as simple as I hope our president is highly guarded when he's there. They're completely irrational world actors and if he can pull this off, a lot of Democrats are going to be eating crow. Could this be something to distract people from stormy Daniels and the white house? How could you get north Korea -- I find it hard that Kim Jong-un would be sending a message saying we're okay to meet in the middle of this sex scandal. It started with the olympics, right, with South Korea sort of brokering this meeting. I don't know that it has anything to do with stormy Daniels and Russia. It's interesting though. It's not on the front page of any of the big newspapers again, stormy is not. Not until 60 minutes on Sunday night. Don't worry, Anderson cooper's got a big interview with her. There's always a storm brewing. All right, you no what,

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"\"We should all welcome diplomacy over fire and fury,\" former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett says on \"The View\" of the president's planned meeting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53641006","title":"Donald Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un on denuclearization","url":"/theview/video/donald-trump-meet-kim-jong-denuclearization-53641006"}